Support Debugging Tool at Decisions Fall 2011 and more

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe Decisions Fall 2011 virtual conference is almost here. The Microsoft Dynamics GP day is Tuesday, 6th December 2011 (US Time). There are a dozen great sessions for you from the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs and other community members. Have a look at the link below for the list of GP sessions:


Mariano will be giving a session which will be a fantastic introduction to the Support Debugging Tool by demonstrating 5 cool features. See his post for the details:


While we are on the topic of cool Support Debugging Tool features, Jivtesh lets us know his top 3 features:


If you are not using the Support Debugging Tool yet ….why not? Need more reasons, see the following post:


Also, make sure you register for Decisions Fall 2011. 


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Support Debugging Tool at Decisions Fall 2011 and more

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