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Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 … – azurecurve

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Hands On With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 … – azurecurve

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It's Finally Here – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2! – Tidestone …

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It's Finally Here – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2! – Tidestone …

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Friday Funny: Best Marriage Proposal

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThere have been some amazing marriage proposals posted via social media and YouTube over the last few years, but this has got to be one of the coolest one yet.

Maybe that’s just because it is from an Australian guy ….

Watch below to see Liam Cooper’s proposal to his long time girlfriend, Amy Smith:

Aussie guy proposes to girlfriend in packed cinema. Best wedding proposal EVER! (Direct link)


Here is the full music video created for the proposal:

Rude by Magic! (Cover & Music Video for Wedding Proposal!) (Direct link)


Here are some other movie trailer proposals (in no particular order):



PS: Now, go get a tissue and dry your eyes now.

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Friday Funny: Best Marriage Proposal

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Microsoft Dynamics Bite Sized Webcasts – June 2015

This article contains the list of Microsoft Dynamics Bite Sized webinars which we have scheduled EXCLUSIVELY for partners for June 2015, so that partners can benefit from these workshops. If you are a partner of Microsoft, please feel free to register for these sessions and improve your readiness on Microsoft Dynamics products.  Customers can reach out to their partner for this information.  The details of these sessions are provided below. All times mentioned below are in Central Time Zone

Microsoft Dynamics Bite Sized Webcasts – June 2015

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Inventory Cycle Count

Stock count requirements:
Before you set up and use stock counts, you should be aware of the requirements and restrictions. Item types Only Sales Inventory or Discontinued items can be assigned to a stock count. “Freeze” inventory when starting a stock count It’s a good business practice to restrict access to the inventoried items that are being counted during a stock count.
     Create Stock Count Schedule

Goto –> Dynamics GP–>Inventory–>Stock Count Schedule

Stock Count Schedule 

When you’re ready to begin work on a stock count at a specific site, create a stock count schedule-  specify which item-site combinations are to be included in this stock count. (If you’re using multiple bins, you specify which item-site-bin combinations are included.) You can save the stock count schedule or you can choose to start it. You also can reuse stock counts.
To create a reusable stock schedule, mark the Reuse option.
If you need to add many items in your stock count click on “Mass Add” button.  
Stock Count Mass Add

You have many option to add Mass Items base on Range you have selected. Like Item Number or Class or by Site ID.
Once Item Range is selected then click on Add Button
In my example I have selected one Item: SUGAR.

Stock Count Schedule with Item

When you’ve finished, choose Save and close the window. Need to call back Stock Count ID again to start Stock Count.
Starting a stock count schedule
Use the Stock Count Schedule window to start a stock count. If the stock count can be started—if there are no exceptions—the status of the count will be changed to Started, stock count forms will be printed and information about the on-hand quantity of each item-site combination will be captured.
Choose Start Count.
When you start a stock count schedule, the quantity on hand for each line in the stock count schedule is captured. Later, the actual count number quantities will be compared to the captured values to create default variance transactions. 
The report destination window for the Stock Count Exceptions report appears. Choose the destination for the Stock Count Exceptions report.

Stock Count Schedule

Please select Print on Hand Quantities and Print Item Lot or Serial Number if you need to count by Tracking Option then Click on OK.

Below report will print if there is no exceptions.

Stock Count Form

Use this report to do your physical stock count.
Open Stock Count Entry
Got–> Dynamics GP–>Transaction>>Inventory–>Stock Count Entry

Stock Count Entry

Select Your Stock Count ID
It will display all items. If Item is Lot/Serial –> Click on Serial/Lot button and can enter count quantity.

Stock Lot Count Entry Screen

Click Okay to go main screen- Stock Count Entry.
On Stock Count Entry screen:
1)      Distribution- It will show each Items GL Distributions.
2)      Serial/Lot- Enter Inventory count by Lot or Serial as explained above.
3)      Unposted Transaction Button- To display if there is unposted transaction are   
         considered in stock count or not for specific item.
4)      Trx History- It display total historical transactions for specific item
Once you have enter Count system will enter Variance for you.  
e.g. Stock Count Lot Number Entry screen.

Stock Count Lot Entry Screen

Click Okay to goto Main screen.

If you’re using autoposting options for stock count variances,variance transactions will be posted and reports will be printed when you process a stock count. If you’re not using autoposting, variance transactions are saved in a batch; you’ll need to post the batch.

Once you are satisfied with result click “Process” button.
System will prompt for following Reports:

1)  Exception Report

Effects of processing a stock count
When you process a stock count, several things happen:
  • Variance transactions are created. If the Autopost Stock Count Variances option is marked, the transactions also will be posted.
Cost information for variance transactions will be based on the cost of the items at the time of the stock count. Cost information is based on the item’s cost trends, so variance transactions might not match the true cost of the items. 
  • New Next Stock Count Dates are calculated for the items in the stock count schedule. 
  • History information about the results of the stock count is stored. History is kept to be the basis of the Accuracy Comparison report, which helps you monitor the accuracy of your stock counts over time.
  • If the stock count wasn’t marked to be reused, it’s deleted. If it was marked to be reused, the stock count results are cleared and the status of the count is set to Available.
  • The exceptions report for processing a stock count is printed. The report lists the problems, if any, that prevent the stock count information from being processed. Even if a stock count is successfully processed, the exceptions report is printed. If the stock count had no variance transactions that is noted in the exception report; otherwise, the report lists the batch number and variance transaction numbers used.
Goto –>Inquiry–>Inventory–>Inventory Transaction.

Inventory Adjustment

Until Next Post.. !!!!

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Inventory Cycle Count

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GP 2015 R2 Upgrade Issues & Possible Solutions

There is a GP community forum question that discuss about GP 2015 R2 upgrade errors. As always, contributors have poured in their thoughts and possible solutions to fix these issues.

Read the question here: GP 2015 R2 errors during update & Fixes

I recommend this post to everyone who are planning to upgrade to GP2015 R2 soon. This may save a lot of time.

Thank you GP community for being selfless, informative and helpful.


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GP 2015 R2 Upgrade Issues & Possible Solutions

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 now available

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThanks to a GPUG forum post from Lou Spevack, I found out that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 has been released over the weekend.

The development team are delivering on the faster release schedule promised at the recent conferences.

The links for the downloads are below:

For the DVD image go to the following page:

For the Patch file go to the following page:

I have also created a new page on the blog with the links for all current versions:



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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2 now available

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