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#BPST What is the Batch Posting Service Toolkit?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageYou might have heard of the Batch Posting Service Toolkit by now and might be wondering …

  • What is the Batch Posting Service Toolkit?

This article explains what you need to know and points you to further resources.

The Batch Posting Service Toolkit (BPST) is the second Winthrop Development Consultants product to be released via my distribution and support partner, Mekorma.

BPST solves a long-term problem with integrating transactions to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Tools such as Integration Manager, eConnect, Web Services (SOAP) and the new Service Based Architecture Web Services (REST) all allow you to create transactions in batches in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The problem is that none of these tools can post the transaction batches created.

Enter Batch Posting Service Toolkit, which provides a service call to retrieve a list of ready to post batches and a second service call to post a batch…. Problem solved.

The BPST is available for Microsoft Dynamics GP versions GP 2010, GP 2013 and GP 2015. Its services can be called from Dexterity, Visual Studio Tools (C# or VB.Net) and via Web Services (GP 2015 or later).

The tool supports all standard batch types used in the Master Posting window. It does not have a user interface and is designed for developers, ISVs and integration consultants to leverage to complete the integration process.

For more information, check out the links below:

Now you can integrate your transaction batches AND post them too.


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#BPST What is the Batch Posting Service Toolkit?

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Thoughts on the new Microsoft Surface Book

David Meego - Click for blog homepageOn Thursday 12th November 2015, the Microsoft Store in Sydney opened. Located at Westfield Sydney on the Pitt Street Mall, this is the first flagship Microsoft Store to be opened outside of North America and is a wonderful commitment to the Australian market.

Along with the opening of the store was the Australian launch of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book computers announced at the Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Briefing.

I had already planned on getting a Surface Pro 4 based on the leaked information and speculation I had heard prior to the Devices Briefing. But when Microsoft surprised us with the Surface Book (well done on keeping it secret), I changed my mind and ordered the top of the range Surface Book (i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, GPU) and Surface Dock the next day on the Australian Microsoft Online Store.


After owning a Surface Pro 3 for more than a year and loving it, my reasoning for wanting the Surface Book over the Surface Pro 4 was as follows:

  • I found that I could not use the Surface Pro 3 easily on my lap. Once opened with keyboard and stand, it would not fit on my lap (something about short legs and fat gut).
  • I liked the idea of a larger screen. The Surface Pro 3 screen was a bit small when travelling (and not using an external screen).
  • I like playing FPS games (although I rarely have the time), and a discrete GPU would be useful.
  • I used to have a much larger and heavier laptop and so a little extra weight was acceptable, especially when it gives a longer battery life and discrete GPU.
  • OK, it is also freaking cool for a Microsoft Fan.

After waiting patiently while my friends in the USA got their Surface Books and posted on Facebook how much they liked them (looking at you Belinda), finally launch day in Australia came around.

I had received emails on the day before showing that the extra Surface Pen and the Surface Book & Dock where shipped “priority” (read as overnight) as a single consignment. So, I am working while waiting for the shipments to arrive. The door bell rings and I go to the door to find it was one of my son Rohan’s friends dropping in. Disappointed, I go back to my office. The door bell rings again and I go to the door to find it was one of my son Aaron’s friends dropping in. Grumpily, I go back to my office. Finally, the door bell rings again and Aaron shouts out that it is the courier. Yay, I think, my new toy computer has arrived. However, it was just the spare Surface Pen (one of the two packages in the shipment) and the second package was nowhere to be seen. Oh well, the pen looked nice.

After most of Friday, I contacted the courier company to see where the other package had got to as according to the online tracking site, it had not been scanned since it supposedly left Melbourne on Wednesday. They initiated a search to locate the missing package. I was concerned that it might have gone AWOL by nefarious means. I also contacted the Microsoft Store support and let them know that the package was currently missing. I was also worried that if the unit needed replacing, I would have to wait a while as I knew they were out of stock.

After a weekend with no news and wondering what was happening, I received an email on Monday 16th saying the package was scheduled for delivery that day. Great News. Late in the afternoon, the same courier guy delivers the package and says “So this is the package you were waiting for.”.


