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Downloads for Menus for Visual Studio Tools

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAs previously mentioned on this blog, Winthrop Development Consultants has an agreement with Microsoft to continue the development and support of the Menus for Visual Studio Tools.

It will be re-released once it has been rebranded.

I have updated the Winthrop Development Consultant’s web site Product page to provide access to the downloads for the previous versions.

The new Winthrop branded product will be available for the last three versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP; GP 2010, GP 2013 (including GP 2013 R2) and for GP 2015.

Get the previous versions from


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Downloads for Menus for Visual Studio Tools

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Upgrade from GP 2010 to GP 2013 R2

3d man with Q & A

Question: How do you upgrade from GP 2010 build 2390 to GP 2013 R2

Answer: The documentation from Microsoft that delineates the upgrade path from GP 2010 to GP 2013 R2 is missing the current build of GP 2010 (as of 3/16/2015). The document from Microsoft can be found here:

The line missing is how to upgrade to GP 2013 R2 from 11.00.2390. The answer is that you have to upgrade to 12.00.1826. The build numbers for both GP 2010 and GP 2013 R2 are achieved after installing the January 2015 Hotfix. Thanks go out to Paul Degneau, at Standard Process, for suggesting this to me.



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Upgrade from GP 2010 to GP 2013 R2

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You receive "Unable to Upgrade SBA from RTM" when attempting to apply Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 January or March Hotfix

Well, this one for sure has bitten more than one person already. I’ve seen a lot of exchanges and fielded a number of calls from folks trying to install the January or March hot fixes of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. When the msp file is executed, couple seconds into the execution you receive the following error message:

Unable to upgrade SBA from RTM. Please remove the SBA feature before running this patch.

The first reaction is to try and find the feature via the Uninstall or change a program options under the Windows Control Panel. As it turns out, there’s no such option. This has led many folks to the next “obvious” option: Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Components.

When you choose to uninstall the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Components, you will get rid of the Web Client install, but not the SBA components.

So what’s the solution?

The keyword in the error message is the word “feature”. SBA is a Microsoft Dynamics GP feature. In order to remove, you will need to right-click on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and select the change option.

You will then click on the Add/Remove Features option in the Program Maintenance window, then scroll down until you see the Service Based Architecture option in the Select Features window. You can the proceed to click on the corresponding options button associated to the SBA prompt and select Not Available.

Select Features window

Once you click Next, the installer will proceed to remove the feature from your environment. When completed, you can re-run the hotfix msp to apply the updated code.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC

You receive "Unable to Upgrade SBA from RTM" when attempting to apply Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 January or March Hotfix

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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – The Countdown

David Meego - Click for blog homepageConvergence2015

The final countdown to Convergence 2015 in Atlanta is well and truly on. I know this because tonight I start my journey to Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

I am flying to Sydney and then early tomorrow I have a direct flight from Sydney to Atlanta.

I plan to post blogs while at the conference after each day, but experience tells me that I might find that difficult with the very full days.

Anyhow, if you are still looking for reasons to come (other than seeing Mariano and me), check out the video below:

Convergence 2015 (direct link)


Looking forward to see everyone.


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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – The Countdown

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Using the new Dynamics GP 2015 REST Services in SBA (Service Based Architecture)

If you have been following my blog, you probably know how excited I am about this feature. Unfortunately, the documentation can be a little hard to find. The important thing to remember is that as this is a part of the web client – that is where you will find the relevant documentation. 

Paul Haag at InterDyn has just written a great post summarizing the steps he followed.  Using the Dynamics GP Service Based Architecture (Paul Haag) 

Additionally as you are stuck(and its okay if you are, this is Version 1 of the SBA) – you might find the following notes and resources helpful.

  • There are three logs you can look to for information on requests that fail, the GP Service log, Dexterity Service Log and the Request Log.  All logs are located in ProgramDataMicrosoft DynamicsGPSvcLogs. The Dexterity Service log will tell you if the request made it to the Dexterity instance and is in the Inst_DefaultInstanceDexterityService directory. All requests tie together with a correlation ID. Read more at Debugging in the Dynamics GP 2015 Service Based Architecture
  • You need to place the new Application.PRODUCTNAME.dll in your GP runtime folder.  After restarting your services, a good way to see if your endpoint is available is by using discovery (url below).  That will show all the dictionaries that have been DAG’ed and have available service endpoints. https://>/GPService/Tenants(DefaultTenant)/Companies(Company Name)/Help/

Read more at Service Based Architecture and Custom Procedures  (Thanks Rob Bernhardt)

  • When creating service procedures in the service based architecture one of the key steps is to define service metadata including setting the Service Enabled switch to TRUE. We also add a Service Procedure Metadata property which contains the relevant information for the GP Service to wire the procedure calls up to their URI endpoints. In addition to this, the procedure’s class definition will now contain a third invoke method which the service uses for parsing the request and building up the response. Read more at – DAG (Dictionary Assembly Generator) – What’s New in GP 2015

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Using the new Dynamics GP 2015 REST Services in SBA (Service Based Architecture)

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Silverlight "ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added" when attempting to print a report

It’s been about 3 months now since working with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 in our production environment. To recap, at Intelligent Partnerships we run all our information technology infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. A big reason for this, of course, is the high degree of mobility required by our consulting staff and the ability to access demo environments and be able to enter timesheets and expenses from anywhere in the world they happen to be. In addition, we need to be able to run our business and access our financials and analytics without being constrained to a particular geographical location. As such we rely heavily on Dynamics GP’s Web Client and Business Analyzer to achieve these goals.

