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Save Time by attaching Dynamics 365 Quote to an Email in a Single Click!

Attach to Email Dynamics CRM Report WordWhat do you do when you get an urgent email from one of your clients you have been following up since last few weeks, and the client wants you to email a quote urgently?

You hurriedly browse through Dynamics 365 to export the quote that you need in PDF format and realize that the process takes a lot of clicks. You also need to email the quote, which will again involve few more clicks.

The story is same for every Dynamics CRM users. They spend relatively more time to achieve something as mundane as exporting and emailing a Dynamics 365 quote, and they wish that the whole process of exporting a quote from Dynamics 365 and emailing it would have been easier!

Only if there was a way to automate the process and reduce the number of clicks and time involved in exporting and emailing Dynamics 365 reports in PDF format!

Guess what; there is a way!

A straightforward and effortless way to export and email Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 reports in PDF, Word or Excel format; Click2Export!

We have designed Click2Export to empower CRM users to save time while exporting and emailing Dynamics CRM reports in PDF, Word or Excel format. It is loved by users around the world for its simplicity and powerful features and is now one of the leading productivity apps for Dynamics 365.

So now, when you need to export and email a Dynamics 365 report in PDF, Word, or Excel format, you just need to select the quote you want and click on the Click2Export button in the ribbon bar.

Email Dynamics CRM ReportThen you have the option to choose the file format (PDF, Word, or Excel) in which the quote should be exported. You also have the option to download or attach the export Dynamics 365 report to a Note or an Email!

Attach to Email Dynamics CRM Report ExcelSelect the action to be performed, in this case, ‘Attach to a new email’ and click ‘OK’. A new email with the accompanying quote will be created, and you can send the email right away!

Email Dynamics CRM Online Report PDFImagine the time and clicks Click2Export can save just by simplifying the process of exporting and emailing Dynamics 365 reports in PDF, Word or Excel format. Not just this, Click2Export also allows you to;

  • Create multiple templates with different names for a single report
  • Configure the Report Parameter Values even during runtime
  • Ability to export Individual or Organizational report
  • Bulk export
  • Decide whether to export combined report for all records or one report per record

So what are you waiting for?

Get your free trial from our Website or Microsoft AppSource and redefine your productivity with one-click Dynamics 365 report exporting!

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Modernizing Business Process with Cloud and AI

The world is awash with digital transformation. Every customer and partner that I talk to, across every industry, is pursuing it. Why? To stay ahead of the competition, realize new opportunities, new markets…(read more)

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Optimistic Concurrency in Dynamics 365


Very often, we need to retrieve an entity to update a field but due to concurrency issue, the entity is already updated, and we are stuck. In scenarios like this, we can use Optimistic Concurrency to determine whether an entity was modified since it was last retrieved!

Recently, while working with one of our applications, we faced the concurrency issue where we retrieved the data to be displayed on the form but, in some cases, the data was already modified through the plugin in the background. So, when the update action was fired, it was not executed on the latest data! So, we needed to check whether the data was modified since the last retrieval.

Using ‘Etag’ and ‘If-Match Header’ to detect modifications since the last retrieval:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a weakly validating Property named ‘@odata.etag’ that is automatically returned along with each retrieved entity record as seen below;

Optimistic Concurrency in Dynamics 365This property is known as ‘ETag’ and is changed wherever modification is done on that entity record.

We used this property to check whether the data we have is the latest data. For this we added this ‘ETag’ value in the If-Match header in the update request as seen below;

Optimistic Concurrency in Dynamics 365If the data is not updated since we have last retrieved it, we get a 204 (No Content) status, and if the data is updated we get the response as seen below;

Optimistic Concurrency in Dynamics 365Based on the response, we can continue with the update operation or perform the retrieve action again to get the latest data.


We can use the ETag property of the retrieved data and pass the same in the IF-Match header to check if the data we are working on is the latest data to avoid the concurrency issues.

