Weekly Topic: Named Database

Welcome to our weekly topic on Web Client.

One of the features we added was Named System Database.  It was mainly to make Web Client and hosting multiple customers in the same environment but it also has many other uses. 

Now you can have your Dynamics database named what you want it to be named.  So if you have a lot of companies your can organize them into groups for easier maintenance.  For example if you are not doing payroll in all companies you can put those in a separate dynamics database and you will be able to do payroll tax updates for just the companies you need.

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Weekly Topic: Named Database

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Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013 November: Day 1

Monday, November 19

Seattle has some rain in store for us this week and it did not disappoint. The morning started with a hearty continental buffet over here at the Hilton Bellevue hotel where MVPs were clearly gearing up for the long day ahead.

MVPs heading over to MSCC

After wrapping up, I headed over the Microsoft Conference Center in Building 33 to begin my Monday sessions. First up was BR404 – What’s New in Windows Azure AD presented by Vittorio Bertocci, Principal Program Manager in the Windows Azure Active Directory team in charge of the Developer Experience. I was fascinated by the upcoming improvements

Following the BR404 session, I headed over to building 122 to attend the rest of the sessions on my agenda for the day:

BR286 – SQL Session 2-ALL: Information Management and Data Stewardship
BR287 – SQL Session 3-BI: Under the hood of Power BI
BR288 – SQL Session 4-BI: PowerBI IT Admin Experience

While I can’t comment on the details of the sessions, these mostly focused on upcoming functionality in the Power Query and Power BI stack of self-service BI applications for on-premise and cloud data. These sessions went into the architecture, concepts, and some practical use cases illustrating the capabilities of the stack and some challenges surrounding the development process.

On the way out for some fresh air between sessions, I saw a few MVPs at the Tech Link center. Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) Tech Link centers provide Microsoft employees and vendors with a walk-in location where they receive face-to-face troubleshooting support from the Microsoft IT group’s (MSIT) personnel.

Tech Link Center

Finalizing the day, it was time to return to the hotel to drop off my computer and head over to the MVP Reception at the Hyatt Regency. At the bus pick up station, I had a chance to meet and greet with a few SharePoint Server MVPs from Canada. I took the opportunity to talk about a Business Portal deployment for a customer in Ireland and got a few potential solutions to the issue we are trying to resolve.

Alain Lord, and Vlad Catrinescu

The networking opportunities presented by the Microsoft MVP Global Summit are unique and allow most of us to “compare notes”.

At the Hyatt, I met up with Microsoft Dynamics GP MVPs Leslie Vail and John Lowther. Leslie had just arrived into town so we went straight to the registration desk to get her set up. Following her registration, we all headed over to the Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square to take advantage of our MVP-only Microsoft Surface 2 offer.

Back at the Hyatt, it was time for some R&R and socializing.

MVP Reception at Grand Ballroom

Our group consisting of Jivtesh Singh, Belinda Allen, Leslie Vail, John Lowther and I found a table outside of the ballroom where we sat to have a few drinks and eat some food. We were later joined by Dynamics AX MVPs, most of who we had met at the Dynamic Communities summit in Tampa and past Convergence events.

Dynamics MVPs Meeting of the Minds
Joris de Gruyter (AX), Murray Fife (AX), Jose Antonio Estevan (AX),
Jivtesh Singh (GP), Belinda Allen (GP), and Leslie Vail (GP)

The group got even larger after Dynamics AX MVPs Andre Arnaud de Calavon (Netherlands) and Tommy Skaue (Norway) showed up – both returning from the Microsoft Store. Between product trash talk, jokes, laughs, and at times, some deep technical discussions, the night went by pretty quick, so it was time to return to my hotel.

On the way out, I caught up with my MVP Lead, Melissa Travers, who gracefully accepted my request for a picture. MVP Leads are our direct connection to Microsoft and they keep each one of us MVPs plugged into Microsoft organization, product news, and MVP activities overall. They are an important part in making the MVP Award Program a success.

MVP Lead Melissa Travers and I for a selfie

Tomorrow is a special day here at the MVP Global Summit: for the first time ever, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product Management team and their MVPs will have an entire day of product group interactions (breakout sessions) featuring Microsoft Dynamics GP NDA content. Fargo has sent two of its best too: Michael Hammond and Daryl Anderson who will be hosting the sessions.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013 November: Day 1

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Weekly Topic: Word Document

Did you know that you can use Word to create professional looking documents you can send to your customers like invoices and statements?  I hope so because we added Word forms in GP2010.  In GP2013 we took it a step further based on your feedback.

