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The navigation lists are duplicated once for every company, so when you have a lot of companies you’ll have more duplicate navigation lists and Dynamics GP will be correspondingly slower: Duplicate navigation lists.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Very Slow Login | azurecurve

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Where’s David during January 2015?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHi everyone

It has been a while since my last post, but that has been because I have been in holiday mode.

Sadly, holiday mode does not just mean relaxing. Before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year and then for the first week of the new year, my family and I worked on sanding back the wooden decks (4 areas) around the pool in the back garden all the way to raw wood. We then acid washed the decks and repainted with a tint coat and two slip resistant finishing coats.

It has been a huge amount of work with many hours morning and night invested. You could not work during the day as it was too hot and we had to wait for the deck to get back in the shade and cool down. We had one day when it reached 44.4C / 112F and we could not even use the pool as we did not want to get the decks wet.

However, the end result was worth it.

Large Deck and Raised Deck

Little Deck and Bridge

Decks and Pool

After all that work, the family and I are now enjoying a proper holiday for a bit, so the posts will be thin on the ground until I am back on board.


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Where’s David during January 2015?

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Free Microsoft Azure Session–Jan 30

Microsoft is organizing a host of sessions all over Australia. I am doing a presentation on Azure Machine Learning inspired by Belinda. Register, and see if you can make it. This is probably my #1 favourite thing from 2014, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as well.

Register here –

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Free Microsoft Azure Session–Jan 30

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Presentation Systems – Enhancing Education

Presentation Systems – Enhancing Education

One of the largest businesses in the world is the trade in education services. From private to public colleges, to schools and Universities millions of people spend time every day learning a new skill or preparing for their future. Millions of people depend on the education sector for a pay cheque at the end of every month.

Over the past 20 years technology has really revolutionized every aspect of this business. In short it has been able to deliver a simultaneous experience to learners with a variety of different styles by using modern technology and the integration of audio and visual presentations into the classroom. Gone are the days of overhead projectors and large televisions rolled into classrooms on large carts.

Projection Systems in High Schools

Schools around the world are installing projection systems in every classroom to augment the student learning experience. Paul, Projects Systems Engineer at Videonations, says “we have seen a dramatic rise in sales to the education sector. It has taken a while but it now seems that the projection system in the classroom is very much here, and here to stay.”

The systems allow students and teachers to produce and deliver modern and interactive presentations. For teachers this technology is a boon because it allows
them to better engage their learners and increases the quality of the instruction time.

Students enjoy the projectors as well. Not only are they a neat tool for the students to use in their seminars and major projects, but also they provide real world experience. While the student may think they are doing a fun project on their favorite pop star, integrating video, media, polls, and other fun technology they are actually learning how to prepare and present their first business case.

Oak Ridge High School System

In Oak Ridge Tennessee, USA, students and their parents are at the leading edge of technology. The city recently went through a special tax assessment to upgrade their high school classrooms to modern standards including projectors. Their 4700 students use the latest technology manufactured by Epson to deliver cutting edge education and instruction.


When the University of Western Ontario unveiled its new “super classroom” students could not wait to get back to classes. A modern auditorium with theatre style seating and a modern projection system the room brought learning at the schools faculty of education into the modern age. The classroom is equipped with a fully integrated audio and visual presentation system. This system includes wireless microphones, projection, video and DVD, Internet, and student interactivity features. All of which have greatly enhanced the feel and operation of the classroom environment. You can read more about it here.

As time will continue to move forward so too will digital media technology in both the business and education sectors, with the later sector being one of the biggest businesses in the world.

Going forward it is important for all business sectors including the education sector to continue to be leaders in the implementation of digital technology. This leadership will give their employees, students, and trainees the equipment they need to succeed in the modern digital economy and allow them to seize opportunities which were previously not possible. More importantly for the education business, student recruitment and the students of the future were brought up in the digital world. In short they demand modernity.

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eOne releases several 2015 builds

We are pleased to announce the release of several different products that are compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

We have released new installs of the following:

Flexicoder 2015
Extender 2015
SmartList Builder 2015
SmartView Internal 2015

The release of SmartView External that was previously available will also work on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

Please note that these builds are

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eOne releases several 2015 builds

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Error In SmartList Excluding One Category | azurecurve

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Error In SmartList Excluding One Category | azurecurve

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NEW SmartList Builder Training Option: Self-Paced Online Training

In today’s day and age, setting aside large
blocks of time for training can be down-right hard to fit in. With that in
mind, we’ve created SmartList Builder Self-Paced
Online Training. The training allows you and anyone on your team to access training
videos, exercises and manuals that help you obtain the skills you need to
become a SmartList Builder expert – on your own time frame. You’ll

NEW SmartList Builder Training Option: Self-Paced Online Training

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