One of the issues we started noticing with Web Client recently is, when you attempt to print a report – Standard or Template – but cancel out the printing on the Report Destination window, then attempt to print the report once more, we would receive the following Silverlight error message:

Severity: Critical Summary: A server side exception of type “ArgumentException” has occurred. Details: ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resource) at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add) at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Web.Services.Runtime.Dexterity.Hierarchy`1.Add(T ancestor, T item) at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Web.Services.Runtime.Dexterity.Implementation.WCDexRuntimeStateResourceManager.Register(DexUri parentId, IWCDexWindow window) at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Web.Services.Runtime.Dexterity.Implementation.Adapters.WCDexFormOpenStateChangedNotificationAdapter.Notifications_FormOpenStateChanged(Object sender, DexUriEventArgs`1 e) at System.EventHandler`1.Invoke(Object sender, TEventArgs e) at Microsoft.Dexterity.Runtime.Interop.DexNotification.OnFormOpenStateChanged(DexUri uri, DexFormOpenState value) at Microsoft.Dexterity.Runtime.Interop.Win32.NativeMethods.MsaCommandExec(Int16 tag) at Microsoft.Dexterity.Runtime.Interop.Win32.NativeMethods.<>c__DisplayClass26.b__25() at Microsoft.Dexterity.Runtime.Interop.Win32.NativeMethods.ExecuteMsaAction(Func`1 interopAction, String entryPoint) at Microsoft.Dexterity.Runtime.Interop.Win32.NativeMethods.MacroSystemCommandExecute(Int16 tag) at Microsoft.Dexterity.Runtime.Interop.DexMacroSystem.CommandExecute(Int16 tag) at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Web.Services.Runtime.Dexterity.Implementation.WCDexMessageProcessor.ProcessCommandExecuteInstanceResourceMessage(IWCDexMessage msg) at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Web.Services.Runtime.Dexterity.Implementation.WCDexMessageProcessor.Process(IWCDexMessage message) at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Web.Services.Runtime.Dexterity.DexRuntimeStateManager.SendMessage(IWCDexMessage message) at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.Web.Services.Runtime.Dexterity.DexRuntimeStateManager.MainEventLoop()

This particular error was received attempting to print a sales order processing quote, but we have been able to reproduce from other windows. While I don’t claim to understand all these exceptions, this particular one seems to refer to an issue caused by a “key” being added twice to the same “Generic.Dictionary” collection. Since the action causing the error seems to be a second attempt at printing a report – the same report it seems – somewhere along the lines it would appear that some value isn’t being cleared out from the collection of reports being printed which would cause a duplicate key. Again, pure speculation.

Nonetheless, in speaking to the Dynamics GP development team, it seems to be this issue has been written up and may be solved in the upcoming hotfix release. This issue can be reproduced in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 build 14.00.0619 (January Hotfix).

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC

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Silverlight "ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added" when attempting to print a report

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Connecting your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to a Dell Monitor via Display Port

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThis article is a little off topic, but I can now provide a solution to a technical issue that I have been having and hopefully, it will save someone else out there the hassles that I have been having.

The problem is that when connecting my Surface Pro 3’s Mini Display Port (MiniDP) connection to the Display Port (DP) connection of my 27″ Dell Monitor (U2713HM), the monitor would refuse to power up if the computer was already on.

The solution is simple you say: “Turn on the Monitor and then turn on the computer”.

Yeah I know, but I am also using a smart power board which only provides mains power to the monitor (and other peripherals) after the computer is on and drawing power. Because I am using this board (and saving on standby energy costs), I can’t turn on the monitor first.

I was able to get everything working as desired using a long Display Port cable (that was included with a different Dell monitor a while back) and a Delock MiniDP to DP adaptor I bought from Optiwire. Both times the cable, which says it should work for Mac and PC failed to work. The same issue, the Dell Monitor fails to power up and has to be left off and disconnected for a few minutes, before it will work again.

Jeff from Optiwire ( Note: site will be live soon) was very helpful and together we did some research on the interwebs and found a number of forum and discussion posts where other users were having similar issues when connecting Dell Monitors via Display Port.

Now, we never found anything from Dell admitting that they had an issue, but it seems that the problem is to do with pin 20 (DP_PWR) on the Display Port connection. If it is connected, and has power on it, some Dell Monitors will fail to power up.

As I wanted to have a spare Display Port cable and adaptor, I ordered another short cable and adaptor for use with my Surface Pro 3. When they arrived they failed to work again.

So, with a quick bit of troubleshooting, I identified that the old cable worked with either of the adaptors, but the new cable did not. In disgust, I got out the trusty multimeter and started checking the pin 20 connections.

The result is that the old cable does not have pin 20 connected and that is why it worked. The new cable and adaptors do have pin 20 connected. And so did the MiniDP to DP cables.

So my solution: I popped open the case on one of the adaptors, located the circuit board track for pin 20 and scratched through it. Now the modified adaptor works with the new short Display Port cable.

So, if you are having trouble with a Dell monitor using a Display Port connection, either find a cable that does not have pin 20 connected, or modify the cable (or adaptor) to disconnect pin 20.

Problem solved.


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Connecting your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to a Dell Monitor via Display Port

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