Customers now have the ability to email their word documents with password protection.  This will ensure the recipient of the document will not be able to edit the document to make changes without entering a password.

The password can either be automatically created by the system or the end-user can assign their own password.  The customer can also choose not to assign password protection to their emailed word documents.   

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Weekly Topic: Word Document

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Recursive Querying in SQL Server

Viswanathan Neelakantan - Click for blog homepageIn this post we will discuss about the use of recursive querying in SQL Server.

Recently, I got a request from a Partner to develop a SSRS report for the Indented Bill of Materials in the Inventory module. I was going through the Dexterity Indented Bill of Materials report and found out that the report uses a temporary table. For filling the temporary table with the Inventory Bill of Materials hierarchy, Dynamics GP recursively loops around a logic written in Dexterity. We are stuck here, because we won’t be able to consume the logic that Dynamics GP uses to build the Inventory Bill of Materials hierarchy in SSRS. But, luckily we can create a recursive query in SQL Server to get the Inventory Bill of Materials hierarchy without spending much time.

Recursive Query to get the Inventory Bill of Materials hierarchy

DECLARE @billNumber CHAR (31)

SELECT @billNumber = ‘FAXX-FG3-0001′;

— By Recursive Query using CTE build the Indented BOM
AS (
— Anchor member definition
FROM dbo.BM00101 BMHDR
AND BMHDR.Bill_Status = 1
— Recursive member definition
WHERE BMDTL.Bill_Status = 1
— Statement that executes the CTE
FROM BMReporting
SELECT * FROM @BMReporting

–@billNumber :- The Bill Number for which need the hierarchy

Please refer the following link for more information on Recursive Querying in SQL Server.


Using the above recursive query as a base, built a Stored Procedure that accepts ‘Bill Number’ as an input parameter and returns the Inventory Bill of Materials hierarchy as a result set.

I have attached the SQL object and RDL file developed along with this post for your reference.

Hope this helps…

Until next post !!

// Copyright © Microsoft Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.
// This code released under the terms of the
// Microsoft Public License (MS-PL, http://opensource.org/licenses/ms-pl.html.)

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Recursive Querying in SQL Server

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Weekly Topic: SRS Report Access

Did you know that you can access SQL Reporting Service Reports directly from a GP form? 

This feature is cool because it allows customers to print SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports directly from a Microsoft Dynamics GP form making it easier to access information in a format that makes sense.

The user may select to print SSRS reports from various forms across General Ledger, Receivables Management, Sales Order Processing, Payables Management, Inventory Management, Human Resources, and Payroll.

Users can simply select to print a SSRS report assigned to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Form and the report will render information based on the record retrieved on the form.  Customers can print the reports we ship or they can create their own custom SSRS reports to print.

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Weekly Topic: SRS Report Access

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Weekly Topic: Sorting Lookups

Did you know what we added several features that made it easier to use Microsoft Dynamics GP?  They reduce the number of clicks it takes to get your work done.

Customers have the ability to choose SmartList Favorites within lookups and select to save that lookup as the default.  Once this has been chosen as the default, the next time the user enters the lookup the list will populate based off the view they selected as the default. 

This gives the customer the flexibility to set the lookups based off how they need to see the data and can save them valuable time in the application.  The Set as Default option is available within the Customer and Prospects, Vendors, Items, Salespeople and Employees lookups. 

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Weekly Topic: Sorting Lookups

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Weekly Topic: Multi-tenant

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics GP is multi-tenant?  Do you know why you should care?

The Multi-tenant Microsoft Dynamics GP Web feature provides the ability to host multiple tenants on a single instance of the application.  In basic terms, you can have multiple DYNAMICS databases on the same SQL Server instance.

A few of the reasons you should care:

1.  Makes it easier to host GP in a multi-customer environment.

2.  Customers with many company databases can deploy them in groups making it easier to apply service packs and upgrades.

3.  Web Client.  Enough Said.

4.  It’s multi-tenant the right way.  It gives you control of your deployment with the flexibility to be in the cloud the way you want.


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Weekly Topic: Multi-tenant

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