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Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP (on SQL Server 2008)


In this article, I am planning to give some quick insight into common configuration problems that you might face when installing and  configuring Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP on SQL Server 2008.

Before we begin, make sure you have SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services installed and the service is up and running before we begin to configure the product. Also make sure you install Analysis Cubes For Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Pack 3 (which is what is compatible with SQL Server 2008). You can download the SP3 for Analysis Cubes from

Once we make sure that we have the analysis services installed and running, when we try to configure the Analysis Cubes using the configuration wizard and I am sure many of you would have faced the error that I received as well, as shown below.

Analysis Services Error

After quite a bit of searching, I decided to go through the Installation and Configuration checklist for Analysis Cubes (which I should have ideally done before beginning the configuration). :-)

On reading the manuals I came across a note which said the windows user who is configuring the Analysis Cubes, have to be added to the following windows groups as explained below.

Server Computer Windows Groups
Microsoft Dynamics GP server computer Administrators

SQL Server computer for Microsoft
Dynamics GP company databases

All versions of SQL Server: Administrators
SQL Server 2000: SQLServer2000MSSQLUser
SQL Server 2005: SQLServer2005MSSQLUser
SQL Server 2008: SQLServerMSSQLUser

Data warehouse database server
computer (with Integration Services

All versions of SQL Server: Administrators
SQL Server 2005: SQLServer2005MSSQLUser and
SQL Server 2008: SQLServerMSSQLUser and

SQL Server Analysis Services computer

All versions of SQL Server: Administrators
SQL Server 2005: SQLServer2005MSOLAPUser
SQL Server 2008: SQLServerMSOLAPUser

Once I made sure the windows user, with which I was trying to configure the analysis cubes, was mapped to the proper windows groups, I tried to configure the analysis cubes, and it worked fine.

Tip: If you are trying to configure the server component on a Vista machine, run the configuration wizard as as administrator. To do that go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\Analysis Cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP Server and right click on the Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.AnalysisCubes.ConfigurationWizard2008.exe and choose Run as Administrator option.

I am sure this tip would be helpful for many who are trying to install and configure analysis cubes for Microsoft Dynamics GP, especially on SQL Server 2008.

Until next post…

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