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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Developer’s Preview: .NET Framework Interoperability – Part 3

| 10/29/2014 | 0 Comments

In part 2 of the series , I delivered a brief primer on the service architecture in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and how you are able to consume services natively created with Dexterity. There are two types of services that can be created: services that wrap existing windows and forms functionality, i.e., creating a customer; and services that can wrap around existing sanScript procedures, i.e, retrieving customer information.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Developer’s Preview: Loading the VHD image – Part 1

| 08/29/2014 | 0 Comments

Now that you are beyond the initial excitement of the preview release announcement  and have downloaded the RAR files with the links provided by Kevin Racer , Sr. Program Manager Lead with the Microsoft Dynamics GP team (See Microsoft announces Developer Preview for Dynamics GP 2015  for links to the rar files), it’s time to get the VHD image loaded. Note: you can use WinRAR or WinZip to extract the virtual hard drive image from the rar files downloaded from PartnerSource

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Customizing Integration Manager Logs – Part 1

| 08/26/2014 | 0 Comments

Just recently, I took on a question on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Online Technical Forum  where the original poster asked if it was possible to customize the logs produced by Integration Manager (“IM”).

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Implementing a Windows Azure Site-To-Site VPN

| 08/04/2014 | 0 Comments

Hi everyone! I’m back! The past few months have seen an increase in projects here at Intelligent Partnerships so I have been shouldering some very challenging projects involving some very complex integrations. Thank goodness for eOne Business Solutions’ SmartConnect and SmartPost products which have made for some very happy customers and some extremely robust integrations. In addition, I’ve been working on quite a bit of customizations migration from Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to some cool hybrid solutions using Microsoft Dexterity and Visual Studio Tools (VST) for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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reIMAGINE 2014: You are the difference!

| 05/20/2014 | 0 Comments

No, my post title it’s not an official slogan for the conference, but the reIMAGINE 2014 conference in Fargo promises to be just what Microsoft Dynamics GP partners had been expecting for years: and all out sales, technical consulting, and software developer extravaganza that combines the likes of the former Great Plains Software’s Stampede to Fargo and the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift. But there’s a caveat: as a partner, YOU get to provide feedback  on the content and topics you want to see and learn about

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"Invalid Object Name ..SY01500" error after restoring GP 2013 company database in a different environment

| 05/19/2014 | 0 Comments

Just recently I was working with a partner to determine the root cause of an issue that stemmed from restoring a company database from a customer’s production environment, to the partner’s development environment. After restoring the database, we could see the following error messages attempting to access the database: Invalid object name SY01500 error  smCleanupFilesBeforeLogin stored procedure error Login failed error Enabling a DEXSQL.LOG gave us more insight into the issue. We could see the following prepared statement being executed prior to the ODBC error message: /*  Date: 05/18/2014  Time: 19:55:37 stmt(148745784):*/ BEGIN DECLARE @stored_proc_name char(34) DECLARE @retstat int DECLARE @param5 tinyint DECLARE @param6 smallint DECLARE @param7 tinyint DECLARE @param8 tinyint DECLARE @param9 tinyint DECLARE @param10 tinyint DECLARE @param11 tinyint DECLARE @param12 int set nocount on SELECT @param5 = 0 SELECT @stored_proc_name = ‘ZBPI.dbo.smCleanupFilesBeforeLogin’ EXEC @retstat = @stored_proc_name 5, ‘sa’, ‘ Company_Name ‘, 0, @param5 OUT, @param6 OUT, @param7 OUT, @param8 OUT, @param9 OUT, @param10 OUT, @param11 OUT, @param12 OUT SELECT @retstat, @param5, @param6, @param7, @param8, @param9, @param10, @param11, @param12 set nocount on END /* /*  Date: 05/18/2014  Time: 19:55:37 SQLSTATE:(S0002) Native Err:(208) stmt(148745784):*/ MicrosoftSQL Server Native Client 10.0SQL ServerInvalid object name ‘DYNGP2013..SY01500′.*/ /* The prepared statement calls the dbo.smCleanupFilesBeforeLoging stored procedure, which has (68) hardcoded references to the former system database in the old environment

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Visualizing Long Calculated Expressions in Report Writer

| 05/08/2014 | 0 Comments

Granted, MVP Mark Polino hates Report Writer (RW), but even he will admit he loves a good RW nugget when he sees one. Several times I’ve been asked “how do I visualize long Report Writer calculated field expressions?”

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