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Friday Funny: Another puzzle for you to solve

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter last week’s puzzle, I came across something a little harder that has been keeping people awake at night.

Singaporean high-school students were presented with this logic problem in the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad test paper last week. The test is aimed at the top 40 per cent of students in one of the most mathematically gifted countries in the world.

Here is the question:

Albert and Bernard just become friends with Cheryl, and they want to know when her birthday is. Cheryl gives them a list of 10 possible dates.

  • May 15,         May 16,        May 19,
  • June 17,        June 18,
  • July 14,         July 16,
  • August 14,    August 15,    August 17.

Cheryl then tells Albert and Bernard separately the month and the day of her birthday respectively.

Albert: I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know that Bernard does not know too.

Bernard: At first I don’t know when Cheryl’s birthday is, but I know now.

Albert: Then I also know when Cheryl’s birthday is.

So when is Cheryl’s birthday?


Can you work out the solution?  No cheating. No looking up the answer until you have worked out a solution of your own.


For more information see these articles from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Please don’t post the answer in the comments, just let me know how you went with the puzzle.



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Friday Funny: Another puzzle for you to solve

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Friday Funny: Can you solve this simple puzzle

David Meego - Click for blog homepageRecently a puzzle has been doing the rounds on the Book of Face and I thought it would be good to test how quickly my readers could solve it. It is probably an oldie, but it is a goodie.

The puzzle is the Car Park Puzzle where you have to work out the missing number for the bay where the car is.

Can you work out the missing number in the sequence 16, 06, 68, 88, X, 98?

Please don’t post the answer in the comments, just let me know how long it took you to solve the puzzle.


Have Fun.


PS: I might post the answer at some time in the future…. or I may not. :-)

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Friday Funny: Can you solve this simple puzzle

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Kinect 2 Tutorial on Tracking Strategies

Microsoft has published a set of great tutorials for making applications with Kinect 2. These detailed hands on Lab/Tutorials for V2 were published last month.

I highly recommend the tutorial on tracking strategies – for keeping the application accurate when multiple people are in the room.

This lab will explain the following:

Tracking a user who is the first to be seen.
Tracking the user who is the closest to the Kinect 2.
Tracking a user who is the most active in the scene.
Tracking several people simultaneously.

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Kinect 2 Tutorial on Tracking Strategies

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How to enable Visual Studio Tools Customisations for the Web Client

David Meego - Click for blog homepageHave you ever written some cool Visual Studio Tools (VST) code that worked great on the desktop client, but does not work on the web client? VST code that does not use any WinForms or uses WinForms but only with supported controls and so should work?

Well, I have. A great example is the Company Login window customisations covered in the blog posts below:

The code worked fine on the desktop client, but had no effect in the web client. Something was missing, but I did not know what.

When I mentioned my problem to my good friend Mariano Gomez (The Dynamics GP Blogster), he knew what the issue was and sent me the link to an MSDN article.

The MSDN article below explains the details of what is required to make Visual Studio Tools customisations work on the web client.

In the code samples below you can see the added SupportedDexPlatforms attribute which is used to tell Visual Studio to make this code available for the desktop client and the web client. Without this additional attribute, the default behaviour would be to only work on the desktop client.

Visual C# code sample

namespace CSharpSample



Visual Basic .Net code sample

Public Class GPAddIn
    Implements IDexterityAddIn

    ' IDexterityAddIn interface

    Sub Initialize() Implements IDexterityAddIn.Initialize

    End Sub

End Class


Hope you find this useful.


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How to enable Visual Studio Tools Customisations for the Web Client

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Microsoft Virtual Conference Sessions–May 14 & 15

As part of the MVP Virtual Conference – there are a range of sessions from Azure, to BI that you can attend for free. Register here –

Here are some I am keen on attending –

Detecting Facial Expressions with Azure Machine Learning and Kinect for Windows

Speaker: Dwight Goins

Moderator: Gian Paolo Santopaolo

This session is about learning how to use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning with the Kinect for Windows in order to detect Facial expressions. This session will cover an introduction to Machine Learning, and different algorithms used to detect data patterns. The algorithms discussed will be nearest neighbor, probabilistic learning, decision trees, and neural networks. It will also cover an introduction to the Kinect for Windows device, such as explaining the features and capabilities of the device and SDK. The session will show basic demos and data coming from the device. The session will then drill down into HD Face and describe the data which is generated from Face and HD Face tracking. Lastly the session will show a demo and provide steps on how to incorporate Azure Machine Learning features into a Windows 8.1 Kinect enabled application to detect facial expressions in real time.

