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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Day 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageConvergence2015

I was exhausted already and it was only Day 2 of the Convergence 2015 conference.

As there were no sessions Mariano and I planned to attend first thing in the morning, we started the day a bit later. The downside is that the morning traffic had built up by the time we left and so it took a bit longer to get into Downtown Atlanta.

Once we got to the Georgia World Congress Center, we went to the Speaker Workroom to make final preparations for customisation session later in the day. Not very exciting, but it did help make the session better for those who attended.

At the CSG024-R1: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Customizing the user interface session as Mariano and I were getting our machines setup and the audio guy was wiring the microphones for us, I noticed someone in the audience with writing on their shirt that looked like it had my name on it.

I had to stop and investigate further. It turned out that Steven Vallarian, knowing that I was negotiating with Microsoft for the rights to the Support Debugging Tool, Menus for Visual Studio Tools and SnapShot, had got a number of t-shirts made up with the wording “Free David Musgrave’s Code”.

David Musgrave and Steven Vallarian with the Free David Musgrave’s Code shirts

Thanks to Steven, a few lucky people have one of these rare shirts. While I loved the thought that went into the shirts, the negotiations with Microsoft had already been successful by the time Convergence started. This meant that Beat Bucher’s #FreeCode hash tag, did not really trend on Twitter. However, it did provide everyone with a laugh. Thanks Steven for the shirts and for putting a smile on many faces.

After that the session went very well, with brief explanations of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the options for customizing the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 user interface. We covered Modifier & Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Visual Studio Tools (VST), Modifier with VST instead of VBA and Dexterity. We had demos of each tool in action, but due to time constraints, only discussed the code at the conceptual level. The source code for these demos will be posted soon on this blog and Mariano’s blog.

The message for this part of the session was that there are many options available to you and you can mix and match the tools to find the best solution for your customization.

We also surprised people by including a couple of demos for the new Service Based Architecture functionality added to Dexterity for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. We showed posting a batch via a web service call and pulling data into a Project Sienna application.

The message here is that you no longer have just limit yourself to customizing the user interface, but you can now extend the user interface into other environments and devices using REST based web services.

Thank-you to everyone who came to the session, especially those who answered questions or came up afterwards to ask questions or say hello. Hope you enjoyed the Tim Tams.

After the session, I had a meeting to go to, but wanted to see if I could find Pam Misialek. Pam was my contact at Microsoft for the software code negotiations and I had to give her one of Steven’s t-shirts. While looking for her, I found Chad Sogge, who had always been supportive of giving me the code for the products I developed. I thought it appropriate for him to have a shirt as well.

Chad Sogge showing his support. Thanks Chad

Chad told me that Pam was in a particular room, so stuck my head in the room to see if she was free…. Only to be spotted and called to the front of the room by Mark Polino, just before they started the popular DDG101: Excel, Excel, Excel. An Excel Shootout session. I had time to wave to everyone, give Pam the t-shirt (without an explanation, which confused her as the code was already “free”) and make a quick exit.

After my meeting, I went back to the Expo and continued visiting the various exhibitors. Sadly, I ran out of time and the Expo closed after I had only been there a little while.

I caught up with Mariano and we headed back to the Omni Hotel Lobby bar to relax and chat with other attendees and presenters. While there I caught up with the eOne Solutions team who are always ready to have their photo taken.

eOne crew
eOne Solutions team, including my ex-Microsoftie pal Patrick “Superman” Roth

After a few drinks, Mariano and I sat down at the Omni Hotel’s Prime Meridian restaurant (just next to the lobby bar) to have some dinner before the Rock-n-Rave party. Just after we sat down, Cindy and Tanya (who were at our customisation session) came in and were going to sit at another table. As much as I enjoy Mariano’s company, dinner would be much more interesting with additional people, so I asked them to join us. They are much prettier than Mariano anyway.

Dinner: Mariano Gomez, Cindy Reeves, Tanya Markwith and David Musgrave

After dinner we headed over to the Rock-n-Rave party which had a zombie theme to it this year. Thanks to the sponsors of the party:

John Lowther and Mike McDowell: One is ugly and the other is a zombie

Rock-n-Rave party at Georgia Railroad Freight Depot

Zombies don’t scare me … much

Craig Klapman and Ora Goldman scare Ora’s daughter

Mariano and I did not stay too late as we needed to be awake for the repeat of our customization session the next day.


