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#GPPT Why wait till you upgrade to install GP Power Tools?

David Meego - Click for blog homepageYesterday, I received an email from a customer that I met in Reno at the GPUG Summit 2016 conference. He asked a technical question on GP Power Tools and mentioned that he had purchased the tool to be used once he had completed the upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015.

The question I had to ask was …

  • Why wait till you upgrade to install GP Power Tools?

The reason I ask the question is fairly simple.

By running the GP Power Tools’ Database Validation feature against your system BEFORE you upgrade, you can avoid many upgrade issues before they even occur.

Database Validation can be used to validate that the system’s user and company settings match the SQL Server Logins, Databases and Database Users as well as comparing the data structures of all tables against their definitions in the Dynamics GP Product dictionaries.

Note: For more details on what checks Database Validation makes, see the first article in the links below.

You can also use Database Validation to fix SQL Logins (passwords) and Database Users when moving the system to a new server, which often happens during upgrades.

Even if not moving to a new server, it is common practice to do a test upgrade on a test server. Running Database Validation on your test environment can remove references to users and companies that are not included in the test system.

Database Validation has many features that will help you before and during the upgrade process, so why not get some help now… before you upgrade?

If you already have registered GP Power Tools, your license will be valid for all versions GP Power Tools (for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, GP 2013, GP 2013 R2, GP 2015 & GP 2015 R2).

For more information see:

You have no reason to wait.


PS: Database Validation is new to GP Power Tools and is not included in the Support Debugging Tool.

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#GPPT Why wait till you upgrade to install GP Power Tools?

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GP Upgrade – “Please Select a Company” Message

This one’s quite simple, yet intriguing.

I am working on a test upgrade; from GP2010 to GP 2015 R2. I decided to only take production company databases and left all test companies, for all logical reasons.

After applying GP 2010 SP4, I decided to perform a unit testing. After logging in to GP, I received following message, without having any issues later on. It was just this message:

Company Message

(Above screenshot courtesy: Ugan)

As a thumb rule, I searched on GP community and stumbled across two most relevant forum questions and suggestions.

  1. Please select a company message after company has been selected and logged into
  2. Dynamics GP 2015R2 Upgrade – Please select a company

None of them is answered.

I had a suspicion that this must be something to do with “Remember this company” option on “User and Company” window. I decided to use GP Power Tools (previously Support Debugging Tool – SDT) and SQL profiler to study this message in depth.

As suspected, results pointed to the option “Remember this company”. Now, if you remember what I said earlier, I took only the production companies for test upgrade and not the test companies. Previous consultant who was working with this client had selected a test company as his (SA’s) default company.

Now, you must also recollect that we have a SQL script to clean up missing companies’ affiliation across DYNAMICS database.

I ran the above script on the test environment and logged on to GP. This time, I was required to select a company and the message never appeared back.

Happy troubleshooting!


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GP Upgrade – “Please Select a Company” Message

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Inaugural Class of Credentialed Professionals Announced

David Meego - Click for blog homepageAfter Microsoft removed the requirement for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners to be certified and shutdown the examinations for those two products, the community decided that some sort of certifications were still needed.

To this end, the Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) was formed.

From the Association’s web site:

The Association of Dynamics Professionals (DynamicsPro) is an independent, not-for-profit membership organization which exists to serve the Microsoft Dynamics community by establishing competency standards and assessments, and to positively impact the Dynamics community through member-led advocacy initiatives.

At the recent reIMAGINE 2015 and GPUG Summit 2015 conferences, attendees were given the opportunity to take the examinations for Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV (at Summit).

Joe Carroll has recently published an article with a list of the Inaugural Class of Credentialed Professionals, including yours truly. :-)

For details see Joe Caroll’s blog post below:

So, get involved and get credentialed.


PS: The certifications are open to partners and customers alike.

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Inaugural Class of Credentialed Professionals Announced

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The Epic Trip 2015 – Wrap Up

David Meego - Click for blog homepageThe Epic Trip to the United States of America and Mexico for 2015 is over. I am safely home and have finally finished writing the blog articles for the trip.

It always surprises me how long it takes to write the blog articles for my work trips. So for the people who ask how I have time to blog, the answer is that I spend too much personal time out of business hours and too much time during business hours writing the articles.

If you have missed any of the articles from the trip, below are all the links to posts from both conferences and also the other destinations for the trip:

reIMAGINE 2015 Conference

Between the Conferences

GPUG Summit 2015 Conference

Miscellaneous Articles

Thanks to everyone who made this trip so enjoyable and successful. While it is a long time to be away from home, I am planning to do a similar trip next year for reIMAGINE 2016 in Fargo, North Dakota and GPUG Summit 2016 in Tampa, Florida.


