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Rearrange your Area Pages

GP 2013 introduced additional ways to customize how your area pages are arranged.  I wasn’t real fond of the arrangement in my test system, so I arranged them as in the following screenshot: With this arrangement, I can easily see all the menu categories.  To make a specific category appear in the expanded mode, click on the little square icon in the upper right corner of each window.  Additionally, I went through each module and arranged the menu categories so they all fall in the same sequence. The key to creating this type of arrangement is selecting the desired ‘ Column Stack ‘ selection in the Customize Home Page window ( Home Page> > Customize this page

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Vendor Posting Accounts

| 05/26/2014 | 0 Comments

This article was prepared to be used as an aid in setting up Vendor posting accounts.  Purchasing Series > Cards > Vendor (Accounts Button)   Under Purchases ellipses button (circled above)   About Vendor Accounts The accounts entered on a vendor card are used to default on to a transaction. Cash is always defaulted from the Checkbook for this installation.

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Review of Victoria Yudin’s ‘Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation’

Having just reviewed Victoria Yudin’s new book this week I can say ‘wow – what a treasure trove of information’.  You can tell from the very beginning that the book was written by someone who knows implementing GP cold.  A person could literally sit down with SQL Server and GP install media in one hand, this book in the other and install GP in an afternoon with the confidence that it has been installed properly.  But much, much further than that, the book lays out step-by-step instructions on putting together a GP implementation team, project plan, infrastructure, SQL Server and GP configuration, data migration, user training etc., etc.  Every base is covered, along with tips, tricks and traps.   If you’re even considering implementing or re-implementing any version of Dynamics GP, this publication is a must have.  You can get it at Packt  or any one of the booksellers below in print, ebook, or both.       Another great addition to your GP toolkit.  Way to go Victoria!

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New SmartList Builder features from eOne

| 01/06/2014 | 0 Comments

As promised, eOne has released new SmartList Builder features as soon as it got the product back from Microsoft. (If you’re not sure what I mean by that, here is a reminder .) I am hoping to test all of this out in the upcoming week, but in the meantime, I am very excited by some of these features, like Table Finder and SQL Scripting! Check out the eOne blog for more details: Short description of all the features List of links to posts for each individual feature The new features are available for Dynamics GP 2013 SP 2 (build 12.00.1482) or higher.

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Happy New Year – 2014

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I found out today that I am going to be a Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP for another year! This makes the 10th year in a row for me. :-) I am very honored to get this award again and would like to thank everyone reading this – I could not do it without you! For those curious, the Microsoft MVP program  has been in place since the early 1990′s and currently recognizes more than 4,000 MVPs worldwide. Here is to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014! Filed under: Dynamics GP , Microsoft Tagged: awards , featured , Microsoft MVP

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Inventory Receiving Transactions – Why is my Receipt Split?

In some instances, GP will split a receipt of inventory into 2 receipt lines.  Why does this happen?  There is a great explanation of this in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2741489 .

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Book Review – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management

I recently read Ian Grieve’s book – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financial Management.   This was an interesting read in that it covers GP functionality that is rarely covered in any materials that I’ve seen previously.  When was the last time you saw any discussion about Analytical Accounting, Cash Flow Management, Purchase Order Commitments , or Encumbrance Management ?  Plus, all these features have been part of GP for a number of years, so the book’s applicability is not limited to just GP 2013.

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