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Automation with PowerShell

Speaker: Trevor Sullivan

Moderator: Anil Desai

Many IT Pros in the industry have begun their virtualization training with VMware, but as the market shifts in other directions, a lot of administrators are finding themselves managing multi-hypervisor environments. Many businesses are now in the process of migrating some or all of their virtual workloads to the Microsoft Hyper-V platform for a number of reasons including, cost savings, scalability, and ease of management. While managing a Hyper-V cluster is somewhat similar in concept to ESXi, there are some fundamental differences. This session will cover Hyper-V clustering, management differences, and the migration of VMs from ESXi to Hyper-V. The entire session will be geared towards VMware administrators who are looking to broaden their horizons by adding Hyper-V know-how to their toolbox.

10 New Things for Developers on Windows 10

Speaker: Colin Melia

Moderator: Mark Schramm

It’s in the title. If you didn’t have time for Build or you just want to get a summary of 10 new features for developers from the new and/or updates APIs, tools SKUs and/or languages, from devices to the cloud, this is your chance to get on board.

Resolving Conflicts in Collaborative Occasionally Connected Mobile Apps

Speaker: Michael Perry

Moderator: Bryan Hunter

In collaborative apps, a change made on one device appears on another. Data flows seamlessly across devices. But those devices aren’t always connected. And even when they are, users don’t want to wait for a network connection before they can see or work with their data. So data needs to be stored locally, and synchronized in the background.

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Microsoft Virtual Conference Sessions–May 14 & 15

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Microsoft Convergence Atlanta 2015 (#CONV15) – Day 2

Wow, Day 1 sure proved to be very exciting with all the big keynotes, general sessions, and presentations, not to mention the whole Expo reception. It also seemed like the night went by flying and sleeping was overrated. To add to the mix, Atlanta’s Tuesday morning traffic came back with a vengeance and did not really allow David and I to make it down on time for some early sessions we had planned to attend, oh well!

As a result, we ended up going to the Speakers’ Room to finalize our last bits of demo code for our upcoming session, only to discover we were not using “best practices” as noted by our Microsoft friend Rob Bernhardt. Since we are very keen to deliver best practices in our Service Based Architecture code (more on this on a separate post). This put us in a tailspin, so we went looking for Kevin Racer to offer some advise. We finally got what we were looking for, just 10 minutes before our session.

Off we went to look for our dual A313/314 room where we would host CS15G024-R1 Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Customizing the user interface. We walked into the room and saw a gentlemen sitting in the front row with a t-shirt that read “David Musgrave”, but couldn’t quite make out the entire text until he decided to unbutton his shirt. The results can be seen in the picture below.

David Musgrave and mastermind Steven Vallarian

Our session started with the traditional introductions from David and I and our work within the community and off we went into demos. We definitely tried to provide some humor to a dry subject. Development sessions tend to be that way, so I believe we only lost like 3 or 4 attendees out of the 131 who assisted. We also were able to demo the cool Service Based Architecture posting routine using Google Postman which is a Chrome application extension.

After our session, I went back to the Expo to catch up with a few folks. It’s always good when I can say hi to my buddy Brian Roney, who I consider to be one of the brightest Dexterity minds in the business.

Mariano Gomez and Brian Roney

Walking around for so many hours can definitely make anyone hungry, so David and I caught up and decided to move over to the Omni Hotel’s bar. After a few drinks (all on me, since David doesn’t drink), we decided to have a quiet dinner evening at the Omni Hotel’s Prime Meridian restaurant. After going through a good session of explaining MSG intolerance to the waiter, we were shortly joined on David’s request by Cindy Reeves and Tanya Markwit from Tribridge who were on their way to be seated for dinner as well. The view from our table couldn’t have been any better.

Ferris Wheel in the foreground, the Westin Atlanta in the background

After dinner in excellent company, we all jumped in my car and off we went to the Rock & Rave party, down at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot. After a frustrating 40 minutes of trying to find this place, we made it (mind you, I’m a local)!

However, the night just got weirder and weirder from this point on as we were greeted by (gasp!) a zombie. My good friend Ora Goldman from Mekorma was manning the door in her costume, which I must say looked really awesome!

Ora Goldman (Mekorma) as a Zombie

Inside the place, music was pumping at an exaggerated loudness, rendering the place just one big noise hall. After a beer, it was simply time to leave.

Rock & Rave at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot 

Again, on the way out, Craig, Ora, and Ora’s daughter were acting the part, so we decided to snap one more pic for the evening.

Craig Klapman and Ora Goldman playing a scare tactic on Ora’s daughter 

David and I got back in the car and drove to my place to get a bit of rest and recharge batteries for the next day – note I said “get a bit of rest”, as it was almost 1:00 AM when we got home.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
Intelligent Partnerships, LLC

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Microsoft Convergence Atlanta 2015 (#CONV15) – Day 2

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GP 2015 R2–What’s coming and GP’s roadmap

With Convergence all wrapped up – David Musgrave has started his series of posts
covering his experience at his
. A couple of slides from the general session are worth checking out if
you haven’t seen them already. One of the exciting things on the roadmap is the
HTML5 Web client on the roadmap for R3.

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GP 2015 R2–What’s coming and GP’s roadmap

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