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I had a look at this product called SmartView for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, which was launched to customers recently. This is a product which has been developed by eOne Solutions.

This is definitely a great replacement (or) alternative for smartlist from a performance standpoint. The smartlist takes considerable amount of time to retrieve the data in the smartlist window. The greater the volume of data in the system, the longer it takes for Smartlist to retrieve all the records. However, SmartView does an excellent job at providing greater performance in data retrieval, yet containing all the key functionalities of what a smartlist can do – like excel export, data drill down, filtering, favorites etc. Lets have a look at some of the nice features of this new product.

Synchronization with Smartlist

The first and foremost feature that I found interesting in Smartview is that it synchronizes seamlessly with the existing smartlist and any custom smartlists that we create using Smartlist Builder. Once we add any custom smartlists using Smartlist Builder, it automatically shows up in Smartview as well.

image image

Column Selection in SmartView

Clicking on View >> Columns (or) ALT + C, we will be shown the list of columns available to be shown on smartlist. We can choose he columns that we need to be added to the smartlist. Once we select the checkbox against any field name, the field will be added to the list of columns shown. Similarly, once we deselect the checkbox against any field name, the field will be removed from the list of columns shown.

Note: The only drawback that I noted on this was that that the smartview refreshes everytime we select (or) deselect a column name. This can be cumbersome is we are manipulating large volumes of data (even though the refresh is quicker than smartlist). It would be more optimal if we have an option to select the required columns and then do a refresh. :)


Enhanced Data Filtering

This is another powerful feature of the SmartViews. In standard smartlists, we can add a maximum of 4 search filters. But with smartview, we can add as many filters as we need on every column that is displayed in the smartview.


We can also right click on the column name which opens up the Filter Editor window where we can apply a custom filter on the specific column. This allows the user to add any custom filters which we may need.

image  image

We can also add filters on other fields on this window by clicking on the AND link (for choosing the type of filtering you need) and selecting conditions on multiple columns as shown below.

image  image

We can edit any conditions by clicking on the image button (or) delete any condition by clicking on the image  button.

Also, we have an adhoc search capability, using a search bar, which filters the data based on the text which has been typed in, as shown below. The powerful functionality of this search is that the text entered in the search bar is matched with all columns displayed in the smartview and returns the appropriate results.


Favorites Management

We can add any number of favorites we need by clicking on the Favorites button >> Add Favorite. We can add favorites at user level, role level, company level (or) at system level (for all users and all companies), as illustrated below.

image  image

Exporting Options

Similar to excel, we have an option to export the smartview data into a CSV file, Excel File (or) as a PDF file (not available in Smartlist). We can also print the data displayed in the smartview.


Grouping and Subtotaling

We also have an option where can perform grouping and subtotaling functions in smartview, by dragging and dropping the columns in smartview into the grouping section above, as shown below.


Drill Down Capabilities

Just similar to smartlists, we also have the drill down functionality where we can drill into the GP window from smartview for the specific record. All default drill downs available in smartlist is also available in smartview, as shown below.


Hope this analysis was useful to folks…

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