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The Epic Trip 2015 – Wrap Up

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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Wrap Up

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGPUGSummit_Logo

That brings GPUG Summit 2015 to a close. The end of a great conference, a great trip and great first year for Winthrop Development Consultants.

As is usual for me I did not get to attend many sessions other than the ones I was presenting or involved in, but was able to meet with many people in the community.

Here are the presentation materials from the seven sessions I co-presented:

Below are the posts from this blog:

Here is a great article from fellow GPUG All Star, Steve Erbach:

Here a cool video from the Enterprise Software Podcast team:


Hope to see you next year in Tampa, Florida on the 11th to 14th October 2016 for GPUG Summit 2016.


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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Wrap Up

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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 1 – Part 1 of 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGPUGSummit_Logo

Day 1 of the conference was finally here and I had three sessions to present including one with a brand new co-presenter. While this was officially the first day, it really felt like day three as I had already had two full days.

Breakfast in the meal hall was fairly quick affair. It is an amazing feat to be able cater for such a large group. There was even a table marked for GPUG members from Australia, which happened to be the first table in the meal hall. You will have to excuse Beat and Thomas who “crashed” the table to sit with me.

Breakfast in the Meal Hall

After breakfast we all headed to the Opening Session in Hall 3. As we walked into the hall we were treated to a huge photo of Frank Heslin with quote of his about the GPUG Community on the massive screen (using 4 projectors).

Opening Session

The session was packed, I was only able to capture about half of the hall in a photo, but imagine the other half being just as full.

The session has full to capacity as it included all four user groups

The session started with Andy Hafer, CEO of Dynamic Communities, welcoming us to Reno….

Andy Hafer welcomes the User Groups to Reno

Andy and Missy Heilman invite the User Group Leaders on stage

Acknowledging the conference sponsors takes an unusual turn

Andy introduces our guest keynote speaker, George Kourounis, host of Angry Planet

George talks to us about controlling fear while he is going to all kinds of dangerous locations

George ( showed us a video that explains what a day at the office was like for him.

GPUG Summit 2015 in Reno – Opening Session Keynote (direct link)


Epic Volcano Video (direct link)


World’s best selfie from the edge of the lava lake inside Marum volcano on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu

The opening session finished with a Q & A session with George and Andy

After the opening session, Mariano Gomez and I had our first breakout session in which we discussed Service Based Architecture and App technology and showed how you can call web services to retrieve data from your Microsoft Dynamics GP system. This was an overview that set a theme for a number of app related sessions.

TOT01 – Calling all Geeks! Find out how Apps work with Dynamics GP

Our second breakout session followed on from the first with demonstrations of how different companies had used App technology. It was originally planned to be a competition to decide on who had created the best app, but we did not get enough apps to show. Maybe, next year….

So, instead we used the session to highlight examples of apps created by a couple of partners. Thomas Garcia demoed a solution for handling transaction approvals from Icon Business Consulting. This solution does not use the GP 2015 Web Services, but that means that it can work with all supported versions of Dynamics GP. Chris Hanson (not Martin Olsen as shown on the slide deck) from eOne Solutions demoed an end to end solution that used a variety of technologies including their Service Builder and Smart Connect products.


David and Mariano with the “winners” of the GP App Off: Thomas Garcia and Chris Hanson

After the sessions, I headed over the to Mekorma Hub. My plan was to spend as much time as possible between sessions at the hub so that I was available if anyone had questions on my GP Power Tools (GPPT) and Batch Posting Service Toolkit (BPST) which are distributed and supported by Mekorma. On the way, I caught up with some of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management team from Fargo.

Jodi Christiansen, Chad Sogge, Jennifer Ranz and Daryl Anderson

Mekorma Hub: Mariano Gomez, Ora Goldman, Jay Manley, Angel Blum

After having lunch with Mekorma team, I rushed down to the convention center to catch the end of the GPUG Welcome and Dynamics IDOL general session. I walked in just when Bob McAdam was demonstrating Field Level Security and giving me credit for developing it… perfect timing. Congratulations to Shawn Dorward for beating out Bob McAdam and Michelle Kocher to win the Dynamics IDOL title for 2015.

I caught up with Beat Bucher and we headed back to the Atlantis and the Mekorma Hub. Beat and I then went to the presenter’s preparation room to prepare for the next session. Normally Mariano Gomez co-presents with me, but Mariano had been double booked as he also had a session of his own in the same timeslot. Beat has always been an enthusiastic supporter and user of the Support Debugging Tool and now GP Power Tools and so it made sense to ask him to present the topic with me. We just spent a little time together to make sure he was happy with the session plan and also we made a few adjustments as the session was 90 minutes rather than the usual 60 minutes. This allowed us to demonstrate some of the new features only available in GP Power Tools.

