Where is my Extender Detail Window in Extender 2013?

With Extender 2013, we have whole lot of surprises on how it got enhanced. One biggest enhancement/change to Extender is the way it treats Extender Detail Window (that is the name till previous version).

Previous version’s Detail Window definition looked as follows:



Not any more… There is no such option called Detail Window. From now on, every window is called, well simply, a Window.

So where is the option to setup whether it’s a multiple row entry (grid) or not? Here it is:


Just select option “Display scrolling grid” and you are good to go.

Clearly, eOne developers have done an immense cleanup work on Extender’s design. Overall, classification of Extender resources itself is now shrunken as follows:

Snip20130321_5   Snip20130321_6

Interesting changes; I have not gone thru’ all changes/enhancements yet. I will be posting more on all those interesting and critical changes.

So far, thumbs up to eOne Team, for their efforts.


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Where is my Extender Detail Window in Extender 2013?

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 1

It’s day 1 of Microsoft Convergence New Orleans and it certainly promised to be an exciting one, since Mark Polino and I had on stage rehearsals for the first time – ever! So, it was just about fitting we meet for breakfast first thing in the morning then go find a quiet place for a couple of dry runs prior to our on stage rehearsal. We went to the ballroom area at the Hilton Hotel and found a space next to the main hallway leading to the ballrooms. Suffice to say, we had a lot of onlookers which made our practice very close to realistic. After all, we were only presenting in front of 5,000 people, so it could not hurt to have people walking by.

Once we did our dry run, we went to the Convention Center Hall E to get our wives registered for the event. The registration process was apparently going very smooth since there were no lines and attendees were picking up badges and bags at a very fast pace.

Convergence Registration

Next, it was time for our on stage rehearsal in Hall J. Once there, we had a chance to go up twice to finalize the little details of our presentation and get some final feedback from the Ovation team and Microsoft – I will remember not to dance around next time! Rehearsals were fairly quick so off we went to the speakers registration room to check in with Grace, Ace, and Trace… I know and I wasn’t even trying to rhyme it either.

Registration was quick so Mark went off to deliver his GPUG sessions, Sex, Lies and Refreshable Excel Reports and What to Know Before the Auditors Ask:  Risk Management and Controls in Microsoft Dynamics GP, the latter presented with Andy Snook. For me it was a rather quiet afternoon, so I returned to the hotel to clear my mind and work a bit on the General Session scripts.

I returned to the Convention Center for the Welcome reception at the Expo hall, where I had a chance to walk around the booths and say hello to some of my favorite ISVs in the channel.

Of course, you had the colorful Rockton Software booth (#1851), which resembles a really fun bar. There I caught up with Jim Pelikza, a fellow Atlanta resident.

Rockton Software

It’s always fun to visit the folks over at Reporting Central, over at booth #1855, for whom it’s become a tradition to hand me down a nice jersey with my name on the back.

The Reporting Central Team

My friends over at AdvTrex (booth #2352) and their now very popular TitaniumGP product are always a joy to catch up with.

AdvTrex Team

After strolling around for a while, I ran into my friends over at I.B.I.S Inc. (booth #2522), and fellow General Session presenter, Mark Polino.

IBIS Inc. Team

Needless to say, Polino is always a riot and nothing says riot more than this:

Got Mark? t-shirt

To be honest, you have to be out of your mind or deeply in-loved with Mark to wear this t-shirt and I am neither. However, I did get a kick out of it.

I also stepped over to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client booth where I ran into fellow co-presenters Daryl Anderson and Kevin Racer, and my old time friend Brian Roney. It was good to stop by and talk to these dudes as they are fun bunch.

Daryl Anderson, Kevin Racer, Brian Roney

I also caught up with Brian Graftaas, who currently the Program Manager for the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP program at Microsoft. Brian and I will be sitting down for an interview which I will release as a podcast upon my return from Convergence.

Brian Graftaas & John Hannick

The Expo halls closed around 8:00 PM so it was time to go back to the hotel to catch the tail end of the Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics NBA game and get some rest for the big day ahead.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013: Day 1

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How to avoid giving sa password to Dynamics GP users

I am often asked this question by all the good IT managers – How can we minimize the usage of ‘sa’ with Dynamics GP ? Quite often I can jot down the answer specific to the user’s setup.

