Book Review: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation – Victoria Yudin

Over the past year, I got the privilege of being a reviewer of books written by Dynamics GP Experts/MVPs. I wished writing about these books once they got published, but it never happened till now. Here we go.

To begin with, this post is my views of an all important book:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation


This book is written by Victoria Yudin, founder of Flexible Solutions, a GP expert and an MVP (an award that she holds on to for past 9 consecutive years). She’s been an ultimate inspiration to entire GP community and it simply makes sense to buy this book the moment you realise that it’s been written by her.

In addition to that, what makes this book so valuable is the content without doubt and the way implementation concepts are structured and explained. Following is the way the entire book is structured:

  • Chapter 1: Application Structure & Licensing
  • Chapter 2: Planning – Business Requirements
  • Chapter 3: Planning – Dynamics GP System
  • Chapter 4: Planning – Infrastructure
  • Chapter 5: Installation of SQL Server, Dynamics GP and Integration Manager
  • Chapter 6: System and Company Setup
  • Chapter 7: Module Setup – General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Payables and Receivables
  • Chapter 8: Module Setup – Inventory, SOP and POP
  • Chapter 9: Populating Initial Data
  • Chapter 10: Training, Tools and Next Steps
  • Appendix: General Ledger Account Categories

Chapter 1 discusses in detail about application structure and licensing of GP. A lot has been changed with GP 2013 in terms of licensing. Microsoft has moved some of the important modules to respective original developers. You may not know that from this book, but you would completely understand how new Perpetual Licensing now work and how to plan your requirements (with regards to modules) in advance. 

Chapters 2 – 4 discusses in detail about how to PLAN your implementation; from visualising your requirements to the infrastructure that you would require.

Chapter 5 discuss in detail about how to install all applications required for your ERP environment, from the database that is SQL Server till the tool to integrate your initial data, that is Integration Manager.

By the time we finish reading first 5 chapters, purpose of this entire book is almost realised. 3 chapters are dedicated only to discuss Planning your implementation and that, in my opinion, is what matters in any implementation. You know your requirements very well and you have a finalised plan, you are 75% done with your implementation already.

Chapters 6 – 8 discusses in detail about how to setup and configure your GP with all core modules’ (System, Company, GL, BR, RM, PM, IV, SOP, POP) setup covered. Though, each ERP implementation is different depending on specific business requirements, concept of how and where to setup what remains same throughout.

Chapter 9 discuss about how to populate initial data onto your new GP environment. What amount of data and for what modules, depend on your own business requirements. But what is covered in this book is more than enough to give you the confident start to your new ERP. Integration of core masters (GL, Customers, Vendors & Items) and transactions (GL, RM, PM & IV) is explained.

Chapter 10 explains and emphasise the importance of otherwise mute topic; Training. I am not sure how many implementation team out there give importance to training the users. My mentors used to tell me; you win an implementation only when you win the customer and you win your customer only when they get comfortable and confident about their new ERP. Now catch here is, you may not necessarily agree to what is discussed in this chapter, simply because there is no hard and fast rule on how to train users. But having been in this industry for more than 20 years, met lot of customers and done many implementations, Victoria’s thoughts will surely add value to what you already know.

This book is an excellent reference material for those who are going to be part of a GP 2013 implementation. Go for it. Click on the book logo (or the link given just above that logo) to buy this book from Packt Publications.

As a totally pleasant coincidence, Ian Grieve has written his review about this book on his blog, AzureCurve. And I am in total agreement with his views.

To the author, Victoria Yudin: You have been an inspiration and a mentor to so many of us. A book from you is always going to be wealth of information. I feel privileged and proud to be one of the reviewers of this book. Thanks for constantly inspiring me to continue with what I do.


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Book Review: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation – Victoria Yudin

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Review of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation by Victoria Yudin

Victoria Yudin, the longest serving Microsoft(R) Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Dynamics GP, has just released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation via Packt Publishing. This is an update of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 book she wrote a few years … Continue reading

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Review of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Implementation by Victoria Yudin

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Xbox One has arrived – In Stores Now

David Meego - Click for blog homepageSix months after the Xbox One was revealed, Launch Day, November 22nd 2014, has arrived.

Welcome to a new era of gaming and entertainment.

