Dynamics GP 10 Login Issue After Upgrade from Great Plains v8

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I was in the process of upgrading one of our clients from Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains v8 to Microsoft Dynamics GP SP4. The upgrade process went fine, but after the upgrade was completed, I landed up at a strange issue where none of the users were able to login and they were getting the following error at the time of login.


However, the ‘sa’ user was able to login successfully without any issues. Once I tried to reset the password from the User Maintenance window, the user is able to log in without any issues. Wondering what could have gone wrong, I turned to the ever reliable David Musgrave to see if he had an idea on why this happened. He immediately directed me to his blog article which talked of Why does Microsoft Dynamics GP encrypt passwords?

This article threw some light on the password encryptions in Dynamics GP 10. It looks like the password encryption algorithm has changed in Dynamics GP 10. Hence a user enters the password in Dynamics GP 10, the application encrypts the password using the new v10 encryption algorithm and sends it to SQL Server, which causes the GP login to fail, because of the encryption algorithm mismatch between v8 and v10.

However, there is a work around which can overcome this functionality in GP and make GP v10 use the old algorithm to encrypt the password. This needs an update to the Dex.ini file. You can add the below given property line towards the end of the Dex.ini file.


Save the Dex.ini file and launch GP and now when the user tries to login using his old password, it allows him to login, but prompts him to change the password during his initial login. The user can change his password and continue logging into Dynamics GP v10 without any issues.

Note: Once all the users have changed their passwords in the initial login, we can remove the above property line from the Dex.ini file.

I should definitely thank David Musgrave for this tip he provided me, which helped me resolve the issue in a jiffy. :) I hope this article is helpful to all.

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