In the “ What to Know Before the Auditors Ask:  Risk Management & Controls in Microsoft Dynamics GP” today,  Andrew Snook from FastPath pointed to a whitepaper they have written on this very topic. Go check it out at http://www.gofastpath.com/newsroom/ctl/articleview/mid/444/articleid/29/fastpath-white-paper–minimizing-the-use-of-sa-in-microsoft-dynamics-gp.aspx

Here’s Mark and Andy all enthused in this fully booked session.


Continued here:
How to avoid giving sa password to Dynamics GP users

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Virtual Convergence 2013 for when you can’t attend in person

David Meego - Click for blog homepage

This week the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 conference is being held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (NOMCC). It started on Monday 18th March 2013 and continues to Thursday 21st March 2013.

If you are like me and unable to attend in person, they you don’t have to miss out on all the Convergence goodness as you can be an Virtual Attendee and watch many of the sessions via the interwebs.

Beginning today on Tuesday 19th March 2013 (this evening my time), Virtual Convergence will have live broadcasts and recordings of the keynote and general sessions as well as concurrent sessions.

For more info see the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Blog:


While I am not there in person, I have many friends keeping me in the loop and also am following the blogs of the people who are there. I will be posting a summary of all the blog posts as a wrap up next week.

If you are there, don’t forget to attend the Support Debugging Tool session that Mariano is presenting. He will be showing off some great new features that will be available in the next build:

  • CSGP30 – The Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Debugging Tool
    on Thursday, March 21st from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

The Support Debugging Tool is the ultimate FREE tool for consultants, administrators and users to support and administer their Microsoft Dynamics GP systems.

Enjoy the conference.


Visit site:
Virtual Convergence 2013 for when you can’t attend in person

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013 : GPPC PreGAME

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Dynamic Communities events. Also, it would be my first time presenting for this week.
The days started out with a relaxing breakfast with my wife. After that, it was all business. At 10:30 AM I headed over to the ballroom area to get registered for GPPC.
GP Partner Connections Banner
The registration desk was buzzing with Katie Froeber, Shanna Hensch trying to wrap-up placing the badges inside the clear holders. This process was very time consuming and they still had a bunch of badges to filled out by hand, since they were not printed.

After helping out with the badges, it was time for the GPPC Welcome Session along with the Ask the MVP. The session featured Jesse Byam as the host who did a fantastic job at keeping attendees warmed with his jokes as the ballroom was freezing!

As is customary during these welcome sessions, we had a representative from Microsoft announce some of the immediate upcoming product and partner oriented events. This time around it was Jay Manley‘s turn to do the honors.

Jay Manley, Microsoft

Some of the product and partner events announced are as follow:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP1 will be available by mid April.

  • Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will be available by mid April and will be SharePoint 2010 ready.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Feature Pack (R2) is scheduled to hit the market some 18 months from now.

  • Web Client updates are scheduled to be released every 3 months, with service packs still within a 6 month cycle, with Payroll and HR ready to hit the block after Convergence.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013 will be from September 18 – 21 in Fargo, North Dakota, once again hosted by GPPC. Both Microsoft and GPPC have vowed to keep this conference on a yearly basis.

After the GPPC Welcome, it was time to hit the stage with my esteemed MVP colleagues, Belinda Allen, Frank Hamelly, Jivtesh Singh, Leslie Vail, and Mark Polino.

Running a bit late, it was time to meet up with Kerri Garbis, President at Ovation Communication to do our first rehearsal for the General Session. Kerri provided Mark and I with some great tips for our General Session delivery. After our initial rehearsal, it was time to meet up with the Microsoft Product Management team over at the Keynote Session room, in Hall J for a walkthrough of the stage and what Mark and I were supposed to do when we got there on Tuesday morning.

I have to say, the shared size of the room can be a bit intimidating and to know we will be in front of 5,000 people makes for great excitement! Can’t wait for the General Session to begin!

Hall J – Keynote Room

I personally had a unique opportunity to see the video and sound engineers at work, fine-tuning every little gizmo to ensure a successful Convergence opening. There are literally 100’s of computers, miles of cables, milliards of connections, speakers, cranes, at any given moment back there with an army of people moving around constantly.

