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Screen Output Magnification Defaults

There was a support request on the forum today, where the user was questioning the setup from where the default zoom for screen outputs in GP is picked up from.

There is a setting the Dex.ini file which determines the Screen Output Magnification Default. It is MagnifyScreenOutput.

Depending on the value defined for this parameter, the reports will print to the screen zoomed at that level. (i.e.) if this parameter was set up as MagnifyScreenOutput=75 in the Dex.ini file, the screen will open up at 75% zoom.

If any user changes the zoom settings on any report, this field is updated in the Dex.ini file.

You can download the comprehensive list of Dex.ini settings here.

Hopefully this helps the community…

Until next post!

August 13, 2011 · veeyeskay · 2 Comments
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