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Unable to drill into PA Inventory Transfer Inquiry Zoom from Historical Journal Entries

I was troubleshooting a recent issue in the community forums, where the user was trying to drill into the PA Inventory Transfer Inquiry Zoom window from a historical year journal entry. The PA Inquiry window opened but it did not populate any values in the window.

However, when I tried to drill into the same window from an open year journal entry, the PA Inquiry window opened fine and displayed all the required details for the PA Inventory Transfer.

For the purpose of analysis, I tried creating the Script log for both open journal entries and historical journal entries and this is what I have noted. In case of drilling down from an open journal entry, they are passing the PA IV Document Number to the PA IV Trx Inquiry Zoom window and it displays the details of the specific PA IV Document. In case of drilling down from the Historical Journal Entry window, they are passing the Originating Transaction Source instead of the PA IV Document Number, which is why nothing is being displayed on the window. See screenshots below.

When drilling down from an Open Journal Entry:


When drilling down from a Historical Journal Entry:


This seems to be a bug in the application and I tested this using Dynamics GP 2010 R2 (11.00.1860). I have raised this as a bug to Microsoft and hoping they fix it in the next hotfix (or) service pack.

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February 10, 2012 · veeyeskay · 4 Comments
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