Pam Misialek then showed us our way to the stage for our presentation and walked us through some details including where we would be positioned, our stance, how we should address the audience, the monitors, etc. This was a really cool experience for me, since this is the first time I am delivering a presentation in such setting.

Pam Misialek and Mark Polino

The projection screens are definitely theater size and the General Session is sure to be a success. The projection on these screens is done from the back stage, which really caught my attention. At the back of the stage the image is flipped horizontally, which makes it appear in normal mode when seen from the front stage. This technique reduces the glare caused by front projection and creates a smoother, softer image.

Projection Screens in Hall J

One last look at the room from the stage reminded me of the responsibility ahead. Mark and I feel pretty well about our 5 minutes of fame and are sure ready to put on a good show – MVP style!

A look at the room from the stage

Well, it was time to return to the Hilton Hotel where Aaron Donat and I would be delivering our PreGAME session, Implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Web Client. We had really good attendance to our session, which ran a good 30 minutes over its original schedule. We walked through all the Web Client elements and provided live demos of Web Client and Web Management console, explaining all the different challenges with things like certificates and ports. We strongly encouraged partners to attend one of the deep dive sessions offered during Convergence and/or to join a training class.

After our session, it was time for a little R&R at the GPPC partner reception. The reception featured a Jazz group and quite a bit of interaction between partners.

GPPC partner reception

My wife and I had quiet dinner plans for the evening and went out to the ultra famous Commander’s Palace where we started out with a couple Hibiscus Martinis, “Hand-crafted Jamaican Hibiscus tea, fresh squeezed lime and Bombay Sapphire come together beautifully to make a cocktail that is as stunningly beautiful as it is delicious and refreshing”. Our dinner ended with a great Creole Bread Pudding Soufflé with warm whiskey cream and a cup of New Orleans style coffee (with chicory).

Well, it was time go get some rest since a new days awaited with General Session rehearsals on stage and GPUG sessions.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Microsoft Convergence New Orleans 2013 : GPPC PreGAME

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GPUG Pre-Game General Session

The GPUG Pre-Game general session came in with some nice announcements – most importantly – Dynamics GP 2013 SP1 will be available mid April.


Jesse Byam, Etelligent Solutions, Inc set things off. Canadian guy in shorts, in freezing weather, certain thing – nobody got bored.




Jay Manley – took over with the important announcements.


Kim Peterson- came in to start the MVP session



The MVPs tacking the questions




I was thrilled to be in such fantastic company, and we took upon interesting questions ranging from – “What keeps you up at night” to “Impact of new limited users”.

Also announced was the shiny new GPUG Community site – http://community.gpug.com

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GPUG Pre-Game General Session

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RapidStart for Dynamics GP–A must see set of tools

Imagine configuring new companies in Dynamics GP in minutes rather than hours or days. In the Rapid Implementation session at (GPUG Pre-Game) – Jay, Gloria and Scott showed how they have done this in the past few months. Dynamics GP has great new tools for speeding up configurations, migrations for new implementations – RapidStart. Microsoft is going to start marketing this tool heavily, so make sure you are up to speed with the tool!

This session had the following stalwarts –

  • Jay Manley (Sr. Product Manager – Microsoft)
  • Gloria J. Braunschweig, (CMA President)
  • Scott Dimmick (Practice Manager – Tribridge)



Naturally, the seasoned Dynamics GP consultants would go – well that would only work in some cases. And, you would be absolutely right! What I loved in Rapid start was the ability to create templates that you could reuse across industries.

RapidStart comes with inbuilt integrations for Quickbooks, Peachtree and excel templates that can be used with other software.



However, this being the first version there are some caveats –

  • Not all modules are supported (project accounting / canadian payroll, australian GST to name a few )
  • The tool does a complete sync of all setups supported (not a partial sync)

Still it would be a great starting point, and all GP Partners should be looking at this. Get the tool for FREE at 

RapidStart Download Page

For more information about the Rapid Implementation Tools, please visit

Gloria has written a book on Rapid Implementation – check it out at http://rapidimplementation.com/

ERP Software Blog has a video at


RapidStart for GP 2013

Read more here:
RapidStart for Dynamics GP–A must see set of tools

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