Receivables Inquiry Window – YTD Sales Amount Logic

A client of ours, sent out an email today saying that the YTD Sales Amount that they see on the Receivables Yearly Summary Inquiry window does not match with the Receivables Transactions smartlist’s Sales Amount pulled for the specific customer for the specific year.

On analyzing the issue, I noticed that they have only pulled in Invoices in the Receivables Smartlist and taken a total of that and checked if it matches with the YTD sales amount. This ideally will not match since the formula for the YTD Sales Amount on the Receivables Yearly Summary Inquiry window is as follows.

Sales Amount = Sales Invoice Amount + Debit Memo Amount + Service/Repairs Amount – Credit Memo Amount

Hence when comparing the sales amounts in the Receivables Transaction Smartlist with the Summary Inquiry window in Receivables, we need to make sure to include the following document types in the smartlist.

  • Sales/Invoice
  • Debit Memo
  • Service/Repairs
  • Credit Memo

Note that when you view the transaction details in smartlist, the amount for Credit Notes also show up as positive. We need to subtract this amount from the other amounts, instead of taking a total of all the documents as such.


When these transactions are totaled up based on the formula mentioned above, the Sales Amount comes to $4,192.25 and this is what shows up in the Summary Inquiry as seen below.


Note: I have used eOne Smartview for my transaction queries instead of Smartlist.

Hope this helps the community…

Until next post!

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November 18, 2011 · veeyeskay · 3 Comments
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