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Field Level Security can crash Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Web Client

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWhile working on testing GP Power Tools, I had to investigate an issue with GP Power Tools running on the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Web Client, and discovered a bug which can crash the web client.

The problem I was seeing was just by having GP Power Tools installed, the web client would crash after login or when opening the first window. Note that this issue is resolved now.

I spent some time analysing the GP Power Tools code and tracking the flow of the scripts by adding warning statements into the code until I was able to narrow down the feature that was causing the crash.

Further investigation allowed me to identify the actual script causing the problem and finally, I was able to locate the actual line of code. The reason it was harder than normal to locate the issue was that the code in question was dynamically created pass-through Dexterity sanScript code executed in the context of the runtime engine’s Dex.dic dictionary.

To access more detailed dictionary resource information than available via the Resource_ function library commands, GP Power Tools and in particular the Resource Explorer window use the Script Explorer window in the Dexterity runtime engine. Dexterity developers will be familiar with the window which has part of the script debugger and is used when opening or debugging scripts.


The techniques using this window were published in my 2001 conference session Pushing the Limits with Dexterity. For more information see the Cross Dictionary Dexterity Development article on my old blog.

The error was caused by the line of code that opened the Script Explorer form in a script that would retrieve a list of windows for a specified form in a dictionary.

I knew that the Field Level Security feature included with Dynamics GP (which I originally developed as Omni Field Security) has a similar Resource Explorer window. So I tested that window and it seemed to work fine.

Then I noticed that my script closed the Script Explorer form before opening it and wondered if the issue was not opening the Script Explorer, but re-opening it after it had been closed.

The Resource Explorer window in GP Power Tools and the one in Field Level Security also closed the Script Explorer window when the Resource Explorer form is closed.

So I tested the theory and closed Field Level Security (and so the Resource Explorer and in turn the Script Explorer) and then re-opened Field Level Security (which opens the Resource Explorer and the Script Explorer) and boom. It crashed with the following error:

A server side exception of type “ArgumentException” has occurred.


I have since updated GP Power Tools to never close the Script Explorer window and just to initialise it when it is needed. This has resolved the crashing problem.

However, if you open and close Field Level Security and then re-open it, you can cause the web client to crash. It might not happen every time, but be aware that using Field Level Security more than once per web client session could be risky.

Note: While trying to reproduce the error to get the screenshots for this article, it took a few goes before the web client crashed.

If you are game, try it and let me know (via the comments) if you can replicate. Maybe it is just my install. If the session does crash, make sure you clean up the stranded session using End Task with Task Manager.


Also don’t forget to log back in as the same user and company to clean up the activity tracking records.


PS: I have also reported this issue to Microsoft and they will investigate it.

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Field Level Security can crash Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Web Client

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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAt the start of December 2014, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 was released to manufacturing and shortly after it was posted online:

Since its release, the Support and Services team have been putting together blog articles and videos providing details about the new features.

For a quick overview, I would suggest watching the great videos below:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 System Wide New Features (direct link)


Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 New Features- Applications (direct link)


For more information, check out the series of articles from the support team.  Click on the link below for the table of contents:

If you have not downloaded the installation files for Microsoft Dynamics GP, please use the link below:



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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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Opening Up a World of Possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and Services

Alice Newsam - Click for blog homepageOn 13th August in Fargo the Microsoft Dynamics GP development team delivered a hands-on workshop to our Collaborative Development partners around the new Service Based Architecture (SBA) that will be available in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.  Throughout the day the team went over various pieces such as .NET Interop, changes to the current toolsets and implementation considerations.  They also provided hands-on learning time with the ISV Preview VM for the partners to work with the new code.  In this post I’d like to highlight Kevin from EthoTech, Inc. and his experience creating a service procedure with the new functionality. 

