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Management Reporter 2012–more info 1

First, the blog that tells all on what is currently public on Management Reporter 2012.

Remember that I said there was more! My good friend and fellow MVP Mariano Gomez is trying to get the fine folks at Microsoft to let us wow you by letting us talk about ALL of the planned features instead of trickling them out one at a time.

This new release is big. It’s time to start making plans to convert to Management Reporter and say goodbye to our good friend FRx.


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Management Reporter 2012–more info 1

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Beware the 2012 Tax Tables!

The first batch of 2012 tax tables issued by GP are WRONG.


The FICA withholding is set to 6.2% instead of 4.2%. I know how much fun we had last year with this problem, let’s not do it again. GP will be issuing new tables this week – those should be correct.

If you have imported the 2012 tables, you can simply change the FICAS tax table to reflect the correct 4.2% rate.

Here’s how to change the percentage:

Microsoft Dynamics GP > Setup > System > Payroll Tax

1. Tax Code = FICAS

2. Select the ‘Filing Status’ button

Payroll Tax Setup window

On next window:

3. Filing Status = NA

4. Select the ‘Tables’ button

Payroll Tax Setup window

Type in the new Tax Rate where indicated. You can also update the limit. In the window below, the FICA limit is 106,800. The limit goes up for the 2012 tax year to $110,100.

Payroll Tax Tables window
We are all rushing to the finish line this time of year – don’t forget to have fun!  I hope this will help someone.
Until next post!

Beware the 2012 Tax Tables!

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Reconciling Inventory, what really happens?

I’ve seen this question come up a couple of times lately, even here at the GPUG 2011 Summit. I have some good information about the details of the inventory reconciliation process so I thought it might help to pass it along to everyone.

The Inventory files involved in the reconcile are:

  • Purchase Receipts (IV10200)
  • Purchase Receipts Detail (IV10201)
  • Item Master (IV00101)
  • Item Serial Number Master (IV00200)
  • Item Quantity Master (IV00102)
  • Item Lot Number Master (IV00300)
  • Item Vendor Master (IV00103)
  • Inventory Transaction Amounts Work (IV10001)
  • Inventory Serial and Lot Numbers Work (IV10002)
  • Item Site Bin Master (IV00112)
  • Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities Work (IV10003)
  • Inventory Transaction Bin Quantities History (IV30302)

Additional files outside of Inventory are involved in the reconcile if modules Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, or Invoicing are loaded.

The files outside of inventory that may be involved are as follows:

  • Purchase Order Line (POP10110)
  • Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities (POP10500)
  • Sales Transaction Amounts Work (SOP10200)
  • Sales Serial/Lot Work and History (SOP10201)
  • Invoicing Transaction Amounts Work (IVC10101)
  • Invoicing Serial and Lot Number Work (IVC10102)

The Reconcile process goes like this:  

  1. The quantities are reconciled first between the Purchase Receipts and the Item Serial Number Master file.
  2. Then the Purchase Receipts and Item Lot Number Master files are reconciled.
  3. At this point, the quantities are reconciled between the Purchase Receipts file and Item Quantity Master file
  4. Reallocating of Inventory Transaction Amounts Work, Inventory Serial and Lot Numbers Work, Sales Transaction Amounts Work, Sales Serial/Lot Work and History, Invoicing Transaction Amounts Work and Invoicing Serial and Lot Number Work tables is done next.
  5. The On Order quantities are determined for the Item Quantity Master and Item Vendor Master tables by comparing them to the Purchase Order Line and Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities tables.
  6. The last step in the reconcile is to reconcile the quantities on each of the items’ individual quantity location records to the total quantity record for that same item.

This information is avaialble in Article ID: 874220.

I hope this is helpful!

Until next post!

Leslie Vail

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Reconciling Inventory, what really happens?

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Everything Dynamics GP #7

Friday. “If You’re Not Making Mistakes, then You’re Not Doing Anything.” You can subscribe to Everything Dynamics GP via email GP Integrating external data into Dynamics GP 2010 | Dynamics GP ( example when integrating Dynamics GP with restaurant Point of Sale system (POS) and the restaurant’s Back of the House system (BOH)” “rsItemNotFound” error when clicking on any Navigation List in GP 2010 R2 (SP2) (Japheth Nolt) Weekly Review: Calculate Tax in the GL (Mark Polino) – How to enable the “Tax Entry” button in the GL Transaction entry window. Receivables HATB With Aging By Payment Terms (using Document Date) (Sivakumar Venkataraman) Receivables HATB With Aging By Payment Terms (using GL Posting Date) (Sivakumar Venkataraman) Receivables HATB With Aging By Due Date (using Document Date) (Sivakumar Venkataraman) Reporting Tools Setup in GP 2010 R2 | (Christina Phillips )  How to Use and Troubleshoot Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Partnersource) GP Add On Software OpenMind: Dynamics GP to CRM Template 5.1 – Scribe’s new release is out Microsoft Dynamics GP (GreatPlains) Integration | db Sync   GP Partners/ Sales 2win Class Prices to Increase as of October 1, 2011 – Attend Classes Now to Save Money! (Kevin Machayya) Customer Videos that support the Dynamics GP Story (Errol Schoenfish) Microsoft Case Study: Microsoft Dynamics GP – Gregory Greenfield & Associates, Ltd.

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Everything Dynamics GP #7

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Mekorma MICR error message (GP10)

I had a client get the following error when trying to create Payroll checks with the Mekorma MICR module:

Could not load external Get GUID@mdexlib.dll. Mekorma MICR needs to be re-installed on the workstation giving the error. Be sure to install using the MICR *.exe logged in as ‘Administrator’

Mekorma did indeed need to be reinstalled. Reinstallation had been required before but I never understood what happened to the mdelib.dll file. Well now we know. The client’s malware detector isolated that file as a threat.

So, if this happens to you, be sure to identify the Mekorma .dlls as ‘friendly’ files.

Until next post!


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Mekorma MICR error message (GP10)

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Short hiatus on blog posting

Anyone who is reading my blogs has likely noticed a slow decline in frequency! I apologize for that, and am posting an update that I do plan to get back to weekly (if not more frequent) blog articles soon. I am currently under house renovation paralysis! Between decision making on all sorts of details, cleaning up the seemingly endless trail of dust and debris everywhere, and working on a large project, I have been swamped and blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately! However the end is in sight! Only to make matters a little worse, my trusty Lenovo x61s laptop abruptly died last week leaving me without the one tool I do most of my work and blogging on, so I am not tied to my desk. Thankfully I had most things backed up..

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Short hiatus on blog posting

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Where’s Errol? (Post2)

Even though I’m not able to be at Convergence this year, I love Convergence so much that I was able to open the Dynamics GP General Session remotely from inside our sandbag dike here in Fargo.

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Where’s Errol? (Post2)

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