Posting Interruptions in Accounts Payable – Check Runs

Recently, I was responding to a forum discussion where the issue mentioned was as shown below.

Occasionally, one of the subsystems that we integrate invoices from will send over an invoice with an incorrect date (11/20/1911 instead of 11/20/2011).  These invoices post just fine.  However, when we process a check run that includes an invoice with this old invoice date, the checks print just fine but then there is a check batch posting interruption.  Is this a known issue in GP?

I tried a similar scenario in v2010 R2 (11.0.1860) and I am able to replicate this issue. The error I receive is as follows. Even if I try to recover the batch from Batch Recovery, it tries posting again, and it ends up with the posting interruption. This causes the batch to be locked completely and I am unable to remove the batch from the application. I updated the batch status using SQL and the Edit List shows fine without issues.



This looked like a bug in the system and responded back accordingly. However, there was a response from a Microsoft moderator, and she had confirmed that there was a free tool in Professional Services Tools Library called “Document Date Verify Tool”, which will check to make sure the Document Date is valid within the fiscal periods you have set up for a variety of modules.

Frankly speaking, this fix should have been in the application code, and would need a change to the application code (instead of having to install a separate tool (even if free) to fix the problem. The moderator recommended me to add this as a product suggestion which I have done using Microsoft Connect in the URL below.

Let’s see how many people get to vouch for this. I understand that there is a solution which fixes this, but technically speaking, this should have been fixed in the product code itself, in my understanding. Smile Hope you people get to vouch for it and take it to Microsoft to build this into the standard application logic.

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Post Through GL for Computer Checks – with Analytical Accounting

When you have Analytical Accounting module installed and configured in a GP company, the Post Through GL for Computer Checks gets automatically disabled in the specific company (even if it was turned on).


If we try to activate the same manually (with Analytical Accounting activated), we get the following error message and the system prevents us from turning on the Post Through GL functionality for Computer Checks.


However, when we login to another company on the same DYNAMICS instance, where Analytical Accounting is not activated, the system does not allow us to mark the Post Through GL option for Computer checks and gives the same error message as above. However, I had confirmed that Analytical Accounting was not installed by trying to open the Transaction Dimension window from Cards >> Financials >> Analytical Accounting >> Transaction Dimension, and I obtained the message below.


This indicated that Analytical Accounting was not installed or activated on this company and yet the system does not let me mark the Post Through GL option. (This issue happens on both Fabricam, Inc. and on a regular production company). This appears to be a genuine bug in Analytical Accounting, and I had tested this on GP v2010 R2 (11.0.1752)

As a work-around for this, I enabled the Post Through GL for Computer Checks in a company where Analytical Accounting was not activated by a SQL query, and “Eureka…”, it worked brilliantly and the computer check batches got posted through into the General Ledger successfully without any errors. The script I had used for updating the Posting Setup is given below. This script needs to be run on the specific company database where Analytical Accounting has not been activated.

UPDATE dbo.SY02300
        AND TRXSOURC = 'Computer Checks'

Hope this helps the community…

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