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Dude, where’s my ‘Go To’ button?

Okay, so I’m playing around with GP 2013 R2, getting familiar with some of the cool new features in it.  I like to be on the leading edge of things.  I leave the bleeding-edge stuff to Polino. I created a new SmartList in SmartList Builder and wanted to add a ‘Go To’ to my new SmartList but could not find the Go To button anywhere.  I looked high and low to see if it had been hidden under one of the other button menus.  I checked the SmartList Builder Help file and it said the button should be there in the ribbon with all the other buttons.  But yet, no Go To button. So, after querying my smarter-than-me colleagues at IBIS, Inc, Ms.

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GP2TheMAX Kindle Book now available on Amazon!

Six years ago, when I started blogging on GP2TheMAX, I intended one day to compile my favorite posts into book form and publish it.  Well, that day has come.  Thanks to the miracle of the interweb, electronic publishing, and Amazon, it is done.  I’ve gathered 125+ of what I think are the most helpful blog articles into GP2TheMAX – I Get GP Stuff Done .   Click here to get your copy! The articles in the book are organized by module – General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Inventory, etc., with hyperlinks to each article from the Table of Contents to make it easy to navigate to your topic of interest.  Of course, I removed the articles from this blog that are contained in the book, else no one may have bought the cow when they could get the milk for free!   I want to thank a couple of people for helping me make this possible – Mariano Gomez, MVP , for pushing me to start blogging way back when, and Murray Fife, MVP and fellow IBIS colleague, for showing me the Amazon Kindle publishing ropes.   And of course, I have to thank each and every GP MVP out there, for without their help and guidance with numerous GP issues I’ve encountered, I would not have been able to stumble upon the solutions on my own.

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Error message – ‘You are not allowed to enter Purchase Orders’

New users were just setup in an GP 2010 environment that uses Project Accounting.  When the users were setup, they were set as ‘Non-PA Users’ in the User Class ID field. Changing this to ‘PA User’ resolved the error.  Users must be assigned the PA User Class ID ( or NO User Class ID ) to access any windows that PA fields reside on.

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Visualizing Long Calculated Expressions in Report Writer

| 05/08/2014 | 0 Comments

Granted, MVP Mark Polino hates Report Writer (RW), but even he will admit he loves a good RW nugget when he sees one. Several times I’ve been asked “how do I visualize long Report Writer calculated field expressions?”

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Company financial data doesn’t appear in Management Reporter 2012

A multi-company client recently encountered a situation where a newly created company produced no data in their consolidated financials.  After much digging, I found the answer.  It lies in the way the Account Segments were named in the Account Format Setup window.  In this particular company, the GL Account segment name was abbreviated:     Note in the first image that ‘GL Account’ is abbreviated, while in the other image, it is spelled out.  The segment names must be identical across all companies to return results properly in MR.  Also, in this case, the Main Segment ID didn’t match the other companies, which is a problem as well.

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KB Article 878449 Capture Login script gets a much needed rehaul

| 05/02/2014 | 0 Comments

We live by it, we die by it. KB article 878449, How to transfer an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Small Business Financials, or Microsoft Small Business Manager installation to a new server that is running Microsoft SQL Server (KB 878449) , is perhaps one of the most visited articles in the Microsoft Dynamics GP world, especially around upgrades.

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Cal-Tex Goes Live on GP 2013

Not to toot my own horn – well, maybe a little – but guess who the lead consultant was on this project.  Couldn’t have done it though, without my extremely knowledgeable and trusty colleague, Kalyn Kelly. ** Click on the image to read the article **  

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