Virtual Convergence 2013 – Available Now!!!

For those who were not able to attend the Convergence 2013, there is nothing to lose. You can catch all the action from all the jam-packed sessions at Convergence, through the Virtual Convergence 2013 Portal. Click on the link below to register for the Virtual Convergence Portal and access all the contents and sessions that you are interested in – all for FREE!!! Virtual Convergence 2013 Don’t miss the opportunity!!! Happy viewing and downloading..

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Virtual Convergence 2013 – Available Now!!!

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Wrap Up

Convergence is over and I am now back to the daily grind. However and as is customary, this wrap up post serves as a venue to provide some insight into this past event, links to all posts, and of course, suggestions for the next.

First and foremost, a big thank you goes out to my friends at Microsoft for inviting me to this year’s Convergence event as a speaker and presenter at the General Session. This is probably one of the highlights of my career in the channel. In particular, I want to send out a big shout-out to the following folks (in no particular order):

  • Aaron Donat, for accepting the co-presenter role with me at GPPC’s PreGAME and to help me in continuing building my understanding and knowledge of the Web Client.
  • Pam Misialek, for all her guidance throughout the process leading up to the General Session presentation.
  • Kevin Racer and Daryl Anderson, for inviting me as a co-presenter in our session CSGP32 – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client For Smaller Companies. Sorry I came down ill on our first go around, but hopefully the second time was great.
  • Errol Schoenfish, for his great introduction of Mark and I and the duel we were about to engage in.
  • Chad Sogge, for his participation at the MVP Breakfast
  • David Musgrave, for his patience in preparing me for the Support Debugging Tool session and for dedicating a great deal of time in making the pre-build 18 release available for the session.

I can’t thank the rest of you at Microsoft enough for your continued camaraderie and support: Jay Manley, Jennifer Ranz, Theresa Nistler, Brian Meier, Sivakumar Venkataraman, Jared Hall, Brian Roney, Sarah Purdy, Kelly Youles, and the list goes on and on, so please forgive me if I omitted your name here. You all contributed to making this a great Convergence for me and my wife.

Special thanks to Brian Graftaas for conceding some time on his busy Convergence calendar to talk about the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics program.

Outside of Microsoft, I would like to extend a big thank you to Kim Peterson and Andy Hefer at DynamicCommunities for inviting me to GPPC PreGAME as a presenter, MVP Mark Polino for accepting the challenge of presenting with me at General Session, though we only had a few hours to rehearse in person, MVP Jivtesh Singh for his guest appearance during my session CSGP30 – The Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Debugging Tool,

Now, the links…

On this site, you can find coverage of Convergence using the following links:

Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013 – Getting there

Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013 : GPPC PreGAME

Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 1

Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 2

Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 3

Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 4

You can always take a look at some of the pictures I took over at The Dynamics GP Blogster on Facebook:

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 Album

Over at, Mark Polino has some thoughts about the event after couple days of review:

Convergence 2013 Monday

Convergence Update from Tuesday

My Convergence 2013 Thoughts

MVP Leslie Vail, over at Dynamics Confessions has some cool pictures and offer some insights as well:

Convergence 2013 Day Zero

David Musgrave, we miss you!

Volunteer Day at Convergence 2013

Kofi Annan Convergence 2013 Keynote Speaker

MVP Belinda Allen, over at The GP CSI has the following entries on Convergence:

So it begins… Microsoft Dynamics GP Convergence

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence for GP begins today

Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Story – Shock Doctor

Microsoft Convergence Keynote brief

Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting Convergence Session

Microsoft Dynamics Convergence for GP update – FREE EXCEL DASHBOARD

The Learning Resources page of this blog has been updated with latest Convergence 2013 materials I presented for your  consumption. Please download here:

The Dynamics GP Blogster: Learning Resources

Scroll to the end of the page and click on any of the links to download.

Finally, visit the Virtual Convergence site for links to my presentations. As of this article, they all seem to be up and available, including the General Session.

Virtual Convergence 2013

As you already know, Microsoft Convergence 2014 will be held in the beautiful city of Atlanta, my home base. I hope to see you all here next year.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Wrap Up

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Know more about your Dynamics GP Add On or Company

I was talking to Nick Hoban – who was telling about tons of new features at

One which seemed particularly helpful was the subscriptions features.

Often Dynamics GP Companies, and partners want to gather information from end users. What do people think about my XYZ product, do they have any questions ? or maybe eOne might be monitoring whenever somebody asked about “automated integrations” for Dynamics GP.

The GP community site now allows you to setup a “google alerts” kind of subscription feature. Go ahead and check this out.



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Know more about your Dynamics GP Add On or Company

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Australian Customs browsing my iPad !

I finally reached back to Perth from Convergence in New Orleans, after the 23 hour flight time, and the 8 hours of layover. I was looking forward to a shower and hitting the bed, but the friendly Australian Customers and Border security wanted to spend the additional time with me. I am pretty used to the long conversations – I know I look different, and I am totally in favour of any and all profiling. I would protect my home at any cost. 

Additionally, I have actually seen the Border Security TV show a couple of times, and have seen the kind of funny things people try to do. So I was only feeling sorry for the poor officer who was going through each and every item in my bags including my smelly socks, and the undergarments for the past week! Yikes!

One of the agents came up and started browsing my iPad. Now my iPad is an extremely personal belonging. Recently a friend asked what one thing would you grab if your house was on fire – and I said ‘my iPad’. Rubal is still pissed off about that answer.

