Light it Up Challenge–Microsoft Australia

If like me, you think Internet of Things is the next big thing, here is a fun little event by Microsoft around it.

Code it. Light it. Win it!

All you have to do is sign up to receive the Challenge Kit, and complete all three challenges.
Tune into Microsoft’s six week lab series and discover how to program your device.
If your LED device is one of 5 to light up on April 13 2015, then you’ve won.
During the challenge, you’ll learn how to code, build and deploy with the Internet of Things.
We’ll give you an IoT overview, explain the architecture and MS platform.
Get started today!
*Terms and conditions apply:

See more here – Internet of Things – Light it Up Challenge

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Light it Up Challenge–Microsoft Australia

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CBM Cash Receipt Customer GL Posting Account Error

A user reported this issue when he tried to enter a cash receipt in CBM module. Following error message prevented him from continuing further.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 3.10.24 PM

This error was confirmed to be happening only for one particular customer record. For all other customers, it worked.

We basically do not have posting accounts setup for each customer or customer class. So it is absolutely no way due to missing posting accounts. Several minutes later, decided to compare customer records between this particular customer and one other customer that’s working.

REASON: Customer Class ID for this customer record was wrong and was not part of the list of customer classes that we have setup on our company. Because this class ID was wrong, posting accounts validation stopped right there and threw a message that was totally irrelevant to actual reason.

RESOLUTION: I changed the customer class ID for this customer with an existing one. User could then enter a cash receipt in CBM.

Troubleshooting issues successfully is probably the best way to end a business day!


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CBM Cash Receipt Customer GL Posting Account Error

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Setting up Dynamics GP 2015 in 15 minutes

In the past year, I have done a few run throughs of setting up Dynamics GP 2013 in 5/10/15 minutes much to the amazement of experienced consultants. Now The GP 2015 Virtual Machine is available in the MSDN Azure gallery, so you can start doing the same magic with the latest version of GP. If you need help with this, feel free to add a comment or shoot an email and I will put up a short video tutorial.

Read the post from Errol – Announcing, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 image available in the MSDN Azure gallery.

Do you need to access a Microsoft Dynamics GP web client installation for a quick test or demo? Need access to a Microsoft Dynamics GP development environment? The Microsoft Dynamics GP images available in the MSDN gallery on Microsoft Azure can help. Use this image to create a virtual machine with Microsoft Dynamics GP fully configured in a matter of a few minutes. The resulting image will contain Visual Studio 2013 Premium and SQL Server 2012 Express along with the following Microsoft Dynamics GP components.

    • Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP SDK
    • Dexterity for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Dexterity Shared Components
    • eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP
    • Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP SDK
    • Microsoft Dynamics GP pre-requisite software (including Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK Runtime, Microsoft Silverlight 5, Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Application Error Reporting)

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Setting up Dynamics GP 2015 in 15 minutes

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Pro Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

David Musgrave is looking at revamping, and recharging the amazing, but awfully named Support Debugging tools. My suggestion to David has been to name them Pro Power Tools – what do you think about the name ? Tell David Directly at Where is the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015?

If you have been living under a rock and don’t know what the SDT is read all about it here – Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP (SDT).

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Pro Power Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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What can Winthrop Development Consultants do for you?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageYou have probably heard that I was made redundant (laid off) from Microsoft in October 2014 and have since restarted and updated the consulting business that I had before my 13.5 years with Microsoft as Winthrop Development Consultants.

Now I hear you ask, “What can David Musgrave and Winthrop Development Consultants do for you?”.

Well, read on to understand what Winthrop Development Consultants’ business model and plans are….

After working with Microsoft Dynamics GP since version 1.0 and developing for Dynamics GP since version 2.0 in 1994, I have more than 20 years’ experience working with the development tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP including Dexterity, Modified, Report Writer, Visual Basic for Application, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

I have developed a number of products and features which have either been included in Microsoft Dynamics GP or are available as ISV add-on products. These include Named Printers, Advanced Security, Field Level Security, POP Taxes, Business Activity Statement and Pay As You Go reporting (for Australian GST), Omni Tools, Omni Price, Support Debugging Tool and Menu for Visual Studio Tools.

I have presented at numerous conferences on topics such as cross dictionary development, other development techniques, and the Support Debugging Tool.

While at Microsoft, I led the Microsoft Dynamics GP Asia Pacific Development team, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Asia Pacific Professional Services team and spent about 10 years leading the Microsoft Dynamics GP Asia Pacific Support team in the role of Escalation Engineer.