TOT03 – Why is the Support Debugging Tool/GP Power Tools so Amazing?

The session was full and was a lot of fun. We brought back the question “Can GP Power Tools help?” and the response “Yes it can!”. It was funny as even when the question was not asked correctly or sometimes forgotten entirely, the audience still yelled out “Yes it can!”. Thanks to the attendees for helping make the session awesome, hopefully you learnt a few reasons why GP Power Tools is so amazing. :)

Beat Bucher did a great job presenting for our first time together

That completed the work part of the day for me. Three of the seven sessions I was involved in were completed.


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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Day 1 – Part 1 of 2

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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Pre Conference – Part 2 of 2

David Meego - Click for blog homepageGPUGSummit_Logo

On Tuesday morning, Beat and I caught the shuttle over to Convention Center and walked back across the sky bridge to the Atlantis.

I was double booked with both the PreGame to Summit partner event and the Energize Chapter Leader Training event on at the same time. Beat joined me for breakfast at the PreGame event and then headed off to the chapter leader event.

I stayed at the PreGame event for the Opening Session where we had Joe Carroll welcome us and talk to us about the Dynamics Communities organisation. He provided some interesting statistics, for example, in the organisation there are 11,522 Individuals from 2,075 Companies in 106 Countries across 5 Dynamics Products.

Joe Carroll

Then Brian Deming spoke to us about the Association of Dynamics Professionals and the Certification Exams that are already available for Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV. They also announced the people who had passed the exams that were held at reIMAGINE 2015 in Fargo in September. They asked any of those people to stand and it turned out that I was the only one of them present.

Brian was followed by a quick word from Andy Hafer, the CEO of Dynamic Communities. He presented some statistics on the user group organisations, AXUG, CRMUG, NAVUG and GPUG.

Joe finding Andy’s speech fascinating

Next up was the keynote presentation from Robert Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer, MECLABs Institute. Robert spoke about how to make decisions better. Making better decisions will help grow revenue, but humans are not naturally good at decision-making. Decision making is more than a gut feeling and is not intuitive. There are tools and testing that can be used to measure the results of decisions and so help you to make better choices which can influence decisions that other people make.

He discussed the idea of the sales funnel. Most people talk about dropping a number of leads into the top of the funnel and the sales will eventually fall out of the bottom. Well, that model is wrong, sales don’t just happen with gravity. The Sales Funnel is in reality the other way up and it is an upward battle to stop sales falling out. It takes a lot of small “micro” Yes decisions before you can finally get a “major” Yes decision.

Sales Funnel is wrong way up

Robert spoke about how the probability of converting a lead into a sale can be modelled with a Heuristic formula: C = 4m + 3v + 2(I-f) – 2a, where

  • C = Probability of Conversion
  • m = Motivation of user
  • v = Force of the Value proposition
  • i = Incentive (additional) to take action
  • f = Friction elements present
  • a = Anxiety elements present

Conversion Sequence formula

Robert used some examples of good and bad design for both printed and online (email and web) media and showed how bad design does not get the same response as the same or similar content presented in a better form. These design decisions can create both friction and anxiety elements which both have negative effects in the formula.

Friction: Caused by a complex Eye Path for a user reading the email example

Pregame6Friction by number of fields and Anxiety by privacy concerns on personal information

Robert closed with some points on how to get the most out of meetings, by keeping them short (15-18 minutes) and by minimising friction and anxiety. Thanks for a thought provoking keynote and for listening to my comment on how many US ecommerce websites can’t handle international addresses, phone numbers or credit cards. This in my opinion is a very big FRICTION to completing a sale.

Tips for successful meetings

After the PreGame to Summit opening session, I did not attend the breakout sessions as I was double booked. Instead I went to the Chapter Leading Training which discussed various topics to help create successful user group chapters. We discussed the tools and facilities offered by Dynamics Communities as well as ideas with other Chapter Leaders. At this stage many of the points discussed did not apply very well to the Perth Chapter as we are very remote and operate in a different time zone. However, if anyone would like to guest present remotely, please let me know.

After lunch, I finished with the training and went to spend some time at the Mekorma Hub. The Mekorma Hub was an area with lots of seating, power outlets and free WiFi for conference attendees. A perfect place to relax and socialise between sessions. Sponsored by my distribution and support partner, Mekorma, the hub also boasted free massages during the conference to help attendees unwind.

At the hub I caught up with the Mekorma team and also with some of the team members from other partners.