So, it was finally here and now started the process of configuring the machine with all the software and tools I needed. This process takes about two days and I will not go into too much detail, but will list a summary of the software and files installed.

  • Windows updates: Update to the Windows 10 Threshold 2 release
  • Office Pro Plus 2016
  • All my personal documents, media files and tools, including sync relationships with SyncToy
  • Windows tools such as Acrobat Reader, WinZip, WinAmp, Java, PerfectDisk, etc.
  • Microsoft Expression Suite
  • SQL Server 2012 & SP2 (I still need to support Dynamics GP 2010)
  • Dynamics GP 2010 & Dexterity to match
  • Dynamics GP 2013 & Dexterity to match
  • Dynamics GP 2013 R2 & Dexterity to match
  • Dynamics GP 2015 & Dexterity to match
  • Dynamics GP 2015 R2 & Dexterity to match
  • Visual Source Safe
  • Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 (I still need to support Dynamics GP 2010)
  • Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  • Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
  • PoorMan’s T-SQL Formatter SSMS Addin
  • InstallAware
  • And lots more

During the set up of the machine, I experienced a known reported issue (many times) where the video driver would continuously reset and cause the machine to be unusable for a bit.  I did have the firmware update from 02-Nov-2015 installed, but the problem still continued. Not only did it make the machine unusable until it settled down, it changed the Windows Explorer windows to be really small.

Anyhow, by Wednesday morning, I finally had the machine fully configured and ready for use. On the morning of Thursday 19th Windows update installed another firmware update (18-Nov-2015) and the screen resetting issue is now fixed. My sons were happy now as it means that the previous machines shuffle down. Aaron now has my old Surface Pro 3 as his primary machine and Rohan has Aaron’s Surface Pro 2 as his portable device for university to compliment his gaming desktop.

Here is my final configuration: Surface Book with the screen reversed on a laptop stand, so that the keyboard is attached but does not take up much room on the table. Surface Pen magnetically attached to left of the Surface Book screen. The Surface Dock is connected to the external 27″ Dell monitor and Edifier Aurora speakers (under monitor, sitting on stand). The monitor has a USB 3.0 hub which connects to an external USB 3.0 WD My Passport drive and BluRay Combo Drive (below monitor on left). Rounding off the setup is Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Desktop and Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset.


Also in the picture, but a little difficult to see is the Microsoft Zune HD 64GB (below monitor on right) and the audio switch box (below monitor on left) which allows me to change audio signals sent to the speakers between 4 available sources (PC, Zune, HDMI out from monitor and DJ console – not in photo).

Final thoughts: I am really enjoying the Surface Book. It is faster than the Surface Pro 3 and has more storage. I don’t need to use a 128GB MicroSD card to store my media anymore. Having a full sized SD card slot and two USB 3.0 ports make connectivity easier. I have used the “clipboard” tablet by itself and it is incredibly thin and light. Adding the keyboard in reverse makes it heavier but works as a stand and gives much longer battery life. I have used it a little bit in laptop configuration and it has worked well. I was concerned about the screen resetting issue, but that has not recurred since the last firmware update so everything looks great.


PS: The Mini DisplayPort ports on the Surface Dock are very close together and close to the other ports. The Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adaptor barely fits between the audio cable and USB cable, in fact both cables are angled slightly and under pressure. I have ordered a different adaptor which has a short lead on it so will fit better.

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Thoughts on the new Microsoft Surface Book

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Inaugural Class of Credentialed Professionals Announced

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter Microsoft removed the requirement for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners to be certified and shutdown the examinations for those two products, the community decided that some sort of certifications were still needed.

To this end, the Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) was formed.

From the Association’s web site:

The Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) is an independent, not-for-profit membership organization which exists to serve the Microsoft Dynamics community by establishing competency standards and assessments, and to positively impact the Dynamics community through member-led advocacy initiatives.

At the recent reIMAGINE 2015 and GPUG Summit 2015 conferences, attendees were given the opportunity to take the examinations for Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV (at Summit).

Joe Carroll has recently published an article with a list of the Inaugural Class of Credentialed Professionals, including yours truly. :-)

For details see Joe Caroll’s blog post below:

So, get involved and get credentialed.


PS: The certifications are open to partners and customers alike.