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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Day 2

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Microsoft Convergence Atlanta 2015 (#CONV15) – Day 1

Keynote and General Session

I know, it’s been over a week since Microsoft Convergence 2015 closed its doors, however, I did not want the time to go by without reliving some of the things I personally experienced throughout the event. With early mornings and late evenings it became impossible to write blog posts as things were happening, considering my own involvement with quite a few of the activities and presentations at Convergence.

Day 1 started out with David and I rushing through Atlanta’s traffic to get to the Georgia World Congress Center. From there we would head over to the Phillips Arena for the Opening Keynote Speech. We got there at the tail end of the presentation of Dance 411. The Dance 411 Foundation’s mission is to foster the well-being of urban youth and young adults through self-expression. They provide a quality education and exposure to the discipline of dance, drama and music. Judson Althoff, President Microsoft North America was in the middle of interviewing JJ Crampton and Sindy Scheider, both directors of the Foundation and requesting everyone filled out the Convergence event evals, for which Microsoft would make a donation to the Foundation.

Dance 411

Once the dance group completed their presentation, Althoff was once on stage to talk about the Atlanta Youth Project and Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture and the volunteering work done in conjunction with the Convergence attendees who signed up for community outreach, now a staple of these events. The community outreach video was accompanied by an original song by The Groove Merchants.

Upon the conclusion of the community outreach video, Althoff was back on stage to describe the upcoming days at Convergence and some of the guest speakers that attendees would have a chance to experience. He also alluded to the fact that the event itself, Convergence, is also evolving and changing, just like the businesses present at the event. He also noted that Convergence used to be a Dynamics only event. Microsoft has expanded the event and evolved it to actually incorporate all of its innovations. Convergence has become the Premier Business Event.

Without further due, Satya Nadella was on stage to talk about how Microsoft is empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, via the “systems on intelligence”.

Satya Nadella on Microsoft’s Vision

The systems of intelligence interact with the systems of record to make sense of the data collected. Microsoft is focusing on the automation of the systems of intelligence, with the richness of its cloud infrastructure. To further talk about how other industries are taking advantage of the technologies that drive the systems of intelligence, Satya welcomed Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson.

Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson

Russell described how he uses OneNote to track all his activities on and off the field and how the National Football League (NFL) leverages Microsoft Surface during the games to analyze team formations, plays, and players in near real time – Microsoft is a sponsor of the NFL.

The rest of the presentation focused around the use of other technologies such as Yammer within Microsoft itself. Also there was a cool case study on how AccuWeather is leveraging Microsoft Azure to deliver custom and personalized weather to both consumers and businesses.


After the case studies, it was time for Mark, Belinda, and I to head over to the GWCC to wire up for the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Session, to be held at the Sydney Marcus Auditorium. Upon arrival, I went back stage to check in and had a chance to capture this picture with the engineering team at work.

Video and Audio Engineering Room

This year, the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Session featured a number of info-bites showing what each of the presenters were doing at different stages during the 90’s and various terminologies born from that time.

Little bits of information before session

This year’s Dynamics GP General Session would focus on product strategy and roadmap, and as customary, it began with with Errol Schoenfish welcoming all attendees and discussing the Microsoft Cloud for Business strategy, which features Office 365, Azure, and the business applications, including Microsoft Dynamics GP. Errol went on to demo a Time Management app (#IfErrolCanDoIt) showing how it would work on various device platforms.

Then came the highlight of the event (ehem!): The MVP Duel featuring Mark Polino and I, with a special guest, Belinda Allen. Our presentation, showcasing a number of new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, went very smooth and features were well received by the audience.

The MVP Duel – From left to right: MVPs Mark Polino, Belinda Allen, and Mariano Gomez

Up next was the customer story featuring Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL), a non-profit dedicated to make solar energy available to low income families.

Next up was Jennifer Ranz to demo a day in the life of a RREAL employee. Jenn showed the dashboards released for Office 365 and PowerBI. Jason Edens from RREAL came on stage to talk about how their company is leveraging Microsoft Dynamics GP to run their business.

The session went on with other demos and a glimpse into the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP. First up was Jeff Trosen to talk about the evolution of the Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap. Chad Sogge came up next to talk about the new HTML 5 interface and provide a demo of how this new web client technology will allow for a better user experience across browsers and devices.

