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Printing the same Current Amount value on the RM Statement Reprint as on the original RM Statement

| 02/25/2011 | 0 Comments

Hi everyone. I wanted to share with you a recent support incident that I worked on.

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Slow Login Performance for GP 10.0 SP5 and GP 2010 SP1

| 12/17/2010 | 0 Comments

If you have updated to GP 10.0 SP 5 or GP 2010 SP1 you might already notice the slow performance during login, this is mainly related to the newly added “Dynamics Online Services” dictionary that adds records in the menu table with removing old ones as detailed in this article for David Musgrave and this article for Vaidy Mohan , the temporary solution for this is deleting the records in the menu table that’s related to this dictionary. To avoid the manual deletion of the records in this table, you will need to create an SQL job that automatically deletes unwanted records from this table, follow steps below to start: 1. Open SQL Server, navigate to SQL Server Agent > > Jobs, right click and select “New Job”: 2

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