Introducing eOne’s newest team members

eOne is growing, growing, growing and we’d like to introduce you to our two newest team members:

Alicia Bement

Alicia joins us as the Business Manager of our Fargo office – focusing on internal processes, accounting, and HR. As partners and customers, you’ll still get to spend plenty of time interacting with her through the invoicing process and your internal account queries.

After graduating from NDSU with a degree in Business Administration, Alicia worked in the dental industry for 6 years and most recently as the Business Manager for her local church. Alicia brings a great toolset to eOne and we are excited to have her as part of the team.

In her spare time, Alicia loves doing anything outdoors with her two children and husband and, as a former NDSU sprinter, loves to get out and run!

Please join us in welcoming Alicia to the team! Drop her a line at when you have a moment.

Jared Dux

Jared is part of our Quality Assurance team in the Fargo office. He will work very closely with our development team to test and ensure we are releasing the best possible product builds.

A grad of Minnesota State University Moorhead, Jared brings a great set of skills to the eOne team – as he’s spent time as a multimedia designer, web designer focused on email marketing and has worked for the US Post Office.

As you may have guessed, Jared is passionate about fishing – with a main focus on the catch and release of musky. He’s also passionate about motocross and his 2 “kids” – miniature Pinschers.

Please welcome Jared to the team! Drop him a line at

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Introducing eOne’s newest team members

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Tech Tuesday – Adding Extender Nodes to SmartConnect

See the article here:
Tech Tuesday – Adding Extender Nodes to SmartConnect

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Updated: SmartList Design Feature from Microsoft vs SmartList Builder

I have taken some more time to review the SmartList Designer feature release in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 and wanted to compile all my information together for you.  I have noted any big changes to my list in red for you to easily find.

While it is a nice addition to SmartList from Microsoft and features such as the Results preview and the ability to create new SmartLists based on the default SmartLists, it is still missing a lot of features that SmartList Builder has already.

Here is a list of features I found that SmartList Designer DOES NOT give you that SmartList Builder DOES.

· Summary:  It does not have an option to create a Summary SmartList so I can see a quick overview of the data and drill down into the detail if I need.

· Multicompany:  There is no option to pull data from multiple companies into one SmartList.

· Re-order Columns:  While you can go into the SmartList Options window to change the order of columns, it doesn’t allow you to reorder the columns as you want when you are building the SmartList.

· GoTos: There is no option to add GoTos so that you can drill down to the Microsoft Dynamics GP windows directly from SmartList.

· Import/Export:  I cannot setup the SmartLists on my development environment and get them exactly how I want and then import them into my live system.  They would have to be setup again from scratch.

· Extender:  There is no option to add in my Extender resources.  I would have to use Extender Views to get the data into the SmartList.

· SQL Objects:  It can only add SQL Views from the company database that I am logged into and the system database.  It doesn’t allow you to pull in tables from the company and system databases or anything from other databases you have on your SQL Server.  In saying this, it also gives the users automatic access to the SQL Views in the databases.  There isn’t a way to control the access to the views other than changing permissions in SQL.

· Restrictions:  They exist in the Designer, but they are limited compared to those with SmartList Builder and they cannot applied to specific users.

· Matched Tables:  There is not an option to match tables between work, open, and history, unless that is what the cross join option is designed to do.  I cannot get it to function in that manner though.

· Column Display:  It doesn’t give me the option to specify which columns I want to have available to use if I need and which ones to display by default.  I can only pick the ones to display by default.

· Account Indexes and Note Indexes:  If you modify an existing SmartList, it will display the Account Index as an Account Number for you.  If you create your own though, you cannot display the Account Number instead of the Account Index.  The same goes for the Note Index.

· Formatting:  There really isn’t any sort of formatting you can do to the fields.  You cannot select the number of decimals, the display of currency symbols, define lists that aren’t defined, or create masks for strings.  You also cannot format the dates to remove the 1/1/1900 dates.

· Security:  While I can lock down security to SmartList and the designer window in general, there is not individual security to what a user can do in the Designer.  They either get it or they don’t. This means that everyone who gets it will automatically have access to preview the SmartLists they build and be able to see any data, especially payroll, in the system.  They don’t have to have access to the actual SmartLists to view the data.

· Excel Report Builder/Navigation List Builder/Drill Down Builder:  SmartList Designer doesn’t have any answer for building your own Excel Reports, Navigation Lists, or creating Drill Downs to GP.

· SmartView:  SmartList Builder currently allows you to easily use your newly created SmartLists in SmartView as well as SmartList.

· Display and default fields:  SmartList Builder allows you to create flexible SmartLists with fields that can be selected either by default or by the user.  SmartList Designer only allows you to add a limited number of fields that are always selected by default.


With all that being said, SmartList Designer does do a few things that SmartList Builder doesn’t.  I mentioned earlier that it has a Results option and does allow you to create a new SmartList from the default SmartLists. 