So when the agent kept browsing my iPad for 10 minutes, with the screen away from me – I was extremely flustered. I told him that my iPad has some extremely personal stuff – my financials, my personal notes, my emails. I was told – “Don’t worry”. I waited a bit more – reminded myself they are just doing their job – and when they finally cleared everything – moved on.

On the way back I was thinking – I finally understood the “invasion of privacy” everybody keeps talking about. These guys didn’t need a warrant – and were basically reading my emails, watching my personal pictures for 15 minutes. So I came in and started reading about this.

Apparently, people have had much worse experiences.  The Ombudsman have actually published a 38 page report, in 2010 –  ADMINISTRATION OF COERCIVE POWERS IN PASSENGER PROCESSING, which also includes responses from the Australian Customs and Border Security.

People have complained about having the files from their computer copied over. For some people, the electronic devices including their cell phones have been confiscated for a month!  There are detailed responses for the individual complaints – which give a good background as to why this is necessary, and why no explanation can be provided. I’ll let you read the document in detail if something like this bothers you – like it bothered me for a little while. I am now at peace again.    

Meanwhile Rubal on hearing the story told me – the way you look after 2 days of traveling (like a shabby smuggler) … I would stop you for questioning as well. 

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Australian Customs browsing my iPad !

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client Training – Now Accepting Partner Advisory Hours as Payment

Just Added!  New Deliveries of Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client Training – Now Accepting Partner Advisory Hours as Payment

We will offer another session each of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client for Functional Consultants and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client for Implementation Consultants classroom training sessions in Fargo on
April 29-30 and May 1-3 respectively.



For these sessions, partners have the option of selecting Partner Advisory Hours (PAH) as a payment method.  We will apply PAH at the rate of 1 Partner Advisory Hour per 2 hours of training, or a partner would need:

  • 8 PAH available to complete payment for the 2-day Functional Consultant Workshop (or, $799 via standard payment options)
  • 12 PAH available to complete payment for the 3-day Implementation Consultant workshop (or, $1,299 via standard payment options)

This new payment option will apply only to the GP Web Client Courses. We will not be able to accept partial payment via PAH.  If a partner does not have sufficient PAH available to cover the cost of the workshop(s), they must pay via standard methods.

Action requested:

Please make your partners aware of the new course availability and new payment option leveraging the attached slide and partner-ready email template.  ALL PARTNERS who intend to support GP on Web Client MUST complete these courses.  Help us drive registrations for the workshops! 

Agendas for the classes can be found at:

Jay Manley

More here:
Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client Training – Now Accepting Partner Advisory Hours as Payment

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Convergence 2013 – Memories from New Orleans

It was indeed a Convergence to remember… It all began with a 29 hour (3 connection flight) from Bangalore to New Orleans. I flew Emirates (wonderful service…really) from Bangalore to Dubai, and then from Dubai to Dallas

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Convergence 2013 – Memories from New Orleans

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 4

All good things must come to an end, but no one knows how to wrap up things better than the folks at Microsoft. The day had a few good things in store: the closing Keynote with guest speaker and former United Nations Secretary, Kofi Annan; sessions galore; and a mega concert with Matchbox 20.

As for me, I had to skip all the keynote, but very excited I will be able to catch up with it on Virtual Convergence, so I really don’t feel I have missed anything.

Came the afternoon, I was up on stage to present CSGP30 – The Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Debugging Tool, my first ever session on the subject without my buddy, David Musgrave, author of the Support Debugging Tool. The session was attended by 166 strong who got a chance to look at 5 demos ranging from the Support Debugging Tool compatibility with the Web Client, to some of the most misunderstood and underutilized features within the tool, to a glimpse into the new Database Validation tool soon to be released with Build 18.


After my session, I went on to interview Brian Graftaas, Program Manager CfMD at Microsoft. I had vowed to interview Brian since Technical Airlift and am very glad I was able to. You can listen to the full interview here:

My final session of the day was CSGP32-R2 – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client For Smaller Companies. We had 62 attendees for this session and I have to say I enjoyed working with Kevin Racer and Daryl Anderson on this. Unfortunately, I could not carry out our R1 session due to illness, but a quick turnaround in my conditioned allowed me to get on the stage for this one.

Kevin Racer and Me presenting CSGP32-R2

After our session, Convergence 2013 sessions had come to an end. My wife and I met up for dinner at Mulate’s, a Cajun institution in the heart of New Orleans, before we headed over to the Matchbox Twenty concert.

Dinner at Mulate’s with the La Touché Band

Needless to say, we were treated to our own private concert, courtesy of the La Touché Band, and authentic Louisiana Cajun music band that has traveled the world as ambassadors of the Cajun traditions, music, and culture. It was a true joy to sit down and listen to a few tunes, watch entire families and friends dance, and enjoy some really good food.

Now, I said no one knows closing better than Microsoft and effectively this Convergence won’t be any different. For “dessert” we were treated to a full hour concert to the beat of Matchbox Twenty at grounds of the Woldenberg Riverfront Park. The setting was great! Microsoft also provided access to the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas were some found refuge from the cold winds.

Things won’t be cold for too long as Matchbox Twenty took the stage by storm playing some of their coolest songs, among them “She’s so Mean“, by far my favorite – well, maybe one of my many favorites.

Well, concert ended just around midnight and it was time to get back to the hotel to get some rest since I had an early flight at 7:15 AM  and needed to be up by 4:30 AM to beat the possible traffic and security lines due to all the people heading out of town.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 4

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