For more details of my experience and history, please see the About Page on the Winthrop Development Consultants website.

So now you know “almost” everything about my career with Microsoft Dynamics GP, let me explain what I can offer you.

Winthrop Development Consultants offers my development experience to the customers, partners, consultants and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community. While I am happy to work with any organisation in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community, when working directly with a customer I will also liaise with their partner to keep them in the loop.

The offerings from Winthrop Development Consultants can be divided into the following four areas:


If you have a Microsoft Dynamics GP customisation you want developed, enhanced or updated for a new version, Winthrop Development Consultants can help. With over 20 years’ experience developing for Dynamics GP, Winthrop Development Consultants can develop high quality code quickly.

Even if you have your own development staff, think of Winthrop Development Consultants when they have too much work and need additional resources.


Sometimes there will be times when your own development team need an extra opinion from someone with an outside perspective. If you need help designing the methodology for your customisation, help implementing a difficult customisation or assistance with complex development techniques (such as cross dictionary or multi-platform hybrid development), please don’t hesitate to contact Winthrop Development Consultants.


If you don’t have any development staff, but want to get someone trained up, or have existing development staff who you wish to train in Microsoft Dynamics GP customisation tools (especially in Dexterity) then Winthrop Development Consultants can satisfy your training needs.


At this stage I don’t have any products on offer, but am negotiating with Microsoft for ownership of the Support Debugging Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Menus for Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP and SnapShot for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

I also have a number of my own ideas for new products and will be working on them. Keep an eye on the blog for updates and details in the future.


If you are looking at using Winthrop Development Consultants’ services you can purchase time on an ad-hoc basis, blocks of discounted pre-paid time or request a fix price quote.

If you have any questions or think that I can assist you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will be at Convergence 2015 in Atlanta, on 16-19 March 2015, please track me down to have a chat.


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What can Winthrop Development Consultants do for you?

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How to disable "Checking for newer builds" message in Rockton software products

Given the well-deserved popularity of Rockton Software’s ( products, such as ‘SmartFill’ and ‘The Dynamics GP Toolbox’, it has come to my attention that it checks for newer builds each time you sign in. Kind of like the ‘Welcome to Dynamics’ trill from years ago, this can get annoying. Fortunately, Rockton has addressed this issue and published the following KB article to address it.

Jim Moore, at Wesco Valve and Manufacturing Company ( was kind enough to send me the article below: 

Disabling the “Checking for newer builds…” message. Note: This setting is user-specific.

Option 1.

To disable this feature, go through the following steps:

  1. Click on the Help icon in the upper-right corner of GP.
  2. Select Rockton Software Support at the bottom of the list.
  3. On the menu, click Settings >> Rockton Software Preferences.*
  4. Under the User-specific settings section, bring up the individual user for whom you want to change the setting.
  5. Unmark the Enable check for newer builds at the login for each user that doesn’t want to have that process run.

Note: These settings are stored in a table in the DYNAMICS database, so you don’t need to do this at each workstation.

*Step 3, the path may vary. It may be Rockton Software Support | Preferences | Rockton Global Settings.
Note: All users will be marked by default but the check for newer builds will only appear for PowerUsers and users assigned to the Administrator role for Rockton Software products within Security. If you use Auditor, then it is based on those users you marked as Admins. in the Auditor System Settings window.
Option 2.
To do a mass update on the table that the information is stored in, you can run the following script in SQL Management Studio.  You can then view what the values are for that particular setting in the RS_Global_Setting_Value column (1 = Enabled and 0 = Disabled)**. Be sure to have a backup made prior to running the script.


UPDATE RSIGLOBL SET RS_Global_Setting_Value = 0 WHERE RS_Global_Setting_Key = ‘EnableNewerBuildCheck’

More Information:
When you install any Rockton product after turning this off, you will receive a prompt at the end of the install to re-enable the setting if it has been disabled. 
**It is recommended that you leave at least one person enabled, so that they are notified when a new build is available.

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How to disable "Checking for newer builds" message in Rockton software products

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Why Not for Profit Companies LOVE Microsoft Dynamics GP …

not-for-profit. In the Not for Profit sector Microsoft Dynamics GP is the go-to solution as an ERP. Many factors are considered for these businesses. Tracking funding, keeping costs down, critical reporting needs, and the list …

Visit site:
Why Not for Profit Companies LOVE Microsoft Dynamics GP …

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