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You may receive an error in Business Portal Server Error in Application Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object

| 04/10/2012 | 0 Comments

You may receive the following error in Business Portal if you are on .Net version 4.0 in varying places if you have met maximum limits. Server Error in ‘/’ Application Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object Stack Trace: System.web.httpvalueCollection.throwifMaxHttpCollectionKeysExceeded In December 2011, Microsoft released a security update for ASP.NET.  In the update, Microsoft introduced a limit to the number of data elements on an ASP.NET form.  The default limit is 1000 data elements.  Exceeding the limit will cause a throwifMaxHttpCollectionKeysExceeded type error message. After applying the patch, forms that exceed the limit will generate an error similar to what I have above.

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The payroll 941 form for 2012 has released!

| 04/03/2012 | 0 Comments

We have released the Payroll 941 form changes for 2012.  There are no calculation changes, only form layout changes. If you do not print our actual form and line it up with a form in the printer, you should be fine by not installing this update

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Unhandled object exception error when you reconcile to General Ledger in a translated language

| 02/28/2012 | 0 Comments

We sometimes have issues between translated Microsoft Dynamics GP and what language of Microsoft Office Products you as a customer can use.

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Get Connected with Connect in Microsoft Dynamics GP!

| 01/19/2012 | 0 Comments

Did you know that you can get connected to the latest information from right within Microsoft Dynamics GP?  Check out the Connect area of the home page!!  The Connect area displays a series of slides that allow you to view the most up-to-date information pertaining to the areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP that you work with every day!  You can read the most recent Microsoft Dynamics GP Forum posts and the most up-to-date Microsoft Dynamics GP Community blogs.  You can check out the latest CustomerSource News and most importantly review the upcoming payroll compliance updates, service pack and hotfix releases and much more!! Connect is available to all users on the home page. CustomerSource access is based on your Business Ready Enhancement Plan. Click Home in the Navigation Pane and check out the Connect area today!  If you do not see the Connect area on your home page, perform the following steps: 1. In the upper right-hand corner of your home page, click Customize this page.

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Using Management Reporter to connect a demo company in Dynamics GP

| 10/14/2011 | 0 Comments

The Management Reporter team has put together a really useful video on connecting Management Reporter to the demo company in GP.  The following link will take you to the video: http://community.dynamics.com/product/gp/gpnontechnical/b/gpvideos/archive/2011/10/03/using-management-reporter-to-connect-a-demo-company-in-dynamics-gp.aspx  Did you know that there is a large collection of videos in the Dynamics Communities site? Even if you have been to the site before please check it out again, there is a lot of great video content! http://community.dynamics.com/product/gp/gpnontechnical/b/gpvideos/default.aspx     Terry Blaser  |  Premier Field Engineer  |  Microsoft Services

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Helpful Hints for Logos in Word Templates for Dynamics GP 2010

| 05/03/2011 | 0 Comments

My experience with Word Templates and logos has brought me to the conclusion that the process to add good quality Logos is not Black and White. I have worked with many logs over the past months and would like to offer some tips that I have found useful.

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