EthoTech, Inc. specializes in automated commission management systems. As such they have very close ties into Dynamics GP today.  However when looking at their future feature list many of them require some type of action to be taken within the system before the automated jobs can take over. After attending the workshop and getting some hands on time with the architecture Kevin had this to say “We’re excited about the service-based architecture, as it affords us the opportunity to provide some of the most-requested features of Commission Plan”.  Now when things like sales documents are created outside of the Dynamics GP user interface, the associated commissions can be automatically created.  They can also envision running tasks such as commission updates and reports as scheduled jobs now that they will have access to the system via the Service Based Architecture feature set.

After returning to the office from the workshop Kevin was able to create his own service procedures in his dictionary and successfully make an external service call to his new procedures and run the existing business logic that had been only accessible through the UI previously.  Below are some observations and recommendations around the process from him.

How easy was this process for you?

“This process was very straightforward. Within a short time, I was able to interact with the major Commission Plan calculation routines via a web service. We’re now reviewing all our products to determine which features to make available as web services. EthoTech’s Next Numeric Collection is an obvious choice – when master records are created outside the UI, calling the procedure will return the next master record number, with validation.”

What things did you like most about the feature set? 

“With a small amount of code refactoring (primarily logging error states rather than popping error messages), I am now able to expose my existing Dexterity procedures as web services. This provides tremendous benefit to our clients with no additional development overhead (i.e., I don’t have to rewrite my code outside of Dex).”

What recommendations would you have for others preparing to do the same thing?

  • Learn about REST services to gain base knowledge around things like REST verbs
  • Download the Service Based Architecture Developer Preview now available on PartnerSource
  • Walk through the examples and samples provided
  • Think about what abilities you would want exposed externally as a service to solve your customer’s problems or allow for even great functionality with Dynamics GP
  • Give thought to how you can leverage the creation of GP documents now in Sales Order Processing, Receivables, GL, Payables, etc. along with the actions around these documents such as transferring, posting, and so on. Especially consider the actions that don’t currently exist in eConnect like posting inventory transactions.

As a development team we are working to create more examples and build out the documentation surrounding these features.  We also have a series of blog posts coming that will reveal more about the various pieces that will be available to you and Service Based Architecture will be greatly featured in the upcoming reIMAGINE 2014 event planned for 10th to 12th November in Fargo, North Dakota, USA.  The powerful possibilities being enabled through the developer toolset via the tight .NET Interop integration and service based architecture coming in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 are vast.  What scenarios will you be able to light up for your customers? 

Happy coding!


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Opening Up a World of Possibilities with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and Services

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New Microsoft Dynamics GP Videos

David Meego - Click for blog homepageLast week, the Microsoft Dynamics YouTube Channel released 3 new videos for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Below are the videos for your watching pleasure.

If you want more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP, check out the overview page:


Microsoft Dynamics GP Keeps People Productive (Direct Link)

(Please visit the site to view this video)


Microsoft Dynamics GP Turn Data into Business Insight (Direct Link)

(Please visit the site to view this video)


Microsoft Dynamics GP Helps You Get Started Quickly (Direct Link)

(Please visit the site to view this video)




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New Microsoft Dynamics GP Videos

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VBA: DUOS data stored in the wrong database after switching companies

David Meego - Click for blog homepageA while ago I had a case where the customer was storing data in the DUOS (Dynamic User Object Store) table from a VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) customisation. Everything worked fine until the users switched companies. After switching company the VBA customisation would still be connected to the DUOS table in the previous company’s database. If the user exited Microsoft Dynamics GP and logged back in, the DUOS in the correct database was used.

The DUOS table is in fact the SY_User_Object_Store (SY90000) table in the company database and is usually used by VBA to store additional data without needing to create new tables in the SQL Server databases.

When you switch companies, the connection to the DUOS table is closed so it can be re-opened once you have logged into the new company. If for some reason the DUOS table is not closed, the DUOS table will still point to the previous company database rather than the new company database.

We were able to identify the cause of the issue as the Support Debugging Tool (builds 17 or earlier). The SDT can use the SY_User_Object_Store to store temporary data when using helper functions to create parameters to pass data between scripts. When exiting Microsoft Dynamics GP or switching companies, it executed some code to remove any temporary records left in the table. It turns out that this code ran after the core code had closed the table and so re-opened the table causing the issue.

