Rebuilding Corrupt Resource Descriptions in Dynamics GP

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Today, I was working with one of my colleague on an issue he faced in using the Resource Description functionality to view table and field information for a few tables. When he was browsing through the table details, he noticed that the actual SQL table definition and the table definition in the Resource Description window did not match and had inconsistencies. He had tried to drop and recreate the tables many times and still the same issue. On further analysis he noticed that the inconsistency occurred in many standard GP tables as well and I helped him with the solution on the same which I decided to document here to benefit the community. 

The cause for this issue was corruption of the index files for the table and field resource definitions. These files are located in the Data folder in the Dynamics GP application folder (in case of v9, v10 and v2010).

  • OLFD001.dat
  • OLFD001.idx

Please see the screenshot below for these files on the Data folder.


Delete these files (after taking a backup) from this folder and when you launch the Resource Description window and select the Product, these files will be rebuilt again, thereby creating a fresh set of indexes. After the indexes were rebuilt, the resource description windows showed the right table and field definitions.

Most of the time when we note discrepancies, we always tend to assume that the SQL table is at fault and try to recreate it (depending entirely on the resource description window information). However, that’s always not the case as we note in this scenario where the SQL table was correct and it was the indexing file for resource descriptions were faulty.

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