Errol Schoenfish and Chad Sogge on the Future of Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client

I had to finally get a shot of the audience.

Microsoft Dynamics GP General Session Attendance

Well, in my next post, I will talk about the sessions we delivered throughout the rest of the event.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC

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Microsoft Convergence Atlanta 2015 (#CONV15) – Day 1

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Downloads for the Support Debugging Tool

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAs you should have heard by now, Winthrop Development Consultants has an agreement with Microsoft to continue the development and support of the Support Debugging Tool.

It will be re-released once it has been rebranded, renamed and updated.

However, Microsoft has removed the downloads for the Support Debugging Tool from PartnerSource and so even previous releases cannot be downloaded.

I have updated the Winthrop Development Consultant’s web site Product page to provide access to the downloads for the previous versions.

Please note that the new Winthrop branded product will be available for the last three versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP; GP 2010, GP 2013 (including GP 2013 R2) and for GP 2015. It will have improvements and new features and will definitely be worth updating to once released.

Get the previous versions from


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Downloads for the Support Debugging Tool

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How to enable the Projection button in the Depreciation Projection window for Fixed Assets

Hi Guys..
Found a very important KB article on enabling Fixed Asset projections button in the Depreciation Projection window..
Check it out..

To make the Projection button available in the Depreciation Projection window for Fixed Assets, follow these step.

Note  The following steps require you to run delete scripts by using the Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer tool. We recommend that you create a backup of your data before you follow these steps.

  1. Make sure that all users exit Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  2. Use one of the following methods to start the Support Administrator Console, Microsoft SQL Query Analyzer, or SQL Server Management Studio depending on the program that you use:
    • Method 1: SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE2000)

      Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft Administrator Console, and then click Support Administrator Console.

    • Method 2: SQL Server 2000

      Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server, and then click Query Analyzer.

    • Method 3: SQL Server 2005

      Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and then click SQL Server Management Studio.

    • Method 4: SQL Server 2008Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and then click SQL Server Management Studio.
    • Method 5: SQL Server 2008 R2
      Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and then click SQL Server Management Studio.
    • Method 6: SQL Server 2012
      Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2012, and then click SQL Server Management Studio.
  3. Run the following commands against the Company database:

    DELETE FA40203
    DELETE FA41900


    • FA40203 is the Fixed Assets Depreciation Book Setup table (used for tracking projections and depreciation).
    • FA41900 is the Projection Report Master table.
  4. Start Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  5. Verify that the Projection button is available. To do this, follow one of these steps, depending on the program that you are running:
    • For Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and later versions:

      On the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu, point to Tools, point to Routines, point to Fixed Assets, click Projection, and then verify that the Projection button is available.

    • For Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 and Microsoft Business Solutions – Great Plains 8.0:

      On the Tools menu, point to Routines, point to Fixed Assets, click Projection, and then verify that the Projection button is available.

Applies to
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
  • Microsoft Business Solutions–Great Plains 8.0, when used with:
    • Fixed Asset Management

Follow this link:
How to enable the Projection button in the Depreciation Projection window for Fixed Assets

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Slow Opening Windows In Microsoft Dynamics GP | azurecurve

I recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP for a client who is a UK subsidiary of an American company. … Your changes in the AutoComplete Setup window won’t take effect until the next time you log into the company. … Grieve’s View Ian Grieve’s profile on LinkedIn View azurecurve’s Feed on Twitter MVP Profile View azurecurve’s facebook page View azurecurve’s Google+ View azurecurve’s Summary RSS Feed View azurecurve’s Detailed RSS Feed …

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Slow Opening Windows In Microsoft Dynamics GP | azurecurve

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Free Windows 10, IoT and Azure Technet event by Microsoft in Sydney

Microsoft is running Technet Update at Australian Ballroom and Exhibition Room 14 Carrington Street, Sydney on the 16th of April, 2015. Register for this event here, should be worth your time.