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Inaugural Class of Credentialed Professionals Announced

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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGPUGSummit_Logo

Day 2 of the GPUG Summit was here and food hall was a little emptier at breakfast time.

The day started with Mariano and I sitting in on Steve Gray’s session: ITP04: Developers: An Inside View of Service Based Architecture. Steve from 4Penny is the driving force behind the DynDeveloper website that is a great resource for developers, especially those using Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP. His session was a perfect fit with the Service Based Architecture sessions that Mariano and I were presenting as it showed how to integrate with the Web Services from a Visual Studio application.

During his session Steve credited me for developing Menus for Visual Studio Tools (now Visual Studio Integration Toolkit), even if I did do it during his 3 day training class (sorry if I was disruptive all those years ago). So now it is my turn to give some credit back. It was during Steve’s Developer Toolkit class in May 2008 (after the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2008 in Fargo) that I saw Steve using a blog for technical articles and not just a digital diary. I had always said that no-one would be interested in what I ate for breakfast or how often I go to the bathroom and so had resisted the idea of a blog. After seeing Steve’s approach, my eyes were opened to the possibilities and I went home with plans to start blogging. The result was the still popular MSDN Developing for Dynamics GP blog which I started in July 2008 and continued with until I left Microsoft in October 2014. So, thank you Steve for changing my mind about blogs and starting a new era of my career as a blogger.

PS: I also met Steve’s wife, Penny. And finally clicked on Steve’s business name… It’s all 4Penny!! I have known Steve for over seven years and only just worked it out. Doh!

After Steve’s session Mariano and I headed back to the Mekorma Hub. We spent time working on finalising the preparation for the Mekorma presentation which Craig, Mariano and I would be presenting the next day.

We also spent time working on one of the demonstrations for the Service Based Architecture session that Mariano and I were presenting in the afternoon. We were concentrating so much on our work that we ended up missing lunch all together.

Then it was time for our next breakout session. This was a repeat of the well received Tips and Tricks session that Mariano and I presented last month at reIMAGINE 2015. While the session went well, the target audience was quite different which meant that the tips and tricks presented were not as relevant. At reIMAGINE, most of the audience were Dexterity developing partners with a few Visual Studio developers, which was great as the majority of the tips were focussed on Dexterity development.

At GPUG Summit, the ratio was reversed with only a couple of Dexterity developers and the majority being Visual Studio developers. While many Dexterity tips have some relevance in the Visual Studio world, there were some tips that were Dexterity only. Mariano and I tried to highlight here the Dexterity tips were still valid, but in future we might have to redesign the session or mention the language ratio in the session description. Hopefully, the attendees enjoyed it and got something out of it anyway. At this session Mariano and I reiterated how useful having Dexterity knowledge is for any developer integrating with Dynamics GP, even those who only work with Visual Studio Tools.

ITP06 – 25 Development Tricks and Hacks in 50 minutes

We then went straight into our next breakout session. This session continued the Service Based Architecture series with a look at the architecture changes for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 including Service Enabled Procedures and .Net Interop. We covered how to create web services as Service Enabled Global Procedures using both window wrapped and decoupled techniques.

ITP07 – Developing Service Applications with Dexterity A No Nonsense Step-by-Step Guide

After the sessions, Mariano and I spent some time working on the demonstrations for tomorrow’s GP Power Tools Web Service session. The code was not working 100% and needed some tweaking to get it working. Eventually, we needed to take a break and were invited to join the Industrial Staffing Services team for dinner.

Dinner at Bistro Napa with Mariano and Jourdan Block and the Industrial Staffing Services team and Steve Endow (Precipio Services), Andrew Dean (Envisage Software) and Craig Klapman (Mekorma)

For dinner, Mariano and I both had a lovely Filet steak which was accompanied by an unusual vegetable that I have never heard of before. It is like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower, the Romanesco broccoli.

After dinner Mariano and I continued working on solving the technical issues and were eventually able to get everything working perfectly. Thanks to Beat who stayed with us and provided moral support.

Beat and I took a quick taxi ride back to the Peppermill. Instead going straight to sleep, I spent a “little bit” of time fine tuning the code and documentation based on the changes Mariano and I had made. The end result was that by the time I actually got to sleep, it was only three and a half hours before I had to get up again for the final day.


