**ERROR: Batch level errors were encountered.


If you have ever received the above error on a posting journal or edit list, check to make sure the fiscal period for the batch you are trying to post is open. The posting journal/edit list should have another clue about what was causing the error at the top of the report.

The image below shows the error and the hint.

Batch level errors

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**ERROR: Batch level errors were encountered.

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When things go Wrong – Error registering table GL_Account_MSTR

Here’s what happened.


You’ve just installed the workstation, you launch it and are greeted with this:

What to do?
You’ll be delighted to know that this is an easy fix. The problem comes up when folks copy the Dynamics.set file to one worksation from another before they synchronize the existing Dynamics.dic to the systems account framework.

All you need to do is change the the dex.ini file so that the following entry exists:


Most likely, yours says TRUE.

You need to make sure you only have one of these entries in your Dex.ini file. If you have more than one, the first one rules.

After you change the Dex.ini setting ( in the Data folder of your application folder), you’ll need to launch Dynamics Utilities in order to complete the synchronization process.

Once the synchronization process is complete, the error should go away and Dynamics GP should launch.

Don’t ya’ love all of the ‘should’s’ in that dialog?

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When things go Wrong – Error registering table GL_Account_MSTR

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When things go wrong – Another user closing the year

You’re trying to close the year and you get an error message:

“Sorry, another user is closing the year”

However, no other user is trying to close the year. What to do?

     Make sure everyone is logged out of Dyanamics GP

     Backup your company Database

     Run the scripts

     Use ‘YourCompanyDatabase’
   Delete GL50100

Read this article:
When things go wrong – Another user closing the year

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Depreciation – When things go Wrong

Sometimes we set up depreciation and the CPA firm decides it should have been done a different way. Of course, that information comes to us at least two years after we set it up. It’s the nature of the beast; they’re accountants, they can’t help it.

The following scenarios will be covered over the course of four posts:

  • Wrong 1st yr Convention
  • Basis Reduction Required
  • Wrong Depreciation Method – fully depreciated as of previous year end
  • Wrong Depreciation Method – not fully depreciated as of previous year end

Stay tuned.

Until next post!


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Depreciation – When things go Wrong

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Be sure to Invoice Match every Receipt


I’m on a roll tonight. I love version 2013, but still there are some basic items I think need to be addressed. If you think so too, cast your vote by using the link above.

Are you tired of your Accrued Purchases account not matching your Received but not Invoiced report? How many times has a vendor payable been entered without matching it to the receipt?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Dynamics GP warned you if you were entering a payables transaction for a vendor that has an outstanding PO or Uninvoiced receipt?

Too often a vendor invoice comes into the company and it’s entered into A/P without going through the invoice matching procress in POP. We need a method for the user to be alerted if a vendor’s invoice is entered to the Payables transaction entry window while there is an outstanding uninvoiced receipt.

The risk is that we end up with uninvoiced POs or worse, the vendor is paid twice by mistake.

Let me know what you think, or if you have devised a non-policy workaround.

Until next post!


Excerpt from:
Be sure to Invoice Match every Receipt

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Perform a ‘Credit Card’ run like a Check Run


If you want to pay your vendor invoices with a credit card in a batch AND be able to reconcile the credit card statement like you do a bank statement, please vote for the above product enhancement by clicking on the shortcut above.

Paying vendors with a credit card is the standard for many companies. You can get downloads from the credit card companies and import vendor payables. We need to keep track of the actual vendors for better expense management.

The problem is that the only way we can pay vendor invoices with a credit card is to enter a manual payment. A manual payment is not a viable solution for a company with more than just a few credit card transactions.

We need to be able to use a credit card as the payment source for a ‘check run’. As part of that process, we need to be able to reconcile the credit card source with the credit card bill much like we do with bank statements and checkbooks.

If you agree, please vote for the enhancement using the link above.


Until next post!


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Perform a ‘Credit Card’ run like a Check Run

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2012: Getting Home

Following the closing session, I went around giving my goodbyes to all the folks I have come to call friends over the years. One of those folks is my good friend Robert Wagner, who along with his team are responsible for the Word Templates feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and GP 2013 Web Client.

Rob was kind enough to offer me a ride to the airport as he was on his way out to a fishing weekend. We stopped at the Ramada Plaza to pick up my luggage and on the way to the airport I was able to pick up some nitty gritty details that went into making some of the Web Client features possible. Particularly, the work that was done around performance optimization called my attention. We also catch up on some of our personal life experiences and family, of course.

Upon arrival at the Hector International Airport, I quickly checked in at the Delta Airlines counter and went through the TSA security checkpoint. With all Technical Airlift travelers heading out of town, the security lines were a bit busy, as expected. Patience was clearly a must while clearing security with a number of people carrying everything from new Microsoft keyboards to laptops and other paraphernalia acquired at the campus store.

“Composure Area” sign after TSA security checkpoint at Hector International Airport in Fargo

Thank goodness for the “Composure Area” after the TSA checkpoint. After all, I clearly had lost a bit of my own composure and needed to chill for a bit – joke intented here!

I had arrived 2 hours prior to my departure to decompress from the long week and it sure paid off as I had a chance to catch up with recently minted MVP Belinda Allen. An interesting fact about Belinda is that she is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) organization as a direct result of her lineal descent from 3 patriots of the American
Revolution. Belinda has done extensive research on her family and has quite the stories to tell.

It was time to board.

Hector International Airport – Gate 2 departure tarmac

On the runway, I had a chance to take a picture of the Fargo Jet Center, home of a large number of private airplanes. As stories have it, Fargo is rapidly becoming home to the new crop of millionaires in this country as a result of the Midwest oil boom. So it’s not uncommon to see these jets flying in and out all day.

Fargo Executive Jet Center

Mid air, I took this beautiful shot of the Fargo-Moorhead overpass (above the Red River) on I-94, close to State Road 75. Fargo and Moorhead are considered “twin cities” of sorts given their proximity and intertwined history.

Fargo (right of Red River) – Moorhead (left of Red River) bridge

The flight continued very smoothly, with little haze below. As we stabilize in altitude, I was reminded of the beauty of Minnesota, nicknamed “The land of the 10,000 lakes”. The lakes were all in full display as we moved along the route – the scenery a stark contrast from that of the frigid, snowy, winters.

Minnesota: Land of the 10,000 Lakes

Our flight plan took us over the great Mississippi National River and Recreation Area park, located in the middle of a bustling urban setting, this 72 mile river park offers quiet stretches for fishing, boating and canoeing.  Other spots are excellent for birdwatching, bicycling and hiking.  And there are plenty of visitor centers that highlight the history and science of the Mississippi River. The park is part of the National Park Service system.

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

After a short 45-minute ride, we landed at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). I have always had appreciation for this airport as it is quite the melting pot once inside. It is also fairly well designed, which makes for a pleasant experience while walking from one gate to another.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

I had one last chance to say goodbye to MVP Belinda Allen, who was en route to New York City, where she resides.

Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs Mariano Gomez and Belinda Allen

One more flight took me to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with the added luck of being upgraded to Business Class, which allowed for further R&R before dealing with the Atlanta traffic on the way home.

Well, this concludes my Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2012 experience. As usual, please wait for my wrap up post with links to presentation material, code, and other community posts on the event.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2012: Getting Home

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