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SmartList Builder Partner Webinar Announcement

In light of SmartList Builder returning back to eOne on January 1st, 2014, we will be hosting a free partner webinar discussing the changes partners need to know. This webinar will be held every Friday of 2013 at 10 am CST in order to give our partners a chance to bring up any questions they’ve been brewing up since the transition was announced. We want you to have all the information needed for this to be the smoothest transition possible. Some of the questions we will address:

·         Why the transition?

·         What is SmartList Builder?

·         How will new sales/renewals be handled?

·         What’s the price of SLB?

·         Any promotions?

We will also be ending it with a Q and A so that you can be sure to get all of your questions answered! Again, these sessions are exclusive events for partners only – so don’t miss out!
If you’d like to attend, please register on our Events page, or simply email and we will pass a WebEx invitation your way.

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SmartList Builder Partner Webinar Announcement

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for NAV- Step by Step Guide to Installation & Configuration

This blog post gives step by step procedures to integrate Dynamics CRM 2011/CRM online with NAV 2013. Note: Download the connector setup and installation guide from links mentioned in the last section

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for NAV- Step by Step Guide to Installation & Configuration

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Management Reporter 2012 Cumulative Update 7 Released!!

It’s time for a new Management Reporter release and we have some interesting functionalities in store in this new release. This release, which has been posted for download, includes the ability to drill back to Dynamics from the Management Reporter…( read more )

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Management Reporter 2012 Cumulative Update 7 Released!!

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Join eOne at the GPUG Summit in Tampa

We are only a few days away from heading on down to Tampa for the GPUG and CRMUG Summits. The question is: WILL YOU BE THERE? If your answer was yes – that’s awesome! We are looking forward to connecting with you! We’d love to have you attend our sessions:

1. Extender Training: Join Nicole all day on Monday, October 21st for Extender training and become an expert. Email for details.

2. What are the Builders?: Confused by which builder is which? Learn what they are and when to use them! Wed, October 23rd at 10 am.

3. Excel Report Builder – Your Miracle Tool: We use ERB every single day in our business for our sales reporting. Find out how ERB can be the best reporting tool for you out there. Wed, October 23rd at 2 pm & Friday, October 25th at 11 am

4. Making GP Your Super ERP: This is session will be unlike any you’ve heard from us before. We will tell you how we make GP our internal Super ERP and share how we use all of our products to make our business run efficiently. Thursday, October 24th at 9:30 am

5. Extender & What it Means to You: Extender gives you the power to make GP do what you want. Find out more by joining us at our session. Thursday, October 24th at 2:30 pm

6. Going Deep with SmartList Builder: Over 13,000 GP customers use SmartList Builder for their reporting needs. Whether you own it or want to, this is a session that you’ll want to join to go deep with SLB. Thursday, October 24th at 4 pm

7. Excel Report Builder/SmartList Builder Panel: Want to hear about using ERB and SLB in real life? Come to the panel discussion and hear stories of using ERB/SLB in every day life. Friday, October 25th at 2 pm

Beyond the sessions, you can find Martin, Nicole, Chris Dew and myself at the eOne booth (#218) during expo hours. We’d love to give you a product demo, discuss your project and generally catch up with you!

If you’d prefer to have a sit down meeting over coffee, lunch, or dinner – we do have a few slots still open. Let me know (email and we’ll set up a time to meet.

Again, we really look forward to seeing you!

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Join eOne at the GPUG Summit in Tampa

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Sneak Peek Into the Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013

Well, with a 30 hour flight back to India after the Airlift, with lots of layovers in between, I thought of drafting this article to while away the time during my layovers…

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Sneak Peek Into the Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013

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Important SmartList Builder announcement

On the heels of the Extender and Collections Management announcements over the last year, it has just been announced that SmartList Builder is joining the Microsoft Dynamics GP OEM modules “coming home”. You can read about all the reasons and details for this in Martin Olsen’s comprehensive announcement on the eOne blog.

This is certainly an interesting direction of things and I wonder what this means for the future of selling and supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP. On one hand, as a Dynamics GP partner/VAR, I know that having more ISV products in the mix is sometimes a challenge because there are more moving parts to keep track of – both for sales and ongoing maintenance/support. Also, often selling a GP module to a customer is a much easier endeavor than selling them a third-party add-on product. On the other hand, as the owner of an ISV company myself (my company, Flexible Solutions, makes the GP Reports Viewer add-on), I think it’s great to see these widely used and popular add-ons become ISV products. I feel that paves the road for ISV products to be more accepted and become a standard part of purchasing and using Dynamics GP. In fact, after this change, I don’t think that my company will have more than 15% of our customers left without any ISV products.

I guess the big question will be for customers – are they willing to purchase an ERP system that needs so many additional products from ISVs? Will they start questioning why Microsoft does not make a product robust enough to stand on its own? The devious part of my brain is also wondering if Microsoft is paving the way to create their own products/modules to replace these OEM modules in the future. (Please don’t read more into this, I have absolutely no knowledge of any plans for this, and it’s entirely possible this is just lack of coffee talking.)

After writing the above paragraph, I actually found some support for this happening already with SmartList Designer introduced in GP 2013 SP 2. Take a look at this blog post by eOne describing the differences and another blog post by Mariano Gomez about SmartList Designer. Hmmm…

All my speculation aside, eOne has been fabulous to work with over the last year with the transition of the Extender module (which I love and use daily, by the way). We have quite a number of customers using Extender and we’ve not had a single issue with getting in touch with eOne, transitioning customers, getting support or anything else. I expect the same to hold true for SmartList Builder. And Martin certainly makes a very compelling case as to why this change for SmartList Builder is a good one for all of us.

In the meantime, my understanding is that support for existing SmartList Builder versions will continue to be offered by Microsoft and only if/when you upgrade to the eOne version starting January 2014 will you need to go to eOne for support. eOne also welcomes feature requests for all their products and they just created this forum to gather feature requests for SmartList Builder. I work with SmartList Builder almost daily and will be very interested to see what suggestions people have.

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Important SmartList Builder announcement

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Recovering Accountant Shares Her Experience with Microsoft …

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Recovering Accountant Shares Her Experience with Microsoft …

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