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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 2

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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 1 – Part 1 of 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGPUGSummit_Logo

Day 1 of the conference was finally here and I had three sessions to present including one with a brand new co-presenter. While this was officially the first day, it really felt like day three as I had already had two full days.

Breakfast in the meal hall was fairly quick affair. It is an amazing feat to be able cater for such a large group. There was even a table marked for GPUG members from Australia, which happened to be the first table in the meal hall. You will have to excuse Beat and Thomas who “crashed” the table to sit with me.

Breakfast in the Meal Hall

After breakfast we all headed to the Opening Session in Hall 3. As we walked into the hall we were treated to a huge photo of Frank Heslin with quote of his about the GPUG Community on the massive screen (using 4 projectors).

Opening Session

The session was packed, I was only able to capture about half of the hall in a photo, but imagine the other half being just as full.

The session has full to capacity as it included all four user groups

The session started with Andy Hafer, CEO of Dynamic Communities, welcoming us to Reno….

Andy Hafer welcomes the User Groups to Reno

Andy and Missy Heilman invite the User Group Leaders on stage

Acknowledging the conference sponsors takes an unusual turn

Andy introduces our guest keynote speaker, George Kourounis, host of Angry Planet

George talks to us about controlling fear while he is going to all kinds of dangerous locations

George ( showed us a video that explains what a day at the office was like for him.

GPUG Summit 2015 in Reno – Opening Session Keynote (direct link)


Epic Volcano Video (direct link)


World’s best selfie from the edge of the lava lake inside Marum volcano on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

The opening session finished with a Q & A session with George and Andy

After the opening session, Mariano Gomez and I had our first breakout session in which we discussed Service Based Architecture and App technology and showed how you can call web services to retrieve data from your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This was an overview that set a theme for a number of app related sessions.

TOT01 – Calling all Geeks! Find out how Apps work with Dynamics GP

Our second breakout session followed on from the first with demonstrations of how different companies had used App technology. It was originally planned to be a competition to decide on who had created the best app, but we did not get enough apps to show. Maybe, next year….

So, instead we used the session to highlight examples of apps created by a couple of partners. Thomas Garcia demoed a solution for handling transaction approvals from Icon Business Consulting. This solution does not use the GP 2015 Web Services, but that means that it can work with all supported versions of Dynamics GP. Chris Hanson (not Martin Olsen as shown on the slide deck) from eOne Solutions demoed an end to end solution that used a variety of technologies including their Service Builder and Smart Connect products.


David and Mariano with the “winners” of the GP App Off: Thomas Garcia and Chris Hanson

After the sessions, I headed over the to Mekorma Hub. My plan was to spend as much time as possible between sessions at the hub so that I was available if anyone had questions on my GP Power Tools (GPPT) and Batch Posting Service Toolkit (BPST) which are distributed and supported by Mekorma. On the way, I caught up with some of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management team from Fargo.

Jodi Christiansen, Chad Sogge, Jennifer Ranz and Daryl Anderson

Mekorma Hub: Mariano Gomez, Ora Goldman, Jay Manley, Angel Blum

After having lunch with Mekorma team, I rushed down to the convention center to catch the end of the GPUG Welcome and Dynamics IDOL general session. I walked in just when Bob McAdam was demonstrating Field Level Security and giving me credit for developing it… perfect timing. Congratulations to Shawn Dorward for beating out Bob McAdam and Michelle Kocher to win the Dynamics IDOL title for 2015.

I caught up with Beat Bucher and we headed back to the Atlantis and the Mekorma Hub. Beat and I then went to the presenter’s preparation room to prepare for the next session. Normally Mariano Gomez co-presents with me, but Mariano had been double booked as he also had a session of his own in the same timeslot. Beat has always been an enthusiastic supporter and user of the Support Debugging Tool and now GP Power Tools and so it made sense to ask him to present the topic with me. We just spent a little time together to make sure he was happy with the session plan and also we made a few adjustments as the session was 90 minutes rather than the usual 60 minutes. This allowed us to demonstrate some of the new features only available in GP Power Tools.