For all the latest information check out the Xbox website and Major Nelson’s Blog:


Here is your invitation to jump ahead:

Xbox One: Invitation (direct link)

(Please visit the site to view this video)


Xbox One Day One Launch Videos:

Xbox One Launch: Greetings from Times Square! (direct link)

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Xbox One Launch: Sweet Rides, Armored Trucks and the Undead (direct link)

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To understand the bigger picture with one device for your entertainment have a look at this video:

Xbox One All-in-One Demo with Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten (direct link)

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For those interested:

The Making Of Xbox One’s Invitation (direct link)

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More videos on YouTube:


For those of you “pulling a sickie” today, Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) has organised a Doctor’s Note for you to use:




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Xbox One has arrived – In Stores Now

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Weekly Topic: Web Client Management Council

The management console is a web application that gives you the control you need to manage your web client environment.  You can manage users, sessions, initiate session logging, and manage application tenant configuration through the Session Manager and Tenant Manager. The extensible snap in model of the console also gives ISVs and application developers the opportunity to create custom snap ins to give you even more control of your web client environment.

In other words, you can see who is logged in, how long they have been in, what company/tenant they are using.  You can also kick them out if you want.

Here’s what it looks like:

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Weekly Topic: Web Client Management Council

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Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013 November: Day 2

Tuesday, November 19

This day is very significant for us, Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP. For the first time, the MVP Global Summit features Microsoft Dynamics GP content.

I had a late start today. I believe I am starting to slow down. The previous day proved very hectic and tiring, displacing between buildings. However, I was at the Microsoft Conference Center early this morning to begin the day. On my way to the registration desk with Leslie and John, I saw this guy which I can only qualify as the Leslie Vail of the MVP world. He sure looked the part.

Just some morning fun

But what else could get your day going, if not Clippy, the former Office Assistant? Clippy happened to be running up and down the corridors of Building 33 greeting and cheering MVPs in attendance.


We quickly found our way to Building 34 where the GP Product Team comprised of Daryl Anderson and Mike Hammond was ready to rock and roll. The following were the topics for the day:

BR133 – Dynamics GP on Azure
BR134 – Dynamics GP: DexNext
BR135 – Dynamics GP: Office 365 Integration
BR132 – Dynamics GP: Web Client Extensibility

This content was mostly covered at the last Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Technical Airlift in Fargo so not much was under NDA. Our review covered most of the Azure infrastructure setup and requirements to support an RDP or Web Client deployment.

Mike dove into the DexNext service architecture and what it meant for the future of Dexterity and Microsoft Dynamics GP, and how the service architecture is comparable to that of the current web client. Daryl covered the Office 365 integration considerations and gotchas for a smooth deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP on prem or in the cloud. Finally, there were some hardcore, deep dive into Web Client extensibility and the current supported integration methods with Visual Studio Tools. I covered a sample of this in my article VST: Rendering WinForms in Microsoft Dynamics GP web client.

After a long day, it was time for dinner. All product groups would have a night out at The Commons with their respective MVP groups. Our assigned location was Spitfire Grill.

Spitfire Grill at Microsoft Commons

Decompressing was the name of the game and what better to do so by helping Daryl’s daughter with her math homework. All those napkins on the table are scribbles containing her n-root expressions in simplest form.

Daryl Anderson, Leslie Vail and John Lowther

Meanwhile, Mike, Belinda, Jivtesh, and I were deep into how the Web Client is impacting our deployment choices with our customer base and looking for ways to increase adoption. If you haven’t been following my Web Client Wednesday series you will want to do so as I am going to amp up the content after this Summit.

Mike Hammond, Leslie Vail, and Jivtesh Singh

Finally, a little sign-off on the board to let the world know we were here.

The Dynamics GP MVPs sign the board designating our spot at Spitfire

The evening was cold so it was time to return to the hotel to get some work done… ehem! Sleep. Tomorrow marks the final day of most of the sessions.

Until next post!

Mariano Gomez, MVP
IntellPartners, LLC

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Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2013 November: Day 2

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Weekly Topic: Named Database

Welcome to our weekly topic on Web Client.

One of the features we added was Named System Database.  It was mainly to make Web Client and hosting multiple customers in the same environment but it also has many other uses. 

Now you can have your Dynamics database named what you want it to be named.  So if you have a lot of companies your can organize them into groups for easier maintenance.  For example if you are not doing payroll in all companies you can put those in a separate dynamics database and you will be able to do payroll tax updates for just the companies you need.

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Weekly Topic: Named Database

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Fixing Base Period On Management Reporter Sample Company Reports

I did a couple of posts a while ago on fixing the sample company reports (the first post fixed the Row and Column Definitions and the second the Reporting Tree Definitions), but there has been another issue with them that … Continue reading

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Fixing Base Period On Management Reporter Sample Company Reports

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