Build 18 (released in February 2014) or later of the Support Debugging Tool resolves this issue. 

Recently, I had another case with the same issue and the same cause.  So I decided to write a specific blog post to request the Dynamics GP community make sure they are running the latest Support Debugging Tool builds.

So, if you use VBA with the DUOS and have the Support Debugging Tool installed, please ensure you download the latest version and install it on your server and all workstations. Please go to the Support Debugging Tool Portal ( for links.

Note: Assuming you are using the “Recommended Configuration” with a shared Debugger setup file location, once you have installed a later build on one workstation and logged in, all other workstations will pop up a warning dialog on login until they are also updated.

Thanks for your support. 


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VBA: DUOS data stored in the wrong database after switching companies

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Microsoft announces Developer Preview for Dynamics GP 2015

Kevin Racer - Click for blog homepageMicrosoft is pleased to announce the availability of the developer preview for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.  This partner only preview is available to any registered Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and can be downloaded from PartnerSource.  The preview itself is comprised of four parts that once downloaded can be extracted into a single virtual machine instance containing a fully functional installation of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Based Architecture (SBA).  Information on using the virtual machine can be found in the attached readme document (at bottom of article).
The preview is intended to promote the exploration and early adoption of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Based Architecture by partners and ISV developers and cannot be used for customer test or production environments.  The Service Based Architecture is a set of new component services as well as changes to the Dexterity IDE and runtime that enables the creation of REST based web service operations that leverage existing sanScript code based functionality.  The Dexterity IDE has also been significantly enhanced to interoperate with Microsoft’s .NET framework making it easier to use .NET classes and objects with in the sanScript language.  Users of the preview are encouraged to regularly check our blogs for updates and informational examples on this new architecture.


Part 1

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part1.rar
File Size 4193280 KB


Part 2

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part2.rar
File Size 4193280 KB


Part 3

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part3.rar
File Size 4193280 KB


Part 4

File Name Dynamics_GPServiceISVDrop_Aug132014Parts.part4.rar
File Size 1084807 KB


Don’t forget to download the Readme document attached to the bottom of this article.


Please post your feedback as comments on the blog. 

Until next time


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Microsoft announces Developer Preview for Dynamics GP 2015

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Update: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 updates to Report Writer Functions – RW_CoAddrIDInfo broken

David Meego - Click for blog homepageFollowing on from my post: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 updates to Report Writer Functions, I have to admit that I made a mistake.

The Problem

The update to the RW_CoAddrIDInfo() report writer function has broken the code. It works when no Address ID is supplied to return the information from the default Address information stored on the Company Master table, but fails to return any results from the Location Master table when an Address ID is provided.

I looked at the code and identified the issue and have logged the proposed fix with the development team as TFS Bug 79342. Hopefully, we can get the fix into the next GP 2013 R2 release soon.

In the meantime, I have created a couple of workaround fixes which can be used until the code is fixed by development. They are attached to bottom of this article.


The Fixes 

Using Support Debugging Tool

The first fix uses the Support Debugging Tool ( to create a custom Report Writer function which can be called using the following syntax:

FUNCTION_SCRIPT( rw_TableHeaderString  5261  “RW_COADDRIDINFO”  “Address ID”  0  X )

where the Address ID can be specified as a string constant or from a variable and X is the data you want returned.

The Runtime Execute script and an example custom report are in the archive for you to use.

If you already have the SDT installed in the Recommended Configuration (with a shared setup file), you can deploy the fix by importing the configuration settings xml file once on any workstation and updating your reports to use the function call above.


Using Dexterity

The second fix is a small Dexterity chunk file which triggers a corrected version of the RW_CoAddrIDInfo() function after the original and so provides the correct results. It can be used without making changes to existing reports, however, the chunk will need to be deployed on all workstations that need the fix. The chunk file and its source code are provided in the archive for you to use.


Both fixes should be removed once the original code is fixed.

See I am human, and not the Alien that Mark Polino thinks I am. 


Original post:
Update: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 updates to Report Writer Functions – RW_CoAddrIDInfo broken

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