9:00am – 10:00am

Keynote – Getting to the value of the Internet of Things

Lee Hickin – IoT Commercial Lead, Microsoft Australia 

The Internet of Everything has become a catch-all phrase to describe adding connectivity and intelligence to just about every device in order to give them special functions, from tiny devices that might travel in our bloodstream to fully automated large scale mining operations. Billions of sensors will be shipped each year and the possibilities are endless. But what should be connected? and Why? Come along to this session and hear why businesses should care about the internet of things…….and learn where the real value lies. Microsoft will lay out its vision for how businesses can best take advantage of this growing trend and how it’s cloud and Windows technologies will offer a complete end to end solution

10:00am – 10:30am


Stream 1 – Windows 10

Stream 2 – Microsoft Cloud OS

10:30am – 11:30am

Windows 10 – What does the new OS mean for Enterprises?

Foundation for the Software Defined Datacenter

11:40am – 12:40pm

Windows 10 Security – What’s new?

Extending Enterprise Networks to Azure using ExpressRoute

12:40pm – 1:30pm


1:30pm – 2:30pm

Windows 10 – Deployment

Windows Azure Pack Overview

2:40pm – 3:40pm

Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: What’s Next?

Getting started with Microsoft Azure IaaS

3:40pm – 4:00pm

Break  (Close and Prize Draw)

4:00pm – 5:00pm

Networking drinks

See the article here:
Free Windows 10, IoT and Azure Technet event by Microsoft in Sydney

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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Getting There

David Meego - Click for blog homepageConvergence2015

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

My journey to get to Convergence 2015 was relatively uneventful (which is good), but long (which is expected).

I booked my flight with Delta as their base hub is Atlanta. My itinerary showed that I would be able to complete the journey to Atlanta with two flights: Perth to Sydney and Sydney to Atlanta. This sounded great as I normally have to take three or four flights to get to my destinations in the USA.

I left home at 9:00pm on Thursday 12th March after a long day out. My wife and I had met a couple while on a cruise holiday back in June 2014. They mentioned that they would be boarding another cruise holiday from Perth in March 2015, so we offered to show them around Perth for a day before they boarded the ship. I had packed my bags on Wednesday night and spent the day visiting Sculptures by the Sea at Cottesloe Beach, a few wineries in the Swan Valley area (I was driving as I don’t drink) and the Botanic Gardens at Kings Park. We got home at 8:00pm, just enough time to eat and get changed.

Below are a couple of my favourites from Sculptures by the Sea (love the Roo getting revenge):



Anyhow, after arriving at Perth airport at about 9:30pm, I was able to get checked in and drop off the baggage fairly quickly and so had time to relax before the flights started. While waiting at the gate, I met Michael Marosa who used to work as partner in the Dynamics GP world for many years. He now works more with Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV, but we will forgive him.

My first flight was a “Midnight Horror” (aka “Red Eye Special”) leaving Perth at 11:30pm and flying through the night arriving at Sydney at 7:00pm after 4.5 hours flying.

This left me with 5 hours to kill in Sydney before boarding the Delta flight to Atlanta. I found a place where there was seating and a power point and charged up my Lumia phone, Zune (yes, I like my 64GB Zune HD. Listening to music on a separate device is better than arriving at your destination with a phone that has no charge) and my noise cancelling headphones.


Then it was 12:15pm, time to board my direct flight to Atlanta…. Only to have my boarding pass replaced at the gate with a flight to Los Angeles and then a flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta (with the same flight number). While it was a single flight it was not non-stop as I had believed. Oh well, two flights was too good to be true.

The international flight arrived a little late into Los Angeles at about 8:00am and had a very tight connection to the ongoing domestic flight to Atlanta. The next flight was already starting to board as I was going through passport control and customs. I managed to get to the flight in record time, it was one of the quickest transitions from international to domestic that I have ever done in the USA. I have missed flights before because it usually takes a couple of hours.

The final leg left Los Angeles at 9:00am and arrived at Atlanta at 5:00pm local time. As I walked to baggage claim (I know there is a train, but it was full and I needed a walk), I came across a display of sculptures from Zimbabwe.


After collecting my baggage, Mariano arrived to pick me up and take me to his place. He has kindly offered for me to stay with him while in Atlanta. In fact I would be in trouble if I didn’t stay with him.


So the journey finished at about 6:00pm Atlanta time when we got home. Atlanta is currently exactly 12 hours reversed from Perth. My trip door to door started at 9:00pm Thursday night (Perth Time) and arrived at 6:00am Saturday (Perth Time), this gives a total travel time of 33 hours.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.


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#CONV15 – Convergence 2015 Atlanta – Getting There

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