Now that SmartList Builder is coming back home to eOne, (click here for message) we can include some features that should make everyone happy.  Here is a couple of things we plan to add:

1.    A preview feature so that you can see the data in SmartList Builder without having to go to SmartList each time to view it.  The plan is to add this to SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder, and Navigation List Builder, but make sure that there is security around it so that it can be restricted so users cannot view data they shouldn’t be able too.

2.    Ability to modify the Dynamics GP SmartLists without having to import the setups that are available from Microsoft or eOne. You will be able to add new fields and calculations, hide unused fields, add new GoTos and add fixed restrictions (along with all of the other features in SmartList Builder) to the standard Dynamics GP SmartLists, including all SmartLists from Field Service, Project Accounting, Analytical Accounting, Manufacturing, Fixed Assets and Human Resources.

3.    A Table Finder feature to help with finding the tables that you are looking for when building a new SmartList.

4.    And of course, we will have the ability to modify the SmartLists that have been built in SmartList Designer.
Look for more information on these and other features to come in future blogs from eOne.


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Updated: SmartList Design Feature from Microsoft vs SmartList Builder

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Friday Funny: Every Tech Commercial

David Meego - Click for blog homepageMy eldest son spends too much time on the internet.

He loves looking at internet memes and also subscribes to a number of youtube channels.

While I do hassle him to stop wasting time, every now and then he finds something very funny.

He showed me this College Humor video recently and I thought it was worth sharing as it is just too close to the truth.

Every Tech Commercial

(Please visit the site to view this video)




Friday Funny: Every Tech Commercial

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Tech Tuesday: New SmartConnect Build Released

For today’s Tech Tuesday, we’d like to announce a new build of SmartConnect released today: SmartConnect SP1 HF1 (service pack 1, hot fix 1). The build number is

We had a few issues from our previous build that we wanted to address right away:
Dynamics GP Connector
·          10660 – Issue upgrading connector settings from versions of SmartConnect earlier than 2012 SP2.
·          10667 – Error saving an Extender 2013 window that contains a list field.
·          10668 – In some instances eConnect incorrectly called twice for Dynamics GP 2010 destinations.

Dynamics CRM 2011 Connector
·          10666 – Incorrect error message when SmartConnect checks change tables.
·          10670 – Object not found error in multi column lookups.

Generic Connector
·          10669 – Error when restricting out lines in SQL stored proc destination.

If you have any questions on the build, please contact

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Tech Tuesday: New SmartConnect Build Released

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2: Web Client Short Cuts

Now there are shortcut keys in the web client.  They are a little different so make sure to look at the details.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2: Web Client Short Cuts

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Dexterity training in Dallas – Live or Live on-line

It must be in the air! Come to Dallas, or join us On-Line.
I’m doing another Dexterity Fundamentals class in Dallas, TX, December 9th-13th, 2013. This time we are offering it both on-site in Dallas and Live on-line!

At last, you can go to a fun-filled Dexterity training class without leaving the comfort of your own home or office!man with head set

For more information, or to sign up, call
ConexusSG at 469-828-3274 or email

What will you Learn?

The Dexterity Fundamentals class teaches you everything you need to know to get started developing integrating applications.  During this class, you will learn the Dexterity components and Dynamics GP programming standards. You will complete many hands-on projects including the following:


·         How to set up the development environment

·         Create a Maintenance and Lookup window adhering to the Dynamics GP user interface guidelines

·         Create an Item Entry and Item lookup window using techniques that can fast-track your development

·         Use integrated Debugging tools to resolve errors

·         Learn about multiuser processing and how optimistic locking works

·         Create an integrating application that interacts with existing Dynamics GP components

·         Create record notes, browse buttons, shrink/expand buttons, zooms and expansion buttons

·         Create menus to navigate to your application

·         Create and launch reports using Report Writer

·         Work with multiple tables, set ranges and create virtual keys

·         Add items ‘On the Fly’ and create ‘Find’ buttons

·         Call existing Dynamics GP functions

·         Modify a Dynamics GP window thereby creating an Alternate window

·         Use object triggers and techniques for cross-dictionary integration

·         Create SQL tables from Dexterity

·         Package your application and create a .cnk file

·         Learn how to update your application to a new release.

·         Other topics and procedures

How should You prepare?

Review the Quick Start manual that is included in the Dexterity documentation. You can access this manual from the Help menu of Dexterity: Help | Online Manuals | Quick Start


Alternatively, after you install Dexterity, look for the QStart.pdf file in the following folder:

. . .Microsoft DexterityDex 12.0Manuals

What do you need?

Each student must provide their own computer with the following software installed:

  • Dynamics GP 2013
  • Dexterity 2013
  • Dynamics GP 2013 SDK  – located on the GP 2013 DVD: ToolsSDKDynamics GPSDK.exe

Until next post!


See the original article here:
Dexterity training in Dallas – Live or Live on-line

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