Hololens in the real world

I have been geeking out about the Hololens for a couple of weeks now. However, just like any revolutionary technology – the key is how it would fit in the real world. James Ashley, a Kinect MVP has a great post with 21 ideas around Hololens

Here are my favorites from his list.



While cool visuals will make education more interesting, the biggest benefit of HoloLens for education is simple access. Children in rural areas in the US have to travel long distances to achieve a decent education. Around the world, the problem of rural education is even worse. What if educators could be brought to the children instead? This is one of the stated goals of Facebook’s purchase of Oculus Rift and HoloLens can do the same job just as well and probably better.



Amazon made one click shopping make sense. Shopping and the psychology of shopping changes when we make it more convenient, effectively turning instant gratification into a marketing strategy. Using HoloLens AR, we can remodel a room with virtual furniture and then purchase all the pieces on an interactive menu floating in the air in front of us when we find the configuration we want. We can try and buy virtual clothes. With a wave of the hand we can stock our pantry, stock our refrigerator … wait, come to think of it, with decent AR, do we even need furniture or clothes anymore?

Medical Care


Technology can be used for interesting diagnostic and rehabilitation functions. The depth sensors that come with HoloLens will no doubt be used in these ways eventually. But like education, one of the great problems in medical care right now is access. If we can’t bring the patient to the doctor, let’s bring the GP to the patient and do regular check ups.

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Hololens in the real world

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Microsoft Super Bowl XLIX Commercials: #Empowering

Super Bowl XLIX is now over and congratulations are in order for the now 4-time champion, the New England Patriots organization led by head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. I must also extend congrats to the Seattle Seahawks who put up quite the fight until the end, and simply could not complete the rare feat of a back-to-back championship.

You can catch the game highlights below:

And speaking of winners, how about those touchy Microsoft #Empowering Super Bowl commercials (remember Super Bowl XLVIII ones?) Microsoft came up with two real life examples showing where their technology is being applied to improve the lives of people. You be the judge of these two ads.

Braylon O’Neill’s story

Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Braylon O’Neill   

Braylon was born with a strong sense of determination. He was also born without the two bones that make up the lower leg: the tibia and the fibula.

At just 11 months old, Braylon was fitted with his first prosthesis. His doctors use technology to track his gait mechanics and make adjustments that maximize his strength and performance. Braylon is now an unstoppable speed demon – in races with CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation) he has taken home medals and inspires others to reach beyond their limits

Estella Pyfrom’s story

Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Estella’s Brilliant Bus

Estella Pyfrom could have chosen to enjoy a nice quiet retirement. Instead, she had an idea that would change her life and the lives of thousands of families.

At the age of 71, Estella decided to spend her life savings and build a bus to bring technology to underserved communities. Today, Estella’s Brilliant Bus has helped more than 60,000 children gain access to technology and envision a bigger, brighter future for themselves.

Click to find out more about Microsoft #Empowering. Catch more Super Bowl XLIX videos on the NFL’s YouTube Channel.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC

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Microsoft Super Bowl XLIX Commercials: #Empowering

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Welcome to the world of Holographic Computing, introducing Microsoft HoloLens

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWhile I was away on leave, Microsoft had their recent “Windows 10: The Next Chapter” event. One of the coolest demonstrations was of the Microsoft HoloLens: A stand alone augmented reality holographic device.

For more information check out the subsite and videos below:

The videos below will show you want some of the possibilities of this technology are.

Windows HoloLens Full Presentation (direct link)


Microsoft HoloLens – Transform your world with holograms (direct link) – included in video above.


Microsoft HoloLens – Possibilities (direct link) – included in video above.


I can’t wait to see what the 3D gaming experience will be like.


If you want to watch the entire two hour long keynote presentation, watch the video below:

Windows 10 Keynote – The Next Chapter (direct link)


I also came across this article containing a short story with a taste of what a world with holograms could be like:



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Welcome to the world of Holographic Computing, introducing Microsoft HoloLens

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Dynamics GP 2015 – Printing Arabic Text

If you are planning to upgrade to GP 2015 and currently having Arabic text in your database need to be printed using report writer, make sure NOT TO UPGRADE to GP 2015.

Normally for printing Arabic text in report writer, if your keyboard was language the text will be displayed as rubbish data as below:

In order to get this printed properly, we used to switch the keyboard language to Arabic and the text will back to normal as below:

However for GP 2015, the system will automatically switch the keyboard language to English upon the generation of the report, and unfortunately the same switch is occurred upon hitting the print button, therefore the Arabic text will never be printed in Arabic and customers will start nagging!

Hope that Microsoft could resolve this soon!


Mohammad R. Daoud MVP – MCT
+962 – 79 – 999 65 85

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Dynamics GP 2015 – Printing Arabic Text

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Top 10 eOne Blogs of 2014

Wow we’re already almost done with the first month of 2015 – we’re sure you’re off to a great start this year! As we move on to the future we thought we’d go back and highlight some of our 2014 blog posts we think you’d enjoy:
eOne’s 2014 Goals & Successes 
Back in April we set and reached a few of our goals for 2014 – highlighting the importance of small businesses celebrating their successes

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Top 10 eOne Blogs of 2014

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Friday Funny: Make your own magic dragon

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIf you didn’t know, I collect dragon statues and figurines of all shapes, sizes, types and materials.

I now have over 180 of them ranging from a tiny pewter figurine of 1.2cm to a hand made stuffed toy of 70cm. They are made from all sorts of materials including: pewter, stone, glass, clay, resin, plastic, wood, rope, jade, amber and even coal.

The specific dragon that this post is about is made from paper (or card) and can be printed yourself. I already had one made up which was printed on paper using a monochrome laser printer. A while ago a printed a couple using a colour printer onto card, but had not cut them out and made them up until yesterday (after finding them again while doing some tidying up in my office).

Jerry & Andrus

The pattern (inspired by the works of Jerry Andrus) was created by the company Binary Arts, now called Think Fun, for an event called “Gathering for Gardner” to honour the legacy of Martin Gardner, long time columnist in Scientific American.

Check out the optical illusion of the dragon following you when you move in the video below.

Dragon Optical Illusion (direct link)


Below are the links for the pdf files with the template, just print and follow instructions.

Once made up, position the dragon slightly on the diagonal and then close or cover one eye when you move around the room and the dragon will watch you.

You can find them at other places on the web as well:

Blame my wife for buying the first dragon many years ago, that started the collection. :-)


PS: The coin is the video and picture is an Australian five cent coin and is in the photo of every dragon in my collection to provide a scale reference.

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Friday Funny: Make your own magic dragon

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Error Configuring The Management Reporter 2012 … – azurecurve

Management Reporter Legacy Connector Company Logon Works Only For sa · Management Reporter 2012 Install Error – Invalid sa Password · Management Reporter 2012 Incorrect Figures Using Data Mart Connector.

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Error Configuring The Management Reporter 2012 … – azurecurve

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