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Simplifying Dynamics 365 offerings

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with many of our top Microsoft Dynamics partners at our annual Inner Circle event. The event serves as an opportunity to recognize and get feedback from partners…(read more)

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Fixed – AADSTS90100: Invalid request. The Accept request parameter value ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ is invalid

The introduction of Representational State Transfer (REST) service has allowed us to remotely interact with SharePoint data and perform basic operations like Create, Delete, Read and Update on SharePoint folders and files. When we use REST, we don’t need to add any references to libraries or client assemblies in SharePoint.

In one of our earlier blog, we have already discussed how to achieve the operations mentioned above in plug-ins/workflows using REST.

As discussed in the blog mentioned above, REST first makes the connection with SharePoint using the Username and Password and then gets the token and “AuthURL”.

However, we started to get the below-mentioned error sporadically while trying to get the AuthURL.

Error: AADSTS90100: Invalid request. The Accept request parameter value ‘application/x-www-form-urlencoded’ is invalid

After researching on this error, we came to know that the query string used “handler=1&login={0}” to get the “AuthURL” stopped working.

So to resolve this issue, we performed the below steps.

1. Change the query string to “xml=1&login={0}”.

2. De-serialize the response in the XML format.

Hope this helps!

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Block your schedule – 11th Oct, 3PM for our CRMUG Partner Solutions Showcase

crmugD365UG/CRMUG Summit Nashville is just around the corner and this year too Inogic and Maplytics would be exhibiting there as Gold Sponsor at Booth 724.

This year’s Summit is to be held in Nashville, TN from 10-13 October 2017 and we are already excited to see what the 2017 edition of the largest gathering of Dynamics CRM community will bring. The Summit is an awesome opportunity to network and learn from the community and of course, meet with Team Inogic!

We have one more exciting update to share!

This year we are conducting a Partner Solutions Showcase at the Summit! Our CEO Roohi Shaikh and our Business Manager, Surya Ostwal will be presenting the session on how businesses can benefit from the power of geo-analytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Maps for CRM: Geo-Analytics, Routes, Locational Marketing & Territory Management – Powered by Maplytics

Wednesday, October 11

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Room: Cheekwood GH

Join the session to get in-depth demonstration of utilizing the mapping capabilities of Bing Maps within Dynamics CRM to;

  • Get enhanced business insights through powerful Heat Maps visualizations and Analytical Dashboards to improve organizational growth, make data-driven decisions, perform regional analysis & optimize operational efficiency.
  • Plan appointments to improve sales force productivity.
  • Create optimized routes to save time, meet more customers & close more deals.
  • Find nearby customers to increase touch points during each visit, schedule and manage unplanned meetings and improve efficiency.
  • Balance workload and potential by managing & distributing territories for effective sales force coverage.
  • Get visual insights for identifying areas worthy to allocate sparse resources and improve customer service & market coverage.
  • Understand market geography to tap into the potential of different regions by creating localized marketing campaigns & finding the best event location to increase customer participation & engagement.

To add this insightful session to your calendar, login & mark our session as a favorite now!

Write to us on; we would be happy to schedule a meeting :)

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Open Voice of the Customer survey link in a specific language using translations


Voice of the Customer surveys that was introduced in Dynamics CRM 2016 has enabled organizations to get feedback from their customers across devices. To know how to create VOC survey and survey activity, refer this article.

In this blog, we will guide you through the process of opening a Voice of the Customer Survey link in a specific language using translations.

Recently, we had a business requirement where we enabled multi-language in ‘Customer Satisfaction Survey’ of VOC. The survey had translations available in two languages, English (En) and French (Fr) as seen in the screenshot below;

Open Voice of the Customer survey link in a specific language using translationsThe survey was accessible in English by default, and the user had the option to change the language to French from the drop-down.

Now, we wanted to send a survey link to the customer that opens the survey in the French language.

In the VOC survey, when we change the language drop down, the survey link is changed and the ISO code (EN or FR) that is used in the translation of the survey is appended at the end of the survey link.

Open Voice of the Customer survey link in a specific language using translationsSo, we also added the ISO code (EN or FR) at the end of the survey link and now on the click of this URL, the survey will be opened directly in the French language.

Open Voice of the Customer survey link in a specific language using translationsConclusion:

To open VOC survey link in a specific language using the translations, added the ISO code at the end of the survey link.

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