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Copy Cell Contents in Microsoft Excel

Hi all

Today, I am going to post a small tip (which would be known to many) in Microsoft Excel.

Many of us try to copy the cell contents from one into another by clicking the edge of the cell and dragging the cursor into the required cells to copy the contents/formula/format into the other cells. This is depicted below.

2011-07-18_162705  2011-07-18_162723  2011-07-18_162746

However, some times when you focus on the edge of the cell, the cursor does not change to the + icon as you see above. It will not allow you to drag and drop the contents/formula/format into the adjacent cells.


For many of you who wonder why you are unable to use the drag functionality in excel, there is an option to enable/disable this feature in excel. In Microsoft Excel 2010, you can go to options from the File Menu as shown below.


In the Options window, go to the Advanced tab and you will see a an option for “Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop”. Make sure this option is checked for the drag and drop feature to work. If this is unchecked the drag and drop feature will not work.

image  image

Hope this helps the community…

Until next post!

July 18, 2011 · veeyeskay · 2 Comments
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