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Maintaining Budget Transaction History in GP 2010

Hi all

I recently responded to a question on the GP Support Forum about budget transaction inquiry window not showing any posted budget transactions in the lookup, in Fabricam, Inc.

I tried to replicate the same issue on my machine which has Dynamics GP v2010 SP1 and I noticed that I was able to replicate the issue. I checked the Budget Transaction History table (GL32000) and noticed it was empty as well. Wondering what could be the reason, I analyzed the GL setup window and I noticed that the option to maintain budget transaction history was unmarked there by default (illustrated below).


Once this option is marked, any budget transaction posted started maintaining historical trace and I was able to view the entries in the budget transaction lookup under Inquiries as shown below.


Note that this was a new transaction launched in GP v2010 and I guess when the sample data was updated, Microsoft missed marking this option by default. :)

Hope this helps all…

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November 11, 2010 · veeyeskay · One Comment
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