TOT03 – Why is the Support Debugging Tool/GP Power Tools so Amazing?

The session was full and was a lot of fun. We brought back the question “Can GP Power Tools help?” and the response “Yes it can!”. It was funny as even when the question was not asked correctly or sometimes forgotten entirely, the audience still yelled out “Yes it can!”. Thanks to the attendees for helping make the session awesome, hopefully you learnt a few reasons why GP Power Tools is so amazing. :)

Beat Bucher did a great job presenting for our first time together

That completed the work part of the day for me. Three of the seven sessions I was involved in were completed.


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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 1 – Part 1 of 2

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#GPUGSummit – Getting There – Part 2 of 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGPUGSummit_Logo

Day two of the Road Trip had us heading out from our overnight stop in Chico, California and finishing the drive to Reno, Nevada.

Below is the map of the route for the second day:


Now, I know that Australia has some funny place names, but it seems that the United States has its share too. During the drive we passed the turn off for a town called Rough and Ready in Nevada County (which is still in California).

Rough and Ready Highway

We decided to pull off the highway in a town called Grass Valley so we could find some lunch. We ended up at the Holbrooke Hotel, where we had a very nice meal. I really appreciated that the waitress made a special effort to ensure that there were no flavour enhancers in the food. She also helped identify that Ranch Dressing (both bottled and packet mix versions) usually contains one or more flavour enhancers*. Shame as I like the taste, but can not longer risk eating it.

The Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley

Before we left Grass Valley, Craig decided he wanted to get a coffee for the road and dropped in to a small corner store called Cousin Jack Pasties.

Cousin Jack Pasties, Grass Valley, California

This small shop is not remarkable, what is remarkable is what we found on the shelf in the store. I did not expect to find Vegemite in a small store a small town in the remote northern California.

Vegemite and Marmite – Australian and English yeast extract spreads

Once we were back on the road we were treated to some great scenery again.

Driving through the pine trees

Another fantastic view over the wilderness

We are getting closer now, Reno is on the road signs

Wide straight roads – a nice change from yesterday

Still driving through the mountains

Crossing the state border into Nevada

Arriving in Reno, Nevada

Finally, we came over a crest and Reno, Nevada appeared in the distance. With a little bit of help from GPS on the phone we arrived at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino on South Virginia Street where I would be staying for the conference.

Approaching the Peppermill Resort

The two day road trip was over and I had survived. Thanks Craig. :)

Now to get ready for GPUG Summit 2015.


* Common Flavour Enhancers which can cause headaches, nausea, irritable bowel, asthma attacks and more include:

  • 621 – Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG),
  • 627 – Disodium Guanylate,
  • 631 – Disodium Inosinate,
  • 635 – Disodium Ribonucleotide

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#GPUGSummit – Getting There – Part 2 of 2

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Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Network Problem: SOLVED!

David Meego - Click for blog homepageEver since returning from my trip to the United States and Mexico for reIMAGINE 2015 and GPUG Summit 2015, I have been experiencing issues with my networking.

OK, it has only been a week, but it has been annoying and today after yet other search of the interwebs, I have a solution.

The issue has been that whenever I try to use the Surface Pro 3 Dock’s ethernet adaptor, my computer loses the network connection entirely and I would have to restart the machine or at least disable and enable adaptors to get connected again.

The problem would surface (no pun intended) whenever trying to copy large files over the wired network. After a small amount of data would transfer, the networking fail and the computer would disconnect. A temporary fix was just to rely on wireless networking, which is fine for small files, but relatively slow for large files.

I have now applied the fix from user Uebernerd that was detailed on the Windows Central forums and highlighted on Dan Holme’s blog post. Everything is working nicely again and I can copy large files around my network using the gigbit wired connection again.

Links to the blog and forum thread below:

Blog: Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Network Problem: SOLVED!

Forum: Surface Pro 3 / Windows 10 10240: Networking issue with SP3 Docking Station Ethernet

Note: Using Update Driver Software via Device Manager did not work as it said I already had the latest version.

Thanks to Uebernerd for the fix and to Dan Holme for highlighting it. I am posting it again for my readers who might be having the same issue.



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Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 Docking Station Network Problem: SOLVED!

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