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Prevent Users from changing User Date

Some companies have a need to disable the ability to change the User Date in GP.  Out of the box, there isn’t a great way to handle this requirement but Ian Grieve, over at Azurecurve in the UK, has a simple, yet elegant solution for this.  Check out Ian’s blog post here – User Date.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2013!


Prevent Users from changing User Date

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The Dynamics GP Blogster’s best articles of 2012

It’s that time of the year again! Time to say goodbye to the outgoing year, 2012, and receive the new one, 2013, making all sort of resolutions that we never seem to be able to achieve and with good measure, since most of us are simply consumed with the daily grind that lifting our heads up to take a breather and see the forest from the trees seems difficult and sometimes downright impossible.

2012 however was a very good year and gave me tons of stuff to write about. In retrospect, 3 conferences, 2 virtual conferences, the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and the Web Client are simply a subset of the activities that allowed me to write some really cool stuff that you expressed through your comments to enjoy. Without further due, here is a list of the “best articles of 2012″ written on this site (in no particular order):

1. Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2012 Houston. Convergence Houston in March of 2012 was a very cool experience and probably one that I will never forget as I was able to meet up with my good friend David Musgrave and his wife, Jennifer. I also had the opportunity to share some time with some of my customers in attendance. As always, the good part is meeting tons of people and the thrill of presenting.

2. Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2012. In the realm of cool, the Technical Airlift in Fargo, North Dakota was a very awesome conference, but also marked the first time I presented without my compadre, David Musgrave. The Tech Airlift also demanded tons of prep work and was built upon cooperation between Microsoft and GPUG’s GPPC and featured a record number of partners in attendance. I also liked the fact that I met up with some of my fellow MVPs.

3. GPUG Summit 2012 Seattle. Seattle has this aroma of coffee mixed with sea all over the city and I have to say the GPUG summit was a very charming conference, with lots of topics for the attending crowd. Seattle, Seattle…

4. Windows 8 and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client Series. Okay, so I confess. I was a nuisance to the Escalation Engineering team testing the Web Client. You see, the Web Client was not supposed to even be working on Windows 8 as a compatible installation platform, but after months of annoying I had my way with this. The best part though was working with the team of Aaron Donat and Jason Lech and understanding the nuances of the deployment process of GP Web Client. Thanks guys for putting up with me and for making this happen.

5. Adding Customer Item User Defined fields to SOP Invoice. I love the Support Debugging Tool and how it can make live easier for things that seem unconceivable. How about this cool article on getting customer item user defined fields onto the SOP invoice? Well, I have to say I had tons of fun getting this to work.

6. How to add a “Cover Letter” page to a Microsoft Dynamics GP Word Template document. Life is not complete without a Word Template article. I hope to keep these coming in 2013 since Word Templates are essential to Web Client.

7. Resizing SmartList panes with the Support Debugging Tool. Now, did I say I love the Support Debugging Tool? David Musgrave leverages some obscure Dex functions to make SmartList a dream tool to use.

8. Leveraging Custom Links to track carrier shipments in Sales Order Processing. You know, I am always amazed at how underutilized GP seems to be sometimes, but my duty as a blogger and consultant is to expose these underutilized features to the community.

9. Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-In for Microsoft Word not enabling despite several attempts to install. I had a number of clients come to me with this issue. Upon doing more research, I realized it was a community wide problem and I had to do something about it.

10. Adding more comment lines to POP Purchase Orders. Building on a previous article written by David Musgrave for SOP, I thought I would show how to accomplish the same in POP – it was all worth it as the community gave praises for the solution.

101 articles throughout the year are simple quite a bit of stuff written. I just hope I can keep the good stuff coming. Happy New Year!

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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The Dynamics GP Blogster’s best articles of 2012

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Prevent Change Of User Date | azurecurve

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Prevent Change Of User Date | azurecurve

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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

It’s that time of year again – time for a review of 2012 and noting what to resolve to do in 2013.

I say this every year – time flew by!  As my dad just told me, it seems to fly by faster the older you get.  It certainly does!  Today is December 31st and my sister & I are visiting my dad and his wife, and loving the few relaxing days away from home.  Along with relaxing with family, this is my favourite, if not humbling, part of the new year process: reviewing what I said I would do this year!

What happened in 2012?

Well, I started the year resolving to make more reasonable goals… what a cop out eh?  I also thought I’d do monthly resolutions, in an effort to keep them manageable.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I forgot about that by mid-February!

Here’s the quick tally of what I wanted to accomplish and how I fared (hint: not very well!):

  • Blog 3 times a month – I finished the year with 26 articles, after writing 28 in 2011.  I’m surprised that I got that many written actually, it felt like I only wrote a dozen or so.
  • Read more – the good news is I plowed through a huge pile of magazines so I no longer have a backlog of mags to read; but I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to.  I’ll call this a slight success!
  • Re-immerse myself in development – this never got off the ground!
  • SQL Reporting Services – I started by installing the Report Builder 3.0 application but other than playing with that a little bit, I really didn’t make much headway on this.

So, what did I accomplish this year? 

Under the category of “the 99% complete project”: Hey!  I actually finished my Report Writer series!  Now THAT’s an accomplishment… I’d left it dormant for a few months and was happy to finally dust it off and finish it.

In the “is it me or is the rest of the herd insane?” category: I found a few interesting bugs, here, here and here.  It sounds crazy but part of the fun of being a consultant is troubleshooting issues, and with that, there is just something about the moment when you find you’ve actually discovered a bug and aren’t going crazy!  (Not that bugs are a good thing, but when you don’t get the expected results and are trying to prove that you’re not causing the problem, the validation that it is a bug is kind of nice!)

On the social and learning side of things, I returned to Fargo for my second time, to the Technical Airlift.  I met a bunch more of our fantastic GP community members and had a great time learning about GP2013.  I love putting names to faces, that’s always the best part to me.

Saving the best for last: The best part of 2012 for us in the GP world arguably was the release of GP2013 in December 2012… this was a highly anticipated release with the first web client being introduced.  I’m looking forward to upgrading my environments to play with the new features.

What’s in store for 2013?

As I sit here, I’m not entirely sure what 2013 will look like for me.  The last half of 2012 included some “life changes” and the early part of 2013 will most definitely include continued personal distractions.  One thing is for sure, in 2013 I’ll be moving somewhere, to a location yet to be determined!  I’ve got a house to sell first, which is on the market but not moving as quickly as I would like.

Other than that, this year’s resolutions will be more along the lines of things I’d like to keep doing!

  • Upgrade at least one of my environments to Dynamics GP 2013.  This is an easy one, there is no way to learn better than to get your hands on a new product or version.
  • Migrate to and learn Management Reporter 2012.  This is also an easy one.  I’ve used MR already, I just haven’t gotten around to playing with the newest version.  Two of my clients use FRx Webport so we’ve been waiting until this MR release with a web client replacement to consider migrating.
  • Blog more!  LOL… it wouldn’t be a proper new year’s resolution list without my annual “I’d like to blog more often” entry!  I predict sporadic blogging until I am sorted in a new house/condo/apartment/hole-in-the-wall, at which time one of two things will happen: I’ll be renovating a new place & still randomly blogging or I’ll have more time to blog more often!
  • Reading.  I’ll keep this on my list, as there are tons of things I’d like to read both personally and professionally.  I picked up a few GP books from our fine community of authors over at a Packt Publishing sale and look forward to reading them all for the first time.
  • Take a Dexterity course.  The good news is this year there are several classes scheduled with either Mariano Gomez and Leslie Vail in early to mid 2013.  I’m not sure yet which one I’d be able to attend but I’d love to get to one of their offerings while the choice of dates and locations is vast.  Personally I’d love to take on the London UK offering from Mariano, which happens to fall the week of my birthday.  How cool would that be?  A good excuse to travel somewhere and celebrate a birthday in style!  I’m not sure the timing works as that coincides with a go-live of a project I’m on, so we’ll have to see about that…

That’s it… kind of a “low-hanging fruit” list of resolutions but hey, at least they are achievable!

Here’s hoping everyone has a happy new year and a fantastic 2013!


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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

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Infamous “Sales distribution amount is incorrect” Error

I received an email from one of my users seeking my help in clearing this issue. While posting an invoice, this error message popped up:



Upon running the Edit List for this invoice, I realized that it was due to an imbalance in Markdown Amount and corresponding distribution line. Below was the error report that I got:


There seemed to be Markdown entered on one or more line item(s), but there was no distribution line for that amount. But the issue was not THAT simple and didn’t stop there.

When I ran thru’ all line items, none contained a Markdown. Now that’s the problem. After some minutes of thinking, I realized something must be stranded on header record’s Markdown field, for which GP requires a Markdown distribution line, but since line items do not contain any Markdown, it’s not creating one. Strange.

I decided to query the records from SOP10100 (SOP Header) and SOP10200 (SOP Line) to understand the issue. Below is what I found:



But yes, that was the issue. And most baffling thing is, when I tried to reconcile this sales document, this major mishap didn’t get cleared at all.

Obvious solution for this abnormal situation is as follows:

1. Take backup of this SOP10100 record.

2. Update Markdown fields with ZERO.

3. Reconcile this sales document again to see if the above update had caused any imbalance.

Happy new year and happy troubleshooting…!!!


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Infamous “Sales distribution amount is incorrect” Error

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There is an amazingly simpler yet highly informative post up on TECHNET portal, which proved very handy this morning.

My systems admin reported to me that our SharePoint server ran out of storage for some reason unknown to him, but he could identify that it was SQL Server program files folder which consumed 80% of storage.

I immediately knew what could be the reason. It’s those crazy log files problem. To truncate and clear these overeating log files, I had to use this command: DBCC SHRINKFILE.


Once I cleared out all unnecessary file space from these log files, I had to setup the File Growth and Maximum File Size (shown in the screenshot beside):

Never for a DB log file, we should setup the file growth as “In Percent”. This would prove disastrous over a period of time. Instead, always set it up to “In Megabytes” and enter a least sensible value; in my case I had set it up to 5MB.

For a DB Log file, 2GB should be reasonable amount of file space to hold the logs. To learn more about Log files, read this post on TECHNET: The Transaction Log (SQL Server).

We must understand one thing, that shrinking the DB log has got it’s own impact.


Read more here:

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Interesting Links for Dynamics GP 2013

Dynamics GP 2013 was released a few days back and it was indeed a milestone releases for Dynamics GP. We had a great launch party for the release and it was great welcoming the new product with so much fun!  I have posted a collage of the launch party which we had below for all of you! In this article, I have decided to post some interesting links which are related to Dynamics GP 2013, which will be useful for partners and customers. General Information Dynamics GP 2013 Partner Portal Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Transition Upgrade Policy Dynamics GP Statement of Direction MBS Training Deck for Dynamics GP 2013 for Partners (English) Dynamics GP 2013 Starter and Extended Pack Functionality Licensing Information Dynamics GP 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 SPLA Licensing Guide Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Pricing and Licensing Training Material (Recording) Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Licensing Guide Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Licensing Clarification for Dynamics GP 2013 Dynamics GP 2013 Price List Functionality Discontinuation Information Notice of Discontinuation of Functionality for Dynamics GP 2013 Enterprise Reporting Concur Expense Integrator Concur Expense and Risk Management GP Extender Product and Upgrade Information Upgrade Path to Dynamics GP 2013 Dynamics GP Upgrade Scenarios System Requirements for Dynamics GP 2013 System Requirements for Dynamics GP 2013 Web Applications System Requirements for Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client Product Release Downloads for Dynamics GP 2013 I hope the information which has been summarized above will be helpful for partners.

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Interesting Links for Dynamics GP 2013

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