Angel Blum from Mekorma and Emily Roen & Kathryn Lanpher from Njevity

Also, I finally got to catch up with my friend and co-presenter, Mariano Gomez, who had finally arrived in Reno. As Beat Bucher was still with me after the Chapter Leader Training we decided to get a photo with the three MVPs (I can say that now). Then we noticed Christina Phillips in the Hub and grabbed her to get a photo of four MVPs.

Beat Bucher MVP, David Musgrave MVP, Christina Phillips MVP and Mariano Gomez MVP :)

You might notice the “Badge Beard” that I am wearing. Over the course of the conference, it got lots of comments. I had the following tags on it: Microsoft MVP, Speaker, GPUG Presenter, GP MVP, GPUG Member, GPUG Chapter Leader, then FIRST TIMER (Member Dynamics Professionals was added later). It is true, while I have achieved many things and am heavily involved in the community, this was my first time at a GPUG Summit event.

Then it was time to attend a couple of meetings. Held by Kim Peterson, we had the GPUG Presenter Meeting for all the presenters at the conference. This was followed by GPUG Summit Buddy Up: First Timers Warm Up! for first timers to meet and also get to meet with some veteran attendees. After the meeting Mariano, Beat and I headed back to the Mekorma Hub.

Rewind a little: When Mariano and I first caught up at the Mekorma Hub (before the MVP photo above was taken), he gave me a Microsoft Band in its box. This band was a warranty replacement for my Microsoft Band which I gave to him after reIMAGINE 2015. As the Microsoft Band is not available in Australia, Mariano has been extremely helpful as a middle man visiting the Microsoft Store in Atlanta for me. This band was a small size for my wife to use as she was currently wearing a medium size which was too big for her.

After the meeting, Mariano suggested that I check that the Microsoft Band is working before I put it in my bag to take back to Australia. So I went to get the box out of my bag and it was missing. My bag had been with me all the time so I knew that no-one else could have taken it. I checked the room where the meeting was, but could not remember seeing the box at all and could not find anything.

So, after checking with the Dynamics Communities guys if anyone had handed it in, I decided to contact the hotel security. Being a casino and having cameras on the ceiling, I was pretty sure they could be able to help. So, a security officer came and discussed with me where I was when I last saw the Microsoft Band Box. After a short radio chat with his office, they were able to confirm that when I packed my bag to go to the GPUG Presenter Meeting, I took the box out of the bag to put my computer in. I then closed the bag, and walked off to the meeting, leave the box sitting on the table. It then remained on the table for about 90 minutes before it was picked up by a conference attendee wearing a burgundy long sleeved shirt.

Now, we at least knew what had happened, how I had left it and what happened to it. The plan was now to announce something at the Summit General Session to get the attendee who picked up the box to hand it in. There was nothing more that could be done, so Mariano, Beat and I headed down to the Welcoming Expo Reception in the Convention Center. To anyone who tried to chat to me while I was searching for the box and talking to hotel security, please accept my apologies if I was a little abrupt.

So we get down to the Expo and one of the first stands near the entrance was manned by a whole load of guys in burgundy long sleeved shirts. On the off-chance that this was the same shirts that the security guy described, I asked if anyone of their team had picked up a Microsoft Band in its box. They said they would check with the team and took one of my cards. I then started to visit some other stands in the expo. I then had a tap on the shoulder and guess what… one of the team had picked it up and thought it was the Microsoft Band that they were giving away at the Expo.

Thanks to the guys from the Innovia Consulting team for returning the missing Microsoft Band

Mariano and I stayed at the Expo until closed, we did not get to see many stands as we can never go far before we end up stopping and chatting with people. We had a long chat with Martin Olsen from eOne Solutions before it was time to leave.

The last event for the day was the MVP Mingle at Summit. This event was a gathering of all the Microsoft MVPs at the event. It also included some previous MVPs and the GPUG All Stars. It was a fun social event and was made very entertaining by most of the Microsoft Dynamics GP people present playing a completely inappropriate and politically incorrect game called Cards Against Humanity (click link at your own risk). My son has the game, so I knew how to play and how “awful” the game is. When I sent him a message saying the game was “awful”, he replied that I had spelt “amazing” wrong.

Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs and All Stars playing Cards Against Humanity

Before we left the mingle event, we had to get a photo of the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs as this was the first time we had so many gathered in one location. Thanks to FastPath for sponsing the mingle event and providing the Cards Against Humanity game… and for letting John Lowther keep the set. :)

Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs
Left to Right: Belinda Allen, Charles Allen, David Musgrave, Mariano Gomez, Steve Endow, Christina Phillips, John Lowther, Leslie Vail, Mark Polino, Harry Lee, Beat Bucher

The conference proper starts on Wednesday.


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#GPUGSummit 2015 – Pre Conference – Part 2 of 2

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