Restricting Dimension Codes to Specific Account Numbers

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In this article, I am going to explain yet another functionality in Analytical Accounting, where we can restrict a dimension code to a specific account number (or) a specific range of accounts.

When a dimension code is created, we need to grant access to the dimension codes to specific users who can use that dimension code at transactions. However, if a user has access to a transaction dimension code, he can use that code with any GL account that is linked to an accounting class (which has the transaction dimension option set to Required or Optional).

In order to restrict the use of a dimension code to a specific range of accounts, we can use the Account Access to Transaction Dimension Codes window, which can be accessed from Cards >> Financial >> Analytical Accounting >> Account Access.


After entering/selecting the transaction dimension and the transaction dimension code, choose the Account Access option as “Select Accounts” as shown below.


Then we can define a range of accounts by filtering on the following options.

  • Account
  • Segment
  • Accounting Class

Based on the above range options, we can define the range of accounts for which the specific transaction dimension code has access to and save the details to enforce the restriction. This helps the users to use the appropriate dimension codes with appropriate GL accounts.

Once these restrictions are defined, if the user tries to use the dimension code with another account which is not in the range defined in the above window, the system does not allow the user to process the transaction and receive the error message during the AA validation process and when printing the edit lists.



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Restricting Dimension Codes to Specific Account Numbers, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

June 20, 2011 · veeyeskay · 4 Comments
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