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#StarWarsDay: Star Wars Day 2015

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWhat did Luke Skywalker say to his friends on midnight of May the third?

“May the Fourth be with you!”

Yes, corny jokes aside, it is 04-May-2015 and the geeks and nerds of the world are uniting for Star Wars Day 2015.

This has become a day to celebrate all things Star Wars related and help hype the new movies coming and sell more Star Wars toys and paraphernalia. I am sure that makes George Lucas (and now Disney) quite happy.


Now to help you celebrate the day I wanted to combine a number of really geeky things together to amuse you.

Have you heard for Simon Jansen from New Zealand? Maybe not, but you might have come across his project. Started in July 1997 still ongoing (last updated in January 2015), he has be recreating the original Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope) movie using text characters. Using ASCII characters his animation, ASCIIMATION now covers about 80% of the movie. You might ask Why? According to his FAQ, “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.“.

Sten Spans, a Dutch Unix engineer, took Simon’s work and made it available from his Telnet server. Some people believed that this was an “Easter Egg” hidden in the command line of Windows, but it isn’t. It can be accessed from any device or operating system that has a Telnet client installed.

Note: You might need to go to Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> Turn Windows Features on and off and select the Telnet Client, then click OK to install Telnet on Windows.

Finally, there is Minecraft. Now owned by Microsoft, Minecraft is a another world wide phenomenon loved by geeks, nerds and children around the world. So, I present the following video for your pleasure:

Starwars ASCII (via Minecraft) (direct link)


Just in case you don’t like the silent treatment, here is a version which has had dialogue and music added:

Star Wars Asciimation With Sound (direct link)


For more information about Star Wars Day (and fun), check out the following sites:

Enjoy today, but be careful tomorrow as you could get caught up in the “Revenge of the Fifth”.


PS: Did you see the surprise in the first video at 13:59?

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#StarWarsDay: Star Wars Day 2015

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ANZAC Day 2015

David Meego - Click for blog homepageToday (25-April-2015) is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The soldiers in those forces quickly became known as Anzacs, and the pride they took in that name endures to this day.

On 25th April 1915, Australian and New Zealand forces landed at Gallipoli, meeting fierce resistance from the Ottoman Turkish defenders. What was meant to be a quick decisive attack ended up as a eight month stalemate with the eventual withdrawal of the allied forces. The campaign was a failure with the most successful part being the evacuation without loss of life.

If you have some time to spare, watch Peter Weir’s masterpiece, Gallipoli, with a very young Mel Gibson. If you haven’t seen it, it will help explain what is meant by the ANZAC spirit and Mateship:

Gallipoli Full Movie (1981) (direct link)


I know the following video is not about the First World War, but it is about Australian soldiers involved on combat and how it affects them. I get emotional every time I listen to this song:

Redgum – I Was Only 19 (1983) (direct link)


For more information see the following sites:

Lest we forget.


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ANZAC Day 2015

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Friday Funny: Can you understand Strayan?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageWhile I was originally born in London, England (yep, I’m a Pom*), everyone knows that I come from Australia. My family emigrated to Perth when I was 13 and I have had the operation to naturalise me as an Australian.

Probably due to my English background and the fact that accents in Perth are not strong, I don’t have a strong Australian accent (Not like Paul Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee character – watch trailer or Steve Irwin real character – watch trailer). However, I do use some different words and sometimes use Australian slang or abbreviations.

Today, I came across some videos on YouTube by Queensland filmmaker Kieran Murray who has travelled the world and introduced the inhabitants of other nations (primarily USA) to Australian slang. The confusion he creates is very funny.

G’Day Mate! How You Going? (direct link)


G’day Mate: The Sequel (direct link)


Aussie Slang (direct link)


There are a number of sites online where you can look up Australian slang (sometimes called the Strine* vernacular):


So a challenge for you ….

What does the following sentence from the end of one of the videos above mean?

“This arvo I’m gonna go down to the servo get a packet of durries and maybe some grog.”

Post your answers in the comments.


* Pom = Actually POHM which stands for Prisoner of His/Her Majesty and harks back to Australia’s beginnings as a British penal colony.

* Strine = Say “Australian” quickly as a single syllable with your back teeth lightly clenched together… you don’t want to let the flies get in.

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Friday Funny: Can you understand Strayan?

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BlackBox – The First Dexterity Game

David Meego - Click for blog homepageIt has been many years since my BlackBox game got a mention and so I thought it was time to bring it up again.

I first wrote the game BlackBox for Dexterity in 1999 while I operated as Winthrop Dexterity Consultants. The game is based the original board game by Eric Solomon and was created with his kind permission.

The concept of the game is to find the location of a number of atoms hidden in a 8 by 8 grid.  Your only method of looking for the atoms is to “fire” beams into the grid from the edges of the grid and see if the beams are absorbed, reflected or deflected.

During my childhood, this was one of my favourite games and I had already written versions for the Apple //e, the Commodore Amiga, and the Sharp PC-E500 pocket computer. So, I thought why not create one using Dexterity.

Here is a screenshot of the game:

BlackBox1Screenshot of the BlackBox main game screen

When I first created the code it was hidden as an “Easter Egg” in products I was selling at the time. When I sold Omni Security and Omni Field Security to Great Plains (Microsoft) as Advanced Security and Field Level Security, I had to remove the BlackBox game from the code.

Later when I first developed the MBS Support Debugging Tool, it contained the BlackBox game. But it had to be removed when I finally got permission to release build 9 publically as the Support Debugging Tool.

While I was at Microsoft, I was not allowed to add the game to anything I developed, so it was released as a separate BlackBox product and for the last many years it has been available as a free download on the Winthrop Dexterity Consultants Downloads Page and Products Page.

So, if you want to try the game out, head over to the Winthrop Dexterity Consultants Products Page and download the file. It works with all versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Once the chunk is installed, you will find the BlackBox menu option on the Tools >> Customize menu. If you add it to Shortcuts or Quick Links, it can be played on the Web Client as well.

For more information, here are some related links:

Please add your comments to say what you think of the game.



PS: Its Dexterity Product ID is 900, so that should give you an idea or how old it is. New Product IDs are in the high 7000’s.

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BlackBox – The First Dexterity Game

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Visual Studio Integration Toolkit replaces Menus for Visual Studio Tools

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGreat news for Visual Studio developers.

Winthrop Development Consultants are pleased to announce the release of the Visual Studio Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics GP (VSIT).

The Visual Studio Integration Toolkit replaces Menus for Visual Studio Tools and is now available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (including GP 2013 R2) and also for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

The new name is to reflect the change of ownership as well as the future of the tool where its functionality will be extended to provide access to other “Dexterity only” integration features and not just the current menu navigation.

However, to maintain compatibility with existing installations and projects, the file and object names have not been changed.

The new product releases replace the existing code for GP 2010 and GP 2013 as well as adding the long awaited version for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

Note: The original code for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 is also available, if needed.

Thank you for your patience as the agreement with Microsoft was reached and then the updated code and documentation was developed.

Important: When installing the new code on a system which already has the existing code, you will be asked to restart Microsoft Dynamics GP to complete the renaming of the product. You will also need to remove and re-add your reference to the Application.MenusForVisualStudioTools.dll assembly in your Visual Studio projects.

For more information please see the Visual Studio Integration Toolkit Portal page:

More information on the additional functionality being added to the registered version will be posted on this blog, so watch this space.

Please post comments and feedback.


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Excerpt from:
Visual Studio Integration Toolkit replaces Menus for Visual Studio Tools

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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Day 4

David Meego - Click for blog homepageConvergence2015

The last day of Convergence 2015 had arrived.

Today, we actually arrived at the conference center early enough to grab some breakfast in the Meals Hall before heading over to the Philips Arena for the Closing Keynote presentation.

The introduction to the keynote contained information on the upcoming conferences, including Microsoft Convergence EMEA in Barcelona, Spain and next year’s Convergence in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.


Also mentioned were the Dynamics User Group Summits being held in Reno, Nevada, USA.


Then it was time for the keynote speaker, David Finn who is the Associate General Counsel and Executive Director, Microsoft Cybercrime Center.


David discussed the work of the Digital Crimes Unit at Microsoft and how they are using “big data” and visualization techniques to fight cybercrime.

David Finn from Microsoft’s Cybercrime team

By analysing the various botnet viruses and Trojans, Microsoft is able to apply to legally have the call back pings for instructions from the botnets diverted to Microsoft servers. This allows the botnets to be rendered harmless while also capturing data on the location and volume of the infections. This information can be visualized to show global infections of each virus.


David also discussed how Microsoft developed PhotoDNA technology which can be used to fight child pornography and can still identify illegal images even if they have been modified. This service is being used by many of the giants of the IT world.


For more information on the topics covered in the Closing Keynote, the best method would be to watch it yourself online via the Convergence Video Library.

Use the link below to go directly to the session video:

You can also view similar information on the following web article:

After the keynote, I was able to get back to the Expo for a while and complete the section of the floor that I had not got around to in my previous visits.

Then it was time to attend the one and only session that I went to that was not being presented by myself or Mariano…..

  • CSG003-R2 Microsoft Dynamics GP: New 50 tips in 50 minutes

Mark Polino has the formula for these sessions just right, he rattles through 50 cool tips with just enough information to get you interested enough to jot down the tip number before he is on to the next tip. All the actual detail about the tips can be found on his website: (go to Free Stuff >> Presentations).

After sitting down the front and heckling Mark, it was time to sit down at the front and heckle Mariano in the final session of the Convergence 2015 conference. This was repeat of the CS15G002-R2: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Upgrading and deploying session. Mariano still managed to pull a good crowd and keep them awake. The last timeslot in a 4 day (4.5 day, if you count PreGame) conference is always hard as everyone is tired and overloaded with information by that time.

And then it was all over, except for the most important part of any conference that I go to….

It was time for Tim Tam slams at the Omni Hotel’s Lobby Bar. Mariano had sent out a tweet to the usual suspects and we also had a few new suckers people join us for some chocolaty fun.

For the uninitiated: The Arnott’s Tim Tam (original) is a chocolate coated, chocolate cream filled, rectangular chocolate biscuit/cookie. If you nibble the chocolate from each end and then use it like a straw with a hot drink (hot chocolate or coffee), you can suck hard and then as soon as the liquid reaches your mouth throw back the entire biscuit into your mouth. Where it will dissolve, melt and disintegrate into an amazing chocolate “orgasm” in your mouth. This is known as the Tim Tam Slam.

Check out some videos below of your favourite GPUG team:

Andy Hafer doing the Tim Tam Slam at Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta (direct link)


Kim Peterson doing the Tim Tam Slam at Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta (direct link)


Bob McAdam doing the Tim Tam Slam at Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta (direct link)


For a full playlist of videos click: Tim Tam slams from Convergence 2015 Atlanta


Note: Can you hear Emily Roen in the background? She wimped out at having a go at doing a Tim Tam Slam but was happy to watch others try.

After we ran out of Tim Tams, John, Mariano, Belinda and I walked through the CNN Center Mall on our way to Dantanna’s. We walked past the Cartoon Network shop and I got a photo with my intoxicated friend Rick from the show Rick and Morty.

Rick and David

We had a lovely farewell dinner at Dantanna’s. The steaks were excellent. I heard from John that the salad was good, even though I am not sure how he can tell.

John, Would you like some salad with your Thousand Island dressing?

As we were leaving the restaurant, the Njevity team arrived and so I got a chance to say one last good bye to Chris and Emily.

Chris Dobkins, Mariano Gomez, Emily Roen, David Musgrave

That’s it. Convergence 2015 Atlanta was now officially over.


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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Day 4

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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Day 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageConvergence2015

I was exhausted already and it was only Day 2 of the Convergence 2015 conference.

As there were no sessions Mariano and I planned to attend first thing in the morning, we started the day a bit later. The downside is that the morning traffic had built up by the time we left and so it took a bit longer to get into Downtown Atlanta.

Once we got to the Georgia World Congress Center, we went to the Speaker Workroom to make final preparations for customisation session later in the day. Not very exciting, but it did help make the session better for those who attended.

At the CSG024-R1: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Customizing the user interface session as Mariano and I were getting our machines setup and the audio guy was wiring the microphones for us, I noticed someone in the audience with writing on their shirt that looked like it had my name on it.

I had to stop and investigate further. It turned out that Steven Vallarian, knowing that I was negotiating with Microsoft for the rights to the Support Debugging Tool, Menus for Visual Studio Tools and SnapShot, had got a number of t-shirts made up with the wording “Free David Musgrave’s Code”.

David Musgrave and Steven Vallarian with the Free David Musgrave’s Code shirts

Thanks to Steven, a few lucky people have one of these rare shirts. While I loved the thought that went into the shirts, the negotiations with Microsoft had already been successful by the time Convergence started. This meant that Beat Bucher’s #FreeCode hash tag, did not really trend on Twitter. However, it did provide everyone with a laugh. Thanks Steven for the shirts and for putting a smile on many faces.

After that the session went very well, with brief explanations of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the options for customizing the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 user interface. We covered Modifier & Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Studio Tools (VST), Modifier with VST instead of VBA and Dexterity. We had demos of each tool in action, but due to time constraints, only discussed the code at the conceptual level. The source code for these demos will be posted soon on this blog and Mariano’s blog.

The message for this part of the session was that there are many options available to you and you can mix and match the tools to find the best solution for your customization.

We also surprised people by including a couple of demos for the new Service Based Architecture functionality added to Dexterity for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. We showed posting a batch via a web service call and pulling data into a Project Sienna application.

The message here is that you no longer have just limit yourself to customizing the user interface, but you can now extend the user interface into other environments and devices using REST based web services.

Thank-you to everyone who came to the session, especially those who answered questions or came up afterwards to ask questions or say hello. Hope you enjoyed the Tim Tams.

After the session, I had a meeting to go to, but wanted to see if I could find Pam Misialek. Pam was my contact at Microsoft for the software code negotiations and I had to give her one of Steven’s t-shirts. While looking for her, I found Chad Sogge, who had always been supportive of giving me the code for the products I developed. I thought it appropriate for him to have a shirt as well.

Chad Sogge showing his support. Thanks Chad

Chad told me that Pam was in a particular room, so stuck my head in the room to see if she was free…. Only to be spotted and called to the front of the room by Mark Polino, just before they started the popular DDG101: Excel, Excel, Excel. An Excel Shootout session. I had time to wave to everyone, give Pam the t-shirt (without an explanation, which confused her as the code was already “free”) and make a quick exit.

After my meeting, I went back to the Expo and continued visiting the various exhibitors. Sadly, I ran out of time and the Expo closed after I had only been there a little while.

I caught up with Mariano and we headed back to the Omni Hotel Lobby bar to relax and chat with other attendees and presenters. While there I caught up with the eOne Solutions team who are always ready to have their photo taken.

eOne crew
eOne Solutions team, including my ex-Microsoftie pal Patrick “Superman” Roth

After a few drinks, Mariano and I sat down at the Omni Hotel’s Prime Meridian restaurant (just next to the lobby bar) to have some dinner before the Rock-n-Rave party. Just after we sat down, Cindy and Tanya (who were at our customisation session) came in and were going to sit at another table. As much as I enjoy Mariano’s company, dinner would be much more interesting with additional people, so I asked them to join us. They are much prettier than Mariano anyway.

Dinner: Mariano Gomez, Cindy Reeves, Tanya Markwith and David Musgrave

After dinner we headed over to the Rock-n-Rave party which had a zombie theme to it this year. Thanks to the sponsors of the party:

John Lowther and Mike McDowell: One is ugly and the other is a zombie

Rock-n-Rave party at Georgia Railroad Freight Depot

Zombies don’t scare me … much

Craig Klapman and Ora Goldman scare Ora’s daughter

Mariano and I did not stay too late as we needed to be awake for the repeat of our customization session the next day.


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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Day 2

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