Post Through GL for Computer Checks – with Analytical Accounting

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When you have Analytical Accounting module installed and configured in a GP company, the Post Through GL for Computer Checks gets automatically disabled in the specific company (even if it was turned on).


If we try to activate the same manually (with Analytical Accounting activated), we get the following error message and the system prevents us from turning on the Post Through GL functionality for Computer Checks.


However, when we login to another company on the same DYNAMICS instance, where Analytical Accounting is not activated, the system does not allow us to mark the Post Through GL option for Computer checks and gives the same error message as above. However, I had confirmed that Analytical Accounting was not installed by trying to open the Transaction Dimension window from Cards >> Financials >> Analytical Accounting >> Transaction Dimension, and I obtained the message below.


This indicated that Analytical Accounting was not installed or activated on this company and yet the system does not let me mark the Post Through GL option. (This issue happens on both Fabricam, Inc. and on a regular production company). This appears to be a genuine bug in Analytical Accounting, and I had tested this on GP v2010 R2 (11.0.1752)

As a work-around for this, I enabled the Post Through GL for Computer Checks in a company where Analytical Accounting was not activated by a SQL query, and “Eureka…”, it worked brilliantly and the computer check batches got posted through into the General Ledger successfully without any errors. The script I had used for updating the Posting Setup is given below. This script needs to be run on the specific company database where Analytical Accounting has not been activated.

UPDATE dbo.SY02300
        AND TRXSOURC = 'Computer